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August 22, 2016

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  • Episode 32 - Back Injuries: Mac Ward joins Rip to discuss how he saved his back and his job by applying careful, progressive stress after an injury.

Under the Bar

hillary benching Hillary Rice benches 112.5 for 5x3 in the middle of her 13th week of her Novice Progression. [photo courtesy of Anna Marie Oakes-Joudy]
nicole tribble 265 deadlift Nicole Tribble deadlifts 265 on her way up to a heavy single. [photo courtesy of Anna Marie Oakes-Joudy]
volume squats Laurie gets in some volume squats with 205#. [photo courtesy of FiveX3 Training]
terry doubles her squats Fifty-three year old Terry squats 97.5#x3x5. She's more than double where she started 7 weeks ago and no longer has joint pain. [photo courtesy of FiveX3 Training]
Mark Cristiani 556 meet squat Florida high school football/strength coach Mark Cristiani squats 556 for 3 white lights in his 1st powerlifting meet. [photo courtesy of Mark Cristiani]
Tom Shadood owns a 644 deadlift Tom Shadood (tdood) with a successful competition deadlift of 287.5/644. [photo courtesy of Ian Roberts @eyerobs on Instagram]
Dave DeKnight under the bar Dave DeKnight under the bar. [photo courtesy of Vicky DeKnight]
Senior Olympic champ Charmaine Lanjopoulus Charmaine Lanjopoulus locks out her 3rd deadlift to again win the overall women's 60-64 year old division at the Michigan Senior Olympics. [photo courtesy of Black Iron Training]

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Best of the Week

Training for the Fall Classic

I've signed up for the Fall Classic, and am starting to think about my last few months of programming. Currently I'm running the Texas Method, and looking through Practical Programming I saw the Texas Method for Powerlifting. Do you think it would make sense to run something similar? As in Press 2 x week, and bench on recovery day? In general I'm liking the Texas Method, and it's working for my Squat and Deadlift, but my press hasn't really budged much and I'd like to get it up to bodyweight for the classic if at all possible.

Stats if they are relevant:

  • Male age 38, 5'6"
  • BW 175
  • squat - 370 x 4
  • bench - 240 x 3
  • press - 160 x 3
  • dead - 380 x5
  • power clean - don't want to talk about it
Andy Baker

Press does great on TM. Volume 5s and Intensity day 3s, 2s, 1s. Lots of singles across for press. Bench on Weds.

Best of the Forum

Question about MMA/Boxing – “Natural Weight Class”

I'm a fan of MMA, and I know now that fighters cut water weight to make weight for a weight class - so a LHW wouldn't weigh 205 on fight night, for example. I'm just curious as to see your opinion on strength training for these guys - should they focus on NOT putting on muscle, or put on muscle and strength and fight at a higher weight class?

Mark Rippetoe

Depends on age, frame, and other factors, for all weight-class sports. As a general rule, I don't like to see guys remain small, and I certainly as hell don't like to see kids abused by their coaches with assignment to lighter weight classes than they should be in. If an adult wants to stay in a lighter class, fine with me, if it's for the right reasons. Staying artificially light so that you don't get beaten in a heavier class is not the right reason, because you don't know until you've been there that you wouldn't do better at a heavier bodyweight.

Andy Baker

One of the most interesting stories to watch is Anthony Johnson in the UFC. Talent coming out his ears but insisted on fighting at 170 lbs and had kind of a mediocre initial run in the UFC. Its rumored he was cutting up to 35 lbs in the final day or so. Now he is back in the UFC in his second stint as a LHW. Still cutting weight to make 205 but appears to be just as quick and fast as before.

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