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August 05, 2019

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tyler holm locks out a third attempt squat
Tyler Holm locks out his third attempt squat during the Starting Strength Coach Meet at WFAC. [photo courtesy of Nick Delgadillo]
anna marie oakes-joudy celebrates successful deadlift
Anna Marie Oakes-Joudy celebrates her successful third attempt deadlift at the Starting Strength Coach Meet at WFAC. [photo courtesy of Nick Delgadillo]
hari fafutis demonstrates a perfect squat
Hari Fafutis demonstrates a perfect squat during the Starting Strength Coach Meet held at WFAC prior to the SSCA Conference. [photo courtesy of Nick Delgadillo]
michael burgos adam lauritzen red river brazilian jiu jitsu
Michael Burgos and Adam Lauritzen drop in to Red River Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in Wichita Falls. [photo courtesy of Nick Delgadillo]
prototype starting strength weightlifting boot
Rip, Grant Broggi, and Mike Minigell show off the prototype Starting Strength Weightlifting Boot. [photo courtesy of Nick Delgadillo]
cookie assortment micah morris
Micah Morris created and sent a special assortment of cookies up to Wichita Falls. [photo courtesy of Rusty Holcomb]

Meet Results

SSCA 2019

Best of the Week

Home Gym maintenance

Do you think about doing a gym maintenance, tricks of the trade, series in the future? The videos about applying oil to the bar and finding out if it is bent are very useful. I would love to see more general tips from a decade long gym owner like you.

Also, do you have some advice for home gym owners who live in places with very high humidity? I live in front of a beach, in a tropical climate city, and things are starting to get rusty. The iron plates coating paint is starting to fall off and they are getting rusty spots, I don't know if I should apply oil to them because I'm worried about safety.


Rust isn't a safety issue, it's a long term degradation and aesthetic issue. Read Rip's article on barbell basics and then buy a $10 wire brush and some spray paint. Paint is an excellent way to seal a surface against the air and, by extension, moisture.


I interpreted this as him wondering if there would be any safety issues associated with applying oil to the plates. Other than the risk of dropping a plate on your toes I'm not sure it would present a safety issue.

Mark Rippetoe

Oil to the plates??? Why would anyone do this?


Sounded like he was considering applying oil to the plates to prevent rust. Maybe he can season them like a cast iron pan!


Please don't do this.

Mark Rippetoe

Why not, Andrew? This will be fun!!

David Kirkham

Next post: “Hey Coach, what is the Starr Protocol for rehabbing a broken foot?”

Holy hell. I get mad at guys who are lazy and put big plates on top of little plates, hiding the little plates. Next thing you know someone doesn’t see the small plate, removes the big plate and BOOM!

Time to see the orthopedic surgeon. Talk about messing up your training. I recommend oiling the bar so you can work on your grip strength.

Best of the Forum

Arnold-Chriari syndrome
Alec Ross

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations or clarification on training a client with Arnold-Chiari syndrome. If I'm not mistaken, this is where a portion of the cerebellum is extended into the spinal cord and causes extreme migraines. My cousin, who was diagnosed, was told by her doctor that lifting anything heavy was out of the question. Now, I know that is the stupidest advice any doctor has ever given, but I would like to know if there is any real risk to putting her on the starting strength program as she wants to get stronger and out of her sedentary lifestyle.

Mark Rippetoe

No experience with this obviously rare condition. We'll axe.

Will Morris

Would obviously depend on the severity of the herniation and the patient's symptoms. Most people found to have arnold-chiari malformations were found as an incidental finding on advanced imaging.


Find out whether there actually is an Arnold-Chiari malformation. There should be measurements of how low the cerebellum goes and whether other associated malformations are present as well. Half of the "Arnold-Chiari" patients I see just have migraines and the A-C diagnosis is BS. Some people's cerebellums just ride low. That being said, valsalva is a problem for legitimate A-C.


My aunt just had an operation for this in the past year. This whole time they thought she had MS, the fluids been dripping down her spine and causing nerve damage. Must have had it her entire life apparently.


After an MRI I was told I have this condition. I do tend to get a lot of headaches. On the other hand, I have never had it impact me to a significant degree beyond the pain of the headache. Bottom line: took Tylenol, aspirin, or nsaid and kept going. On a few occasions, I had to stop doing something because of the pain but that is more rare. In other words, I let pain be my guide for the activity.


I have Arnold Chiari malformation syndrome Type 1. Type 2 is the more serious version, so ask first which version your client has. Anecdotally, I've been training with weights since I was 16 (now 49)--all basic barbell movements. I have no balance issues (a common occurrence with Arnold Chiari) and feel very athletic for my basically no symptoms. By comparison, my mother has the same diagnosis, has never exercised and at age 74 has significant balance issues to the point that she has trouble navigating stairs, etc.


Chalk up another vote from someone with one - I had one discovered a few years ago when I got an MRI to rule out any weird tumors or such after I started losing my hearing. As noted above, there are multiple types, and I have the most benign (Type I) - have nasty migraines on occasion, though I was told since age 5 that it was a result of nasty spinal meningitis way back in the day. Who knows.

Anyway, never stopped me from getting my squat to the mid 300s and deadlift awful close to 400 when I hit my mid-40s…

Jonathon Sullivan

Well, that's two data points I didn't have before. Very interesting.

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