Starting Strength Weekly Report

May 03, 2021

Valuation Edition

On Starting Strength
  • Cryptocurrency with Ben Gillenwater – Rip and Ben Gillenwater give a primer on cryptocurrency and discuss the future of money.
  • Getting the Bar in the Right Spot for the Deadlift – Pete Troupos demonstrates a way to get a consistent bar position during the deadlift setup.
  • Opening Starting Strength Plano – Starting Strength Coach Brent Carter talks about building multiple Starting Strength Gyms and expanding his operation in Dallas and beyond.
  • The Case for the Starting Strength Method during Initial Military Occupational Training by Capt James Rodgers – The general decline in physical and mental resilience among youth has created a problem for the Army’s ability to conduct training in a manner that prepares young soldiers and officers...
  • Statement to the Committee on HB 4042 by Mark Rippetoe – This is a statement I wrote for Beth Stelzer, my guest on a recent podcast regarding congenital men in women's sports. She submitted it to the Texas House committee...
  • Translation: Faire face au pire des scénarios au combat –A un certain moment, Rip m'a posé une question que j'ai d'abord trouvée assez étrange. «Quel est, selon vous, le pire scénario au combat ?» Inutile de spéculer, je me suis dit que j'allais simplement lui raconter la pire situation que j'avais personnellement vécue en opération.
  • Weekend Archives: West Coast Impressions, a Random Journey by Dr Ken Leistner – I have written often about living and training in California in the late 1960s, especially about Zuver’s Hall Of Fame Gym. In every case I enjoyed reminiscing...
  • Weekend Archives: Why Barbells Are Better Than Machines by Mark Rippetoe – When a man walks into a gym, he may be confused about where to spend his time — in the section full of gleaming, easy-to-figure-out machines, or over by the barbells...

From the Coaches
  • In the deadlift, some lifters actually set up too close to the bar (i.e., with their shins closer than one inch from the bar). Phil Meggers gives a simple method for fixing this problem.
  • Some new lifters struggle to properly retract their shoulder blades in the bench press setup. Phil Meggers discusses a cue to remedy this situation.
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In the Trenches

chase lindley coaches a new member on the deadlift
Head Coach Chase Lindley instructs an OKC member through the deadlift during an open house over the weekend. Starting Strength Oklahoma City officially opens the doors this Monday, May 3rd for introductory sessions and will begin classes on May 10th. [photo courtesy of Colby Iliff]
rey deadlifts 315 for a set of five
In just over a month, new member Rey deadlifts 315 x 5 at Starting Strength Denver. [photo courtesy of Jay Livsey]
jim and terri train at fivex3 training gym in baltimore
Husband and wife, Jim and Terri, joined Fivex3 for a Four Lift Barbell Workshop in Baltimore this past weekend. Jim finishes the squat portion of the workshop with a 225-lb squat (top) while Terri presses 35-lbs for a smooth set of five (bottom). [photo courtesy of Fivex3 Training]

Best of the Week



Lifting belts are often advertised with size guides in inches, showing measurement ranges for small, medium, large etc.

If someone's measurements fall on the border of 2 sizes e.g. the upper end of large and the lower end of extra large, is it better to go with the smaller size or the bigger size?

Mark Rippetoe

Depends on whether you need to gain or lose weight.


If you go for the bigger size and lose weight, you can punch more holes in. If you go smaller and gain weight, you need a new belt.

Best of the Forum

Halting Deadlifts


About a month and a half ago I started doing them every other week like you recommend them to be programmed and holy shit are they hard. Why the fuck do my lats gets so sore from them? The soreness is pretty much much so that doing pull-ups afterwards is no longer an option. The next day I'm sore as hell. I've done them three times in total over a 6 week span and every-time they fuck me up.

The Rack Pulls and Cleans I alternate them with don't make me sore. Just the Haltings. The set of 8 is no fucking joke either. By the time you get past rep 5 you just cant fucking breathe.

Who the hell came up with these?

Mark Rippetoe

Starr. They are why I didn't need to do chins for the first 20 years of my training.


Brutal. I wonder why no one else recommends them. Kinda makes rows seem retarded.


I try to hold it for a second at the top of each rep. And yeah, the first 3 times I did these it killed me. Now I kinda like ‘em.


I try and do the same. I try and think of them like a row that isn't useless.

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