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  1. "Core" Stability "Training"
  2. Incremental Increases
  3. Baby, Bathwater, Gear
  4. Keeping Strength in the Strength Program
  5. The Novice Effect
  6. Active Hip 2.0: The Directors' Cut
  7. Strength Training for Throwers
  8. The Olympic-Style Press - Bill Starr
  9. Powerlifting, Year One, Part I
  10. The Split Snatch and Clean
  11. A Clarification
  12. Appropriate Conditioning
  13. The Quest for a Stronger Overhead Press
  14. Why Does the Army Want Me Weak?
  15. The Blind Lead the Willing
  16. Strong Traps
  17. The Truth
  18. Abs
  19. The Ultimate Strength Exercise
  20. Training in the Heat
  21. Experiences in the Iron Life
  22. The Ultimate Strength Exercise II
  23. Choosing the Path Less-Traveled
  24. Evolution and Training: An Interview with Dr. William Meller
  25. Observing Fifty Years of Gym Evolution (Part I)
  26. Observing Fifty Years of Gym Evolution (Part 2)
  27. A Stronger Finish
  28. Adaptation: Period, Persistence, and Prioritization
  29. Competition Makes the World Go 'Round
  30. Prepping for Your First Powerlifting Meet
  31. Reaching the Top with the X-Factor
  32. My First Search for the X-Factor: York Barbell
  33. A Strong Start
  34. Platform: Coaching the Clean & Jerk with Tommy Suggs
  35. Platform: The Split Snatch with Tommy Suggs
  36. Platform: The Olympic Press with Tommy Suggs
  37. Is It Training or Exercise?
  38. Don't Overlook the Middle
  39. Platform: The Front Squat
  40. You Must Understand the Gravity of Your Situation
  41. Jack LaLanne - A Life Well Lived
  42. Training in Cold Weather
  43. Combat Worst-Case Scenario
  44. Deadlifts Aren't Just for Powerlifters
  45. The Bulgarian Method of Training Olympic Weightlifters
  46. Why Powerlifting Should Not Be in the Olympics
  47. Building An Empire
  48. Driving Daddy Hoffman
  49. Wraps for Old Knees
  50. Youngsters Need Strength Too
  51. The RDL
  52. The Split Snatch
  53. The Lying Triceps Extension
  54. A New Perspective
  55. The 2011 National Weightlifting Championships
  56. Reflections in Iron: Mike Webster's Training Methods
  57. Quotes from Iron Mike Webster
  58. Youngsters Need Strength Too, Part 2
  59. Death by Prowler
  60. Train the Mind for Increased Strength
  61. The Tragic Death of the Military Press
  62. Barbell Training is Big Medicine
  63. Doc Ziegler
  64. The Pioneers of Protein
  65. Platform: The Squat - Bar Position
  66. Wanna Bet?
  67. SS:BBT3 Excerpt : Pulling Mechanics
  68. SS:BBT3 Excerpt : Learning to Press
  69. SS:BBT3 Excerpt : Pulling Mechanics, 2
  70. Utilizing Intuitive Training
  71. The York Barbell Series - Exhibitions I & II
  72. Strength Training Seniors
  73. Strength Training and Stroke Recovery
  74. The Year in Strength Science 2011
  75. Full Squats or Not
  76. Strongmen of the Crescent City
  77. Phil Grippaldi: Boy Wonder
  78. Is Olympic Weightlifting Strength Training?
  79. Ken Patera: Power Personified
  80. No Chalk Allowed!
  81. The Organization of American Weightlifting, 1911-1924
  82. The York Barbell Series - Exhibitions III
  83. Iron Icons: John Kuc & Jim Williams
  84. The York Barbell Series - Exhibitions IV
  85. George Jowett, the ACWLA and the Milo Barbell Company
  86. Doug Furnas
  87. Training with a Hangover
  88. Iron Icons: John Kuc & Jim Williams, II
  89. They Don't Award Form Points in Olympic Weightlifting
  90. Lamar Gant & Joe Bradley
  91. Stopping the Spread of Misinflammation
  92. The Map of Athletic Performance
  93. George Ernie Pickett
  94. Strength & Barbells: The Foundations of Fitness
  95. Pete George: The Greatest American Weightlifting Prodigy of All Time
  96. Platform: Learning to Press 2.0
  97. Eating Through the Sticking Points
  98. Liquor Cabinet
  99. Jim Steel's Crazed 63-day Odyssey (2 parts)
  100. A Strength-Based Approach to the Army Physical Fitness Test
  101. Analyzing the Squat
  102. My Experiences with Starting Strength
  103. Is Powerlifting Undergoing a Resurrection?
  104. The Year in Strength Science 2012
  105. Joe Weider: Bodybuilding Patriarch
  106. Barbell Training & Physical Therapy
  107. A Theoretical Approach to the Coach's Cue
  108. Barbell Training as Rehab: Brian Jones' Story
  109. Russ Knipp and the Resurrection of the Olympic Press
  110. Gripping Matters: Anatomy 501 for the Press
  111. Grippaldi the Great: How to Train the Overhead Press
  112. How to Talk About Lifting to Adult Novice Women
  113. The Valsalva & Stroke
  114. Lee Moran
  115. The History of Westminster Strength & Conditioning
  116. Dave Jacoby
  117. The Women of Strength at Crystal Coast Strength & Conditioning
  118. The Path to the Starting Strength Coach Credential
  119. Training and Performance for the Novice Athlete
  120. Raising the Bar: Legal Issues in Strength Training
  121. Managing Compromises
  122. The Tarheel Connection
  123. Pat Casey: The First Powerlifting Superstar
  124. 5 Ways to 5 x 5
  125. The Year in Strength Science 2013
  126. Norbert Schemansky
  127. Barbell Safety
  128. Re-informing a Misinformed Female Lifter about Strength Training
  129. Smitty
  130. An Initial Visit to the York Barbell Club
  131. Bill March - The Chosen One
  132. The Quest for the Realignment of the Sport of Powerlifting
  133. Article Submission Guidelines
  134. Starting Strength and Barbell Training in the Military
  135. West Coast Impressions, A Random Journey
  136. Training Optimality
  137. Back Rehab: A Case Study
  138. Physical Function and Aging
  139. Exercise Science with Sully: part 2
  140. Strength and Prevention of Injuries
  141. An Examination of the Effects of Cognitive Impairment...
  142. The Crux of the Argument
  143. Neuromuscular Efficiency for the Strength-Lifter
  144. Mike MacDonald: The Unlikeliest Bench Press King
  145. William Asel Starr
  146. The Problem with "Exercise Science"
  147. "Starr Light, Starr Bright, Starr Gone"
  148. The Squat | Starting Strength DVD
  149. What Not to Do: Observations of Powerlifters Coaching Novices
  150. My 45-Year Association with Bill Starr
  151. Training Through Leukemia: Michael's Story
  152. Government Licensure for Personal Trainers: A Solution in Search of a Problem
  153. Exercise, Government-Style
  154. FOB: A Glimpse of the Life and Friends of Bill Starr
  155. The Benefits of the Starting Strength Coach Credential
  156. The Coach's Cue - Breaking the OODA Loop
  157. Training Female Lifters: Neuromuscular Efficiency
  158. Mental Toughness
  159. Why (Almost) Nobody Should Pull Sumo
  160. Strength in Combat
  161. Diagnosing Silly Bullshit
  162. The First Three Questions
  163. Women in Service
  164. Strength Training in Firefighters
  165. "Balance Training"
  166. Becoming a Starting Strength Coach
  167. Wndtp
  168. Academic Preparation
  169. The Price of Control, the Cost of Discipline
  170. Lifting Apparel Accessories
  171. Training and Pregnancy - (Article and Cases)
  172. The Elbow Problem
  173. Starting Strength Coaches: A Demographic Analysis
  174. Aches and Pains
  175. Time to Train
  176. The Grip Problem
  177. In Depth on the Arm Pull
  178. Risk Assessment
  179. The State of Strength and Conditioning Coaching
  180. What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Squats
  181. Hiding Behind Smokescreens
  182. Squats, Presses, and Deadlifts: Why Gyms Don't Teach the Only Exercises You Need
  183. Online Coaching
  184. The Deadlift: 3 Reasons
  185. Reflections on “Not Following the Program”
  186. The Overhead Press
  187. Swogger's Revenge: A Back Injury Story
  188. The Power Clean
  189. Heavy Lifting and Heart Health
  190. The 3 Most Effective Ways to Waste Time in the Gym
  191. Why Being Sore Doesn't Make You Stronger
  192. New Year's Resolutions and Your Lazy Ass
  193. Clinical Testosterone
  194. Cardell and Dr Coleman
  195. What is a "Coach"?
  196. Maybe You Should GAIN Weight
  197. How to Box Squat
  198. How to Build a Home Gym
  199. Osteoarthritis and the Knee
  200. Training and Discipline
  201. The Most Important Aspect of Programming: Training vs Exercise
  202. Leg Length Discrepancy: The Use of a Shim
  203. Strength Training for People My Age
  204. Why Your Kids Should Be Lifting Weights
  205. Why You Should Not Be Running
  206. Understanding the Texas Method Intensity Day
  207. The Real Purpose of Steroids
  208. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Strength
  209. One of the Most Underrated Strength Exercises You Can Do
  210. Into the Great Wide Open: The Texas Method and 5/3/1
  211. The Mathematical Nature of Strength Training
  212. It’s Time to Stop Talking About “Supercompensation”
  213. The Difference Between Ignorant and Stupid
  214. Dietary creatine supplements raise serum creatinine mimicking acute kidney injury
  215. Age and Bodyfat
  216. A Pilot Study of Strength Training in the Memory-Impaired Elderly
  217. Strength Training, CrossFit and "Functional Training"
  218. Strength vs Endurance: Why are you wasting your time in the gym?
  219. The Truth About the Starting Strength Method
  220. Off-topic discussion of the problem of "peer review" in journals
  221. Getting Played: Whose Fault is It?
  222. Squat Mechanics: A Clarification
  223. Deadlift Mechanics: The Obvious Can Be Obscure
  224. Pajama Boy Redux: The Male in Modern Society
  225. Functional Training: Diversity Is NOT Our Strength
  226. Squats and Your Knees
  227. Leah Lutz: Simply Stronger
  228. The Standing Overhead Press
  229. The Profession of Barbell Coaching
  230. Physical Potential
  231. Women in Ground Combat
  232. Rehabilitation
  233. How to Push the Prowler
  234. Barbells vs Machines vs Everything Else
  235. How to Pick Stuff Up
  236. In Defense of Simplicity
  237. Should Personal Trainers and Coaches Be Licensed by The State?
  238. Barbell Use in the Clinic
  239. How to Squat 405 in 12 Weeks
  240. The Barbell Row
  241. Volume and the Masters Lifter
  242. Strength Training for Golf
  243. Starting Strength for the Obese Trainee
  244. Back Pain and Back Strength
  245. Can You Put Your Kids on a Strength Training Program?
  246. Induction and the Squat
  247. Good vs Bad Trainers
  248. Strength is Money in the Bank
  249. Physical Training Against Brain Aging
  250. Your Gut, Your Health, and Situps