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  1. Regarding the over 50 lifter
  2. My grandmother lifts more than you
  3. The Elderly?
  4. Very funny, Rip.
  5. Can't do Dips, does using my walker count?
  6. Gomad
  7. Don't feel bad, we have all the good music
  8. Serious question on squat training
  9. Let's Show the Kids How It's Done
  10. Inflexible old geezer
  11. How do you train?
  12. Texas Method Over 50 lifter and other questions
  13. Atherosclerosis and 20rep squats
  14. Hello Fellow Elderly Folk
  15. Squats and Flexibility
  16. Wrist Curls in the Squat Rack
  17. Creatine and old guys
  18. Tips for introducing new and elderly people
  19. inflexible geezer finally started SS
  20. Diet for the elderly
  21. Get off my damn lawn.
  22. lifting with osteoporosis
  23. Progression pace
  24. Lower back blow out
  25. Alternatives to Back Extensions?
  26. How much to you eat?
  27. Watch This Geezer Deadlift
  28. Finally completely untrained
  29. What do you do for conditioning?
  30. meniscus arthoscopic repair
  31. Sometimes you've just got to drink your milk
  32. Squats saved my life
  33. What if…
  34. Embarrassing low weight on squats
  35. Well, this is distracting...
  36. How do you feel in the morning?
  37. Broken toe!
  38. Disc osteophytes causing sciatica
  39. valsalva and roids
  40. new geezer in town
  41. My mom wants to start lifting and do cardio. She's 53 years old.
  42. Hmmm. Not Sure I'm Liking the 'Geezer' Title
  43. Gaining weight for seniors (?!)
  44. Cold showers
  45. Gray Hair and Black Iron
  46. Fitness guru Jack LaLanne dies at 96
  47. Another new Geezer (doesn't feel that way)
  48. Geezer recovery and when to move to intermediate level
  49. Question re: hypertrophy and BP and press
  50. Too old for big weights?
  51. 95-year-old woman sets sprinting record
  52. Training the elderly
  53. New at SS
  54. Hello, and Combating Old-age Soccer Atrophy...
  55. Back at it--Shoulders and Chest
  56. Bill Pearl Interview
  57. New Geezer: Thoughts on increasing squat frequency and OLY lifts
  58. Old guy thinking of starting SS novice program, but...
  59. Squat depth woes
  60. Is there life after an epidural?
  61. Iron Supplements cause GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)
  62. Inspiration
  63. 43 year old male - questions re progression
  64. Testosterone levels
  65. Arthrosynovitis
  66. DUMB ASS moment
  67. Switching from focus on Running to focus on Strength Training - Is SS for me?
  68. im 46
  69. Living agelessly
  70. 5/4/3/2/1 tEXAS STYLE
  71. Tendonitis and ART
  72. Impressive deadlift ability
  73. Leaning Out
  74. Where Did The Metrosexuals Come From??
  75. Ok guys, it's official - I'm old
  76. Elderly adaptations for strength training
  77. Geezer Taxonomy
  78. Journal Watch: Cartilagenous Accelerated Decrepitude
  79. Geezer Taxonomy Sticky
  80. New to Power Clean
  81. Visiting PT from Florida "spotted" me inside the squat rack.
  82. Back in the gym this morning after 6 weeks off
  83. Geezers, I see Geezers everywhere
  84. Funny - sad story
  85. My experience with a new B&R Bar from Rogue Fitness
  86. training my mother
  87. Geezer Gains
  88. Study Explains Why Muscles Weaken With Age
  89. Breakfast in America
  90. If you would please...
  91. Pooped-out
  92. Geez! Makes 10th Degree Black Belt: First Woman of this Rank
  93. Geezer Taxonomy at the Doctor's Office
  94. Geezer Gas
  95. Morning or Evening Workouts
  96. Balancing Beginner gains with recovery
  97. Osteoporosis and weight training? does it work?
  98. Crotchety old fart issue or focus problem needing medication?
  99. You're a geezer when...
  100. Some old guys like 'um big
  101. Fiftyfit Seeking Some Feedback
  102. Wedding rings?
  103. Deadlift Stall Advice
  104. Age Adjusted Standards
  105. Maintenence
  106. Pretty Amazing
  107. Upcoming physical with new doctor
  108. Feeling way to tight
  109. Geezers targeted by thugs
  110. Burned out on SS for now
  111. Powerclean sets/reps on 5-3-1
  112. Got a problem that prevents you from training? Check out this video.
  113. Another thug assault on elderly man walking in park
  114. Yet another: thugs knock out 'older' man on Chicago Subway platform
  115. Geezer wins
  116. Noisy knees
  117. 1st Timer Here
  118. Taking a long time to squat
  119. Hello / New to thread
  120. Gordon Santee
  121. Motto for the Elderly
  122. What supplemets seem effective/work well for the Elderly
  123. Supplements
  124. TRT experiences? other grey area stuff?
  125. Pec soreness after deadlift
  126. Rippetoe Invitational
  127. Wrist flexibility
  128. Geezer Recovery Time
  129. I was going to post something here
  130. TM & "elderly"
  131. Any competitors here?
  132. Just gonna leave this here and walk away ...
  133. mattress recommendations?
  134. Went to the ER last night...
  135. Bench width
  136. What's your excuse!
  137. Severe DOMS
  138. sleep versus lift and recovery days
  139. Blood Pressure Meds and Valsalva
  140. Truly inspiring
  141. Which Belt?
  142. Frequency of an Deloading week
  143. I Taught a 64-yo Woman to Squat, Deadlift and Press Today
  144. Incorporating SS into a weight loss program
  145. Miriam squats 200 lbs
  146. Joe Stockinger at the CPU Nationals 2012
  147. New old guy
  148. Any other folks compete/train strongman or throwing sports?
  149. Old Surfer gets help from Strength Training
  150. Reasons to Deadlift
  151. UpperLower Split or Full Body
  152. A Geezling looks at 44 .. . and embraces his Geezerdom
  153. Fat, middle-aged woman with heart disease really wants to train for strength
  154. need some opinions......my first post
  155. Aches and pains
  156. new record
  157. Yee Ha! Getting Strong is Great for Mountain Biking!
  158. got the sleeves
  159. My intro
  160. holy crap!
  161. Setting goals?
  162. thanks to SS i now have a new occupation (LOL)
  163. Older folks SS question
  164. So, I can't train (and eat) like a whipper-snapper, eh?
  165. There IS life after an epidural: 540 lb deadlift today
  166. progression for over 40s novice
  167. I pulled a 550 dead lift last night
  168. Cranky Old Man
  169. Walking
  170. Pilates good substitute for deadlift?
  171. The Elderly Schooling the Youngsters
  172. Sets and reps for 5/3/1
  173. More older lifters in the gym?
  174. Another coming success story for Big Medicine
  175. How low can you go
  176. Programming question
  177. Split Stance Adjustment for Press - Mortal or Venial Sin?
  178. % of 1RM for weighted chin-ups
  179. Starting Over
  180. Benefits of Middle-Aged Fitness
  181. She's miniature, Elderly and strong...
  182. How many times have you had this (or similar) conersation?
  183. Question about advancing my weights use
  184. Strength as it relates to flexibility.
  185. Working up to squatting an empty bar
  186. Recording workouts to track progress - how to measure intensity
  187. Starting Strength who followed the program starting in late 40's
  188. Another 531 log
  189. Looking on the bright side of geezlinghood
  190. Recovery
  191. Birthday
  192. Power cleans doing them or not?
  193. To Rherington and the rest
  194. How do you deal with high blood pressure and/or arthritis
  195. Me:then and now.
  196. Weight Training Reduces Type 2 Diabetes
  197. Disconnection time from Forum.
  198. Two Months of SS - Geezer Status Report
  199. What adjustments for SS routine should a 61 yo make...
  200. Cracked rib and power cleans
  201. It's not fair..
  202. Ok, here are my goals.
  203. Hello, I'm not quite "elderly" but I'm starting from scratch
  204. Adding weight during novice LP
  205. You know you're on your way when you feel bad about missing a workout..
  206. New Here, but not new to working out--but it's been a long, long time.
  207. Well....it's happened...
  208. Any older women have frozen shoulder in the past and taken up lifting?
  209. Coaching, Goals, and Persistence
  210. For the Geezers.. would it have made a difference in H.S. for you if you knew then..
  211. First ski trip of the season
  212. Another Old Guy Posting (Warning: Long Post)
  213. The very elderly. My 80 year old grandmother.
  214. Starr Protocol for the Elderly
  215. Recommended exercises during herniated disk recovery
  216. Still on the Rght Side of the Grass
  217. Progress not very linear and I'm sore most of the time
  218. My 62 year old father starting out
  219. The Big Five-Oh: 48 hours or 72?
  220. Lifting Longevity and Its Impact on Injury Rates
  221. Friendly Recommendation
  222. Shoulder Pain When Bench Pressing
  223. New Year Report
  224. does getting older change...
  225. Geezer Knees
  226. Starting the New Year
  227. recommendations for getting a 66yo father started with better life.
  228. Microload the deadlift, or come up with something else?
  229. Pelvic floor problems - any fix?
  230. Tendonitis in fingers
  231. Lifting after thoracic vertebral facet injury
  232. Simple bodyweight exercises for recovery purposes
  233. Why should the kids have all the fun?
  234. My mom (age 70) has just started SS
  235. Viscosupplements
  236. This study is interesting.
  237. Took my 64 year old mom to the gym
  238. Twice a day training and I'm no nipper
  239. Dealing with schedule interruptions
  240. Carson pulls 185
  241. Attitudes towards 'elderly' correlate to eventual risk of stroke or heart attack
  242. Current lifts
  243. Nagging knee and (hopefully) a fix
  244. More Proof Old Guys Rule
  245. Nutrition for geezers
  246. Nadal's Knees and Elbows
  247. Another "Old Guys Rule" Story
  248. Would be proud to be included in the Old Guys Rule club
  249. Flexibility problems on squat
  250. 91 Year Old Breaks Bench Press Record