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  1. Diet, medication, flexibility, and training.
  2. New Belt
  3. Was Rachel Carson Wrong?
  4. Costochondritis / pulled chest muscles
  5. Starting Strength Coach credentials and The Barbell Prescription
  6. Lifehacker: Starting Strength is an Awesome Weight Training Program for Beginners
  7. Podcast #44: Back Pain with Will Morris DPT
  8. Austin Baraki MD SSC: Clinical Testosterone
  9. The Physics/Anatomy of How Muscle Supports Joint in OA
  10. Squat Sets & Reps
  11. Mia Inman PhD SSC: Use your back. Like a crane.
  12. Olympic Style ATG Squats and Knee Popping
  13. Knee position during squat ascent
  14. Squatting With OSD
  15. Archive article: Cardell and Dr. Colemen
  16. How to fix a structural and functional leg length discrepancy
  17. algorithm/expectations for transitioning leg press to squats/DLs?
  18. PJ article: New Years Resolution Redux
  19. Whoa, impressive philosophical specificity in PPST Rip
  20. Ask Rip 40: Worse than usual.
  21. Injuries and grip doing pull ups...
  22. Dan Flanick and Rip: What is a Coach?
  23. I feel as if you have missed something...
  24. Niki Sims SSC: Bench Press Safety
  25. Mail-in shoe shimming
  26. A tale of two trainers
  27. Why wear orthotics for flat feet? Wouldn't supinating make them stronger?
  28. An educational pipeline for potential Starting Strength Coaches
  29. Sprinting, the clean, and the jerk
  30. Adductors Function in Squats:
  31. Archive article: Maybe You Should GAIN Weight
  32. Strength Program for Intermediate CrossFitter - Goal is Regionals 2018
  33. calibrated plugs
  34. Lower thigh muscle mass is associated with all-cause and cardiovascular mortality
  35. Lightweight Barbell
  36. Mike Schaefer: Sculptor and Lifter
  37. Help needed re MS treatment via AAS and HGH
  38. New: An audio file -- The Real Purpose of Steroids
  39. Squat Lock Out
  40. Rhabdo at Oregon
  41. Show Your Strenght
  42. Added Meniscal Stress from Deep (A2G) Squats?
  43. Platform Video: Box squat
  44. Training for Sports... Competition vs. Practice Demands
  45. Power Leak in Cleans and Jerks
  46. Bad Advice about Higher Reps
  47. Frozen Shoulder and Rippetoe Shoulder Rehab
  48. clothing advice
  49. Starting Strength 3rd Edition Hardcover
  50. Being strong in an impossible conditions.
  51. Introduction and Burning Question
  52. Low Bar Squat Bar Position: Can I push the palm of the wrist against the bar hard?
  53. Benching with olympic barbells
  54. Crowder in drag
  55. Ask Rip #41
  56. 2016 Worlds Olympic Weightlifting Study
  57. Paul Horn: Opening a Starting Strength Gym
  58. Rand Paul's ACA Replacement
  59. Nick Delgadillo SSC: Just Do The Program
  60. Let's play internet doctor, knee pain edition
  61. The difference between weight and percentage?
  62. Archives Article: How to Build a Home Gym
  63. Is Starting Strength worth it?
  64. Sullivan Weighs In: New post on greysteel.org
  65. Programming for people with suboptimal lifestyle
  66. What Information Do You Consume?
  67. A podcast from DRs Feigenbaum and Baraki
  68. Am I disqualified from being a SSC?
  69. Rehab on tendon injury
  70. Physical Therapy after fractured L5 vertebrae?
  71. Greysteel Podcast: Joint Supplements
  72. Weightlifting with a subluxated eye lens?
  73. Specific question regarding Rip Shoulder Rehab video
  74. Training while recovering from a broken humerus
  75. Audio: The Novice Effect
  76. Is the long-femured trainee stronger?
  77. Raising the awareness of Starting Strength at the United States Naval Academy
  78. Baraki: Knee Osteoarthritis
  79. Shoulder shrug cue for power clean
  80. Video: Spotting the Squat
  81. Archive article: Training and Discipline
  82. Pause squatting
  83. Current shoe recommendation?
  84. Sister with Camurati-Engelmann's disease and other people I should never train. Help.
  85. Listening to QnA on the Podcast.. I think I pulled a muscle ...
  86. High squats and being stuck on my deadlift
  87. Ask Rip #42
  88. Novice programing of the Press and the Bench press
  89. Brodie Butland: Legal Issues in Strength Training
  90. Do you plan your meals?
  91. Progressing with injury?
  92. Jonathon Sullivan: Modifying the program for GEEZERS
  93. Archive article: The Most Important Aspect of Training
  94. Leg Favoring During the Squat
  95. Programming Deadlifts for Women
  96. Barbell question
  97. Drs. Baraki & Feigenbaum on Alan Thrall's channel
  98. Deadlifting with powerlifting bar and metal plates vs weightlifting bar and bumpers
  99. Raising elbows during a barbell curl?
  100. Giving Up
  101. Optimal programming for supoptimal recovery
  102. Young Guy, Wants To Get Strong, Back Pain Getting In The Way
  103. Podcast 45: Powerlifting with Leah Lutz
  104. Elbow pain,Medial epicondylitis, pin firing and bee bites - my experience and finding
  105. Partial squats vs full squats knee imbalance mechanics
  106. Article: Leg Length Discrepancy and the Shim
  107. Brent Carter: Spotting the Bench
  108. Ventral Hernia Patch
  109. Keeping your head slightly lifted in the BP
  110. Archive Article: Strength Training for People My Age
  111. scholarships
  112. An Actual Shoulder Diagnosis
  113. Catching Power Cleans in the hang
  114. Audio: A Clarification
  115. Oxygen saturation and recovery
  116. Event in Colorado
  117. Bertolotti Syndrome and SS program
  118. Grant Broggi SSC: Setting up a home gym
  119. PP question
  120. Optimizing eating for SS progression
  121. Jennifer Thompson- How can she Bench as much as she can Squat?
  122. Bowflex TreadClimber shot down for deceptive advertising
  123. Archive article: Why Your Kids Should Be Lifting Weights
  124. Joseph Pena Squats 1005 Pounds
  125. Resting pelvic tilt
  126. Podcast 43
  127. For the Pros only: Legal, part 3, with Brodie Butland
  128. squatting through a cramp
  129. Sounds like a Starting Strength Guy
  130. Training with stitches on hand
  131. How do studies like this one arise??
  132. Very bad squats
  133. Starting Strength for a 77 year old post-cancer male
  134. Archive Article: Why You Should Not Be Running
  135. Good Squat but FAILED on Dead Life
  136. Does optimal recovery = sedentary lifestyle?
  137. Lateral hip shift when squatting. Possibly leg length discrepancy?
  138. Iron Icons articles
  139. Clarification on "A Clarification"
  140. Can an 80 y/o lady heal from DVT related pain by training?
  141. Greysteel Podcast #7
  142. Rack to Platform Attachment
  143. “Special Snowflake”, a phase we all go through?
  144. Stall? Not looking at details maybe?
  145. Audio: Barbells vs Machines vs Everything Else
  146. Internet doctor, knee pain edition, since the old thread is closed
  147. How frequently to press for shoulder rehab
  148. The Texas Method: Andy Baker
  149. Question about "athleticism"
  150. Chris Kurisko SSC: The Black Iron Barbell after-school strength program
  151. Shoulder pain
  152. Archive article: Why Functional Training Pushes Kids to Use Steroids
  153. Posters of the Squat, DL, Press, etc... Illustrations from SSBBT
  154. Weekend Archives: Driving Daddy Hoffman, by Bill Starr
  155. Article on NCAA Strength & Conditioning
  156. A podcast on The Squad Room: Strength Training for the Tactical Athlete
  157. 4 Day Texas Method - Where to include exercises?
  158. Rehab for Collarbone surgery
  159. Adam Lauritzen SSC: BJJ and Strength
  160. Dr. Jonathon Sullivan: Podcast with Scott Iardella
  161. Training During Chemotherapy
  162. Ask Rip #44: Pants, etc.
  163. dead lift practice
  164. Moving on to Dynamic effort for the press and bench
  165. Bill Hannon SSC: Thoracic Flexion in the Squat
  166. Pain Counseling
  167. Archive article: The Deadlift -- One Of The Most Underrated Exercises
  168. Archive article: The Deadlift -- One Of The Most Underrated Exercises
  169. Weekend Archive Article: Gillian Ward SSC -- Strength Training for Seniors
  170. groin pull protocol....form and depth
  171. Your quote on a T-Shirt
  172. Age and diet
  173. This stupid bullshit will continue until Women decide to make it stop.
  174. Audio: Women in Ground Combat
  175. Sully podcast #8
  176. Wendler: Surprised to see this on the CNBC homepage
  177. Dislocated shoulder and deadlifting with a mixed grip
  178. Jordan Feigenbaum MD SSC: The Texas Method and 5/3/1.
  179. Gwyn Brookes: Your First Meet
  180. Adrenal Issues
  181. Overwhelming interest in bringing in a strength coach to my workplace.
  182. Archive article: The Mathematical Nature of Strength Training
  183. Warming up on an exercise bike
  184. Weekend: Ken Leistner at York Barbell
  185. Split Snatch at 2017 National Masters
  186. Abadjiev passed away
  187. Rip, I can't find the article, and I may have imagined it, but
  188. Lifting on a See-Saw
  189. Podcast: Brian F. Jones -- 5 Inches to 500 Pounds
  190. Sullivan and Rippetoe: Super? Compensation?
  191. Niki Sims SSC: Training the Chinup, Part 2
  192. Gym Bros and the bench press
  193. Weekend Events with your buddies at SS
  194. Archive article: The Difference between Ignorant and Stupid
  195. Post Novice Training
  196. Low iron levels and starting strength?
  197. Weekend Archives: How To Talk About Lifting To Adult Female Novices
  198. Sully's March to the Sea
  199. Audio: The First 3 Questions
  200. What should you feel like outside the gym
  201. Finally! Our own Creatine study, Feigenbaum et al
  202. Healing Effects of Training-Bells Palsy
  203. Emily Socolinsky SSC: Jan vs a Car
  204. Now the New Yorker?
  205. weekly schedule not MWF
  206. Archives: Age and Bodyfat
  207. Wanting to learn more and teach others
  208. Weekend Archives: Mac Ward SSC: SS and Barbell Training in the Military
  209. Harrison Maurus, M17 77kg, C&J WR @192 kg
  210. Which Boots?
  211. Resistance training improves bone density, study shows
  212. Mary Peck and Tom D Interview
  213. Ask Rip #45
  214. PT hasn't helped the chronic pain in my triceps
  215. Inna Koppel SSC: Strength Training for the Impaired Elderly
  216. Defending lifters against bad technique.
  217. My Latest on PJ Media: Time to End Men's and Women's Divisions in Sports
  218. Platform video: Back angle in the Squat
  219. Archive article: Strength Training, CrossFit, and "Functional" Training
  220. Leaving the 45-degree leg press and transitioning to the squat
  221. AC joint pain and BB bench press touching point
  222. Weekend Archives: Starr
  223. GH Arthritis
  224. The Barbell Prescription NOW ON KINDLE
  225. Happy Easter
  226. Thanks for the 2017 Starting Strength Challenge
  227. Annular Tear and Traction of the Spine
  228. Training a client with an Aortic Aneurysm
  229. Podcast: Why Your Kid Should Be Lifting Weights
  230. Arnold-Chriari syndrome
  231. John Musser SSC: Training Law Enforcement and Firefighters Parts 1&2
  232. Squat Flexibility advice needed
  233. Woodmere Fitness Club: SS Gym
  234. Archive Article: Strength Training vs Endurance Training
  235. Knee Osteoarthritis
  236. Weekend Archives: Lamar Gant and Joe Bradley
  237. Press and Squat Variations for a Guy with Chronic Shoulder injury
  238. Intermediate Programming Needed 4 years ago
  239. Health & Longevity: Why is Movement/Mobility/Even Stretching ignored?
  240. PhD?
  241. This thread got interesting
  242. Snatch width grip with the SS power rack
  243. finally found one . . .
  244. Should I stop squatting and deadlifting?
  245. Video: Hip Drive
  246. Genu valgum question
  247. Open Heart Surgery Patient
  248. Coaching: Drag them? Bribe them? Seduction?
  249. Aches and Carbs
  250. Archive Video: The RDL