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April 03, 2017

Training Log
  • Niki Sims is back with part 2 of Training the Chin-up, taking your game from 1 to reps to adding weight.
Starting Strength Channel
  • Episode 46 – Rip discusses rehab from a catastrophic accident with Brian Jones, who went from being told he'd never walk again to deadlifting 615 lbs using basic barbell training.
From the Coaches

In the Trenches

adam wilson squat pr
WFAC lifter Adam Wilson PRs his squat during the Starting Strength Challenge held on April 1st at Wichita Falls Athletic Club. [photo courtesy of Nick Delgadillo]
brandon deadlift
Brandon pulls 300x5 with a hook grip at the Deadlift and Power Clean Training Camp in Franklin, TN with SSC Niki Sims. [photo courtesy of Niki Sims]

Best of the Week

Restarting HLM After Meet

Hey Coaches! Did my first "meet" on Friday and set some new 1RMs. How should I structure my return to heavy day on an HLM template? It's been a few weeks since I've followed the HLM template as I was driving intensity up and volume down.

I was thinking dropping my squat and bench press numbers to 80% for 3x5 and deadlift down to 85% for 1x5 based off my competition maxes.

Meet results:

  • Squat: 425
  • BP: 255 (failed at 275 a bit too aggressive)
  • Deadlift: 435
  • Body weight: 220

Steve Hill

What were your 3x5 numbers for each of the lifts before the meet?

Why do you think we're going to agree to go off percentages of 1 RM, when what we really only ever tell you is make your 3x5 go up every two days, then 2x per week, then 1x per week?


My last set of numbers:

  • Sq: 3x5x355
  • B: 3x5x205
  • DL: 5x355 

I have done the program off and on for a few years. This is the highest I've gotten my deadlift, and I had my squats up to 364 after my last reload.

Touché regards the percentages. I tried squatting a few days after the comp, and 325 with crappie form was the best I could muster. Not sure what happened there!

Steve Hill

So, since you now know you're going to take a hit as a result of your PERFORMANCE at the meet, why not just take the Monday following as a light day, and then knock 10% off of your previous 3x5 numbers and run a quick LP back up until you approach a stall again? And by quick- I mean 1.5 weeks (5 sessions).

Best of the Forum

To Cortisone or not?

I have a Hip Labrum Tear which has been with me a long time now, the symptoms used to come and go but for about 19 months it has been consistent and always there. It has been very troublesome at times, which includes right now! Feels torn to shit inside and I can barely bend over/dip down.

When seeing an ortho, they explained that the usual diagnostic procedure is to give a cortisone shot, and if the patient gains any relief than this means that surgery may have a productive outcome. And if no relief is found, then surgery will be a waste of time so the case will be dropped.

I refused the shot, demanded a scan, which raised eyebrows and caused a lot of uncomfortable shuffling and phone calls. But I was granted an MRI, which I have had and am awaiting results/consult for in coming weeks.

At the moment I am not sure if I want to have surgery, I have some silly lifting goals and desire to work, travel and do a bunch of outdoorsy stuff this year. If I could gain some temporary relief that was non-destructive I would take it. Pain itself does not bother me, but when it feels so absurdly torn up and the whole joint is mechanically locking up and grinding to sensations of further tearing. It is difficult to do anything!

So to cut a long story short, and excuse the pun.. is Cortisone worth a shot?

Ortho totally denied any negative effects when I asked him, not sure if I trust the fellow. And before you ask, I did try "not lifting" for a period last year, didn't help.

Mark Rippetoe

Cortisone typically does nothing constructive for an injury that actually needs a repair. I have no experience with an acetabular labrum injury. We'll ask.

John Petrizzo

I have worked with several patients who have had either arthroscopic debridements or repairs of their labrums. The recovery can be a slow process, but ultimately you should be back to lifting without restriction in a few months (the time frame will vary a bit depending on whether they do a repair or debridement). The population I have seen with this injury have been high school athletes, and all of them suffered labral damage secondary to congenital bony abnormalities of their hip joints. As is typical, the stronger, more athletic kids have recovered faster and with fewer complications than the weaker, less athletic kids. I would think your previous training history will ultimately be helpful to you in your recovery if you do need to go the surgery route.


I’ll update this thread again when I get my consultation/results. I guess what I was asking for the time being, is simply whether there are negative effects of the cortisone. I have heard suggestions that it weakens connective tissue but do not know in practice how much of an issue this is. If I were to try out a shot and it reduced symptoms, (which I doubt will occur but ortho's suggest is common) I would be happy continue getting shots periodically till I am settled on the surgery.

John Petrizzo

Others can probably speak to the long term effects of repetitive use of cortisone shots better than I can, but my opinion is that too many shots in any one area is ultimately harmful to the integrity of the healthy tissues. In addition, while the cortisone itself may ease the inflammation in a particular area, if the underlying cause of the inflammation is not addressed, then once the cortisone wears off, you are back to square one. Ultimately, if you have an injury that is going to require surgery, then cortisone probably is not the answer other than just for some short-term relief.

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