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May 25, 2020

Freedom Isn't Free Edition

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  • A Perfect Pulling Position on Every Rep – Starting Strength Coach and owner of Hygieia Strength and Conditioning Shaun Pang gives detailed tips on setting up an optimal pulling position on every deadlift rep.

  • Considering having a joint replaced? Training with an artificial joint? Coaching someone with an artificial joint? Read this guide from John Petrizzo DPT,SSC.
  • From the Archives: Mark Rippetoe on the power of incremental increases to drive sustained progress
    Bill Starr explains the history and use of isotonic-isometrics, what he calls the ultimate strength exercise.
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starting strength gyms open and safe
Starting Strength Gyms are open for business. One lifter per platform and a wipe down of equipment between sessions. [photo courtesy of Nick Delgadillo]

Best of the Week

June Seminar in Wichita Falls will not be cancelled
Mark Rippetoe

Scheduled for 6/26-28. This event will not be cancelled for any reason. If you are waiting to sign up, we are holding the seminar as scheduled.


Will there be social distancing?

Mark Rippetoe

Probably not. Make your plans accordingly.


Count me in!

Best of the Forum

Time to Advanced Novice or HLM?

I had been resting for my back pain (It's chronic. My back and neck are fine on MRI so I don't know why.) since last year. I started this program again on the 9th of September. I did my 22th workout today (16th, November).

I'm 30 years old, 5'8", 155lbs.

September to November:

  • My weight 143 lbs -> 155lbs 
  • Deadlift 154lbs -> 223lbs
  • Squat 110lbs -> 200lbs
  • Bench Press 80lbs -> 125lbs
  • Power Clean 80lbs -> 110lbs
  • Press 66lbs -> 95lbs

I feel I can't recover enough nowadays and I failed Squat 2 times at 200lbs and Press. So I did just light weights today (155lbs).

Michael Wolf

You have done well to gain 12 pounds over the last few months, but you're still severely underweight. Take some advice from Yoda: "Do, or do not. There is no try." Don't try to eat more. Actually eat more. Not just at one meal, and then claim "I eat SO MUCH" like every other underweight person I've tried to help has done. You need to eat more, every meal, every day. Even if you have bad genetics for strength, if you're not severely diseased, there is no reason why your squat should stall out at 200 lbs. Your sleep seems adequate. Make sure you're resting enough between sets (5 min minimum), take 5 lb jumps, not 10, and EAT MORE. 175-200g protein a day, and 2500 total calories, maybe 3000 on training days. Make yourself do it, don't "try."

I can't speak to your back problem as you haven't given any information about it, other than it doesn't show up on your MRI. If it is hurting acutely as a result of lifting, then you either need to fix your form or, if that's not the issue, wait till it's not hurting acutely anymore. Who checked your form? Us?


I will follow Yoda sensei’s discipline, Mr.Wolf. There is no try.

I have checked my form from Tom or you last year. And Tom told me my form was fine. My back pain is not from this training I assume. I started this training to get better from the pain because I hadn’t found another good treatment. Doctors here (I’m in Korea) say things like “Your back is okay. MRI is telling you”.

I was consuming 140g of protein a day. I will increase this to 170g like you said. And 3000 calories.

I was resting 3 mins between sets. I’ll do at least 5 mins.

And I’ll do an Advanced Novice program. I won’t try.

Thank you for your answer! It means a lot to me.

Michael Wolf

Yes, you definitely need more protein and more rest between sets. I bet those two things alone will help a lot.


When should I add Chin-ups for resting for pulling? Like A: Deadlift/PC, B: Chin-ups.

My current schedule is A: Deadlift, B: PC.

Michael Wolf

Do deadlifts Monday, chins Wednesday, cleans Friday.

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