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December 26, 2016

Training Log
  • Paul Horn demonstrates a Low Bar Position Stretch to help those who have trouble getting the bar into the correct position.
Starting Strength Channel
  • Ask Rip #38 -  Rip discusses the Texas Method for old guys, training with joint replacements, and the result of adding conditioning work in the early phases of training advancement.
From the Coaches

Under the Bar

grannie deadlifts for christmas "Grannie" (69) celebrates Christmas Eve by pulling 100x3 for the first time. [photo courtesy of Andy Hammer]
Gainz-a-Claus squats Gainz-a-Claus (Dimitri Melnyk) squats festive plates on Christmas Eve at Gig Harbor Strength and Fitness. [photo courtesy of Anna Marie Oakes-Joudy]
victoria spear deadlifts 192.5x5 Victoria Spear pulls 192.5x5 in the WFC Barbell Club for women. [photo courtesy of Inna Koppel]
chris deadlifts 415 Chris, a first year medical resident, pulls a single at 415#. [photo courtesy of FiveX3 Training]
amanda earns her first wheels on the squat Amanda hits her first milestone and squats three sets of five with 135#. [photo courtesy of FiveX3 Training]

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Best of the Week

Possible mechanism for relief from sciatica?
Thomas Jones

Occasionally, I suffer a bit of mild sciatica – down my right butt but not extending down my leg. It will nag at me for a week, but is not debilitating. Still, the hot stabbing into my butt cheek is not pleasurable. For me, anyway.

I did suffer back pain my entire adult life – until I started squatting and deadlifting about 7 years ago. Since then, except for 1 bout that lasted about 5 days, and, as mentioned, the occasional sciatica, I'm pain free.

In any event, the last two bouts of sciatica (separated by about 3 months), I threw caution to the wind and pulled on the days I was scheduled to pull. Both times, the sciatica went away. Immediately.

It is hard to figure out what the mechanism could be whereby heavy (for me, everything is relative!) would remove pressure from nerves. I wouldn't ask based on a one-time experience, but this is twice now. . . .


Mark Rippetoe

Mine does the same thing. I think one of the deep external rotators is inflamed and mashing on the nerve. Squats seem to disrupt the swelling.

Will Morris

I'm going to favor a combination of loading the spine in a mild degree of lumbar extension to assist in displacing herniated nuclear material back towards the center of the disc and the combined flexion, abduction, and external rotation of the hips to provide a mechanical gliding of the sciatic nerve and originating nerve roots through the intervertebral foramen.

Best of the Forum

Starting Strength and New Year’s Resolutions

I’ll contend that the Starting Strength method of weight training is the best possible basis for New Year’s resolutions. Here’s why:

  1. Strength Training offers a continuum of goals. Minimal achievement includes better posture, increased range of motion and improved ability to interact with challenges and barriers in the physical world. Everybody wants that. Maximal achievement, well, there’s a world record… and many milestones along the way for years of goal pursuit.
  2. Strength gains are immediately measurable. You just lifted more weight than last time. And you know what you have to do next time. And you keep notching it up until you hit your goal. The program is obvious. Rip is a guru with proof, who has constructed a bullet-proof method you learn not to second guess.
  3. Strength training delivers rapid gratification. Satisfaction is not delayed by months like, say, your first conversation in German; it’s right there for you to relish, 3x per week. It comes from an internal voice that says, “yep, I did it again” and external voices that say things like “man, you look great.”
  4. The Starting Strength method provides a 3x per week scary challenge for you to overcome. You consequently grow accustomed to overcoming scary challenges and this mindset is transferrable to challenges from any other source. It is relentlessly reinforcing. You become better equipped to meet other resolutions!

That’s why New Year’s resolutions built around Starting Strength are your best bet for success.

Happy New Year, friends!

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