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November 27, 2017

  • Dr. Jonathon Sullivan kicks off the 2017 SSCAC Literature review topic strength and endurance with an examination of bioenergetic, cellular, and organellar adaptations.
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  • Episode #51 – Mark Rippetoe and Starting Strength Coach Inna Koppel discuss Woodmere Fitness Club, her unique gym that caters to Orthodox Jewish Women in Long Island, NY.

In the Trenches

michael cordova deadlifts 318 kg
Michael Cordova deadlifts 318 kg on his way to a 731 kg total at the USSF Fall Classic in Wichita Falls. [photo courtesy of Nick Delgadillo]

Best of the Week

Starr Method and Rib Injuries

How would you approach the Starr method for a rib injury? After reading through old posts, I suspect I bruised or fractured a rib squatting a few days ago with a belt that was too high and too tight. I also discovered the old articles on the Starr method. I just haven't seen anything on how to apply Starr to a rib injury.

My plan is to just start squatting and pressing really lightly every day until I feel better. Bench and deads are going to take longer I think based on how hard it is to even bend over to tie my shoes.

All the bros on other forums suggest taking months (!!!) off to recover. Sounds like silly bullshit so I'm hoping for a more reasoned approach.

Mark Rippetoe

A broken rib heals in about 3 weeks, no matter what you do. Fastest healing fracture in the human body. Either use a second belt above the regular waist position or use a knee wrap for some compression, and train through it.


Thanks coach! I appreciate the kick in the ass. Got into the gym today and added 5 lbs to my deadlift as planned. Ribs felt ok. Not great, but actually a little better after lifting.

The pain only really got bad when the resistance was unilateral, like when I pick up a plate with one hand. Deadlifting feels great though. Go figure. Just need to move carefully when I load the bar I guess.

Best of the Forum

Slow Cooker Ideas
Lion Heart

Alas I've realized I need to buy a slow cooker to cook my chicken and beef so it's actually edible and tasty. What meals do the members on this make using chicken/beef with a slow cooker? Just looking for some ideas. Quite fancy making a big pot of beef curry with it.


Slow cooking is great. Maximum nutrition for minimum effort. It's hard to screw up, too. Lots of fun to make your own recipes as you go along – I highly encourage experimentation.

While there are many hi-tech options available in slow cookers, I prefer the dirt-simple ones with a warm-low-high-off switch. I just trust them more.

A few tips I've picked up:

  • veggies (like carrots, potatoes, celery, RICE! oh, god, especially rice) should go in later, so as not to turn into mush. optional: wrap the veggies in a foil packet so they steam separately.
  • chicken or anything with bones, connective tissues, etc. benefit from acidity in the broth. this dissolves the calcium (and possibly other minerals) from the carcass, making it available for digestion. wine, apple cider, vinegar, some beers, lemon juice...
  • roasts (beef, pork etc.) benefit from being rubbed in salt the day before.
  • sear the meat before you put it in the slow cooker. this does not '"ock in the juices." that's a myth. what it does is create browning (Maillard reactions), which makes more flavor. 
  • save all your bones, onion skins, potato butts, etc. in the freezer, and use them to make broth. go to the nearest Asian market or other butcher and get a bunch of chicken feet, and put those in. a little acid for the mix, and let it simmer for a long time, until the feet fall apart. strain it, and keep it on hand for other recipes.

I wish you well on your journey.

Nick Klemetson

Some good, simple ideas in this thread as well.

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