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  1. Workaround Back Injury
  2. A few thoughts on searching/ finding information
  3. After Starting Strength
  4. hand placing and wrist pain while squating and PC replacment
  5. Knees caving in on squat
  6. lower back rounding
  7. Squat Form Check
  8. Bench Press Form - Bad Habit
  9. Advice?
  10. Traing with injury
  11. Not going low enough
  12. Need advice
  13. programming discrepancy from the text
  14. Pain in glute/hip/hamstrings area with squats, deadlifts and single leg movements
  15. Damn painful arms/programming/proper use of advil
  16. Low Back Pain, Would Like to Train Around
  17. Deadlift, Press and Bench Press Form Check
  18. Anteriot Pelvic Tilt, Postural Assessment in general and your opinion
  19. Using a Belt.
  20. recovery from illness
  21. Headaches During Exercise
  22. Squat Check
  23. Linear Progression question
  24. Chinups - Dead hang or stretch reflex?
  25. Beginner Squat form check please!
  26. Are my lifts out of whack?
  27. How soon do you normally decrease the increments?
  28. Young Novice Lifters
  29. The effect of the bench press on the shoulders
  30. Chucks vs Rip's shoes
  31. Too late for Starting Strength?
  32. Weights Stunt Growth? + few other queries
  33. Hip flexor/ASIS tendonitis: what should I do/avoid doing?
  34. Unracking bench press
  35. Lower Back stiffness/tightness
  36. Burning out HARD on Texas Method
  37. Deadlift form check.
  38. Squat Form Check Please
  39. Deadlift Form Check
  40. Blacking out after a Deadlift
  41. starting strength routine twice a week?
  42. Squat Form Check
  43. Intermediate training Monday-Thursday
  44. Rest question
  45. Deadlift form check
  46. Rounding Lower Back at Bottom of Squat
  47. Training for Football
  48. Starting weight?
  49. Gomad
  50. Convincing my father to lift...
  51. Bulging Discs - Advice
  52. Some Squats
  53. Boxing on Starting Strength
  54. squat form check
  55. GOMAD and your program
  56. When to start using a belt for squating?
  57. L5 S1 Significant Protrusion.
  58. Squat form check
  59. How shitty is my squat?
  60. How Infrequently can one do Met-Con while Lifting and still improve Conditioning?
  61. Long Legs/Short Torso/Kyphosis
  62. Should you alway comment on somebody's poor form?
  63. SS + Oly Lifts?
  64. Did SS without proper diet 2 years ago, does linair progression still aply to me?
  65. Questions about Men's Journal Article
  66. Squat flexibility
  67. Squat form check
  68. Deadlift Stall
  69. Hip Flexor Pain From Squats
  70. 3 reps instead of 5
  71. Ankle sprain injury
  72. Form check: Squat and deadlift
  73. Squat surpassing deadlift
  74. General Guide To Training Around Injuries?
  75. Deadlift form check please
  76. Squat Form Check
  77. Cartilage sprain from Stiff Leg Deads?
  78. A few questions for Mark...
  79. Should i consider myself intermediate?
  80. Deadlift form check
  81. Novice period - 3 to 9 months - Why?
  82. What is the farthest anyone has ever taken linear gains?
  83. Question about sets and reps
  84. C'mon man!
  85. Coach, abs fanatics are talking shit about me because SS is Too Effective What to do?
  86. Reading Heinlein
  87. Mick from Aus doing starting strength
  88. Nerve injury while stretching?
  89. Cause of knee(s) going forward at the bottom
  90. Squat Form Check
  91. Alcohol consumption and its effects on training
  92. Splitting the Volume Day on TM
  93. Back extensions
  94. Weight gain and football
  95. Overall pain after starting SS
  96. Stalling Three Weeks into the Starting Strength Program
  97. Squat Form Check
  98. Switching To High-bar Squat
  99. Request for squat form check
  100. coaching and programming my kids
  101. Better to lift when sick or hung over or wait a day?
  102. Tear in the minsucus
  103. Weiglifting shoes size= Dress shoes size?
  104. adjusting rep ranges to continue linear progression
  105. lower back ache from shrugs
  106. Dumb bell chest presses to replace benching
  107. High stress and impact on recovery/performance
  108. Torn erector spinae(I think).
  109. 'Rip Warm-Up'
  110. Zero progress with the Press & Trouble with BP
  111. Deadlifting with non-round plates.
  112. Starr rehab for joint injuries
  113. Pain
  114. Use of stool to ensure squat depth
  115. Missing workouts
  116. Squatting Arm Pain
  117. Situps
  118. Lower leg/calf pain
  119. Couple Questions
  120. Time To Lose Some Fat
  121. Huge bruising from power cleans
  122. Squat and deadlift form check
  123. rehab for a dislocated knee and tears in MCL
  124. Quad or Hip Flexor
  125. Bad Forearm = PC replacement?
  126. A Re-clarification?
  127. Foot pain: Can't walk one day can squat and dead lift the next
  128. Shoe Recommendations for relatively inflexibly lifter
  129. Can I go back to being a novice?
  130. Chronic Quad Soreness
  131. Increasing leg soreness
  132. rectus femoris
  133. Herniated Discs and Starting Strength
  134. Straps
  135. Injured my lower left ribs because of my belt,how serious can it be?
  136. Anterior knee pain with form check
  137. Which shoe?
  138. Pain below scapula
  139. Novice to Intermediate? A couple of questions
  140. Deadlifts causing elbow pain?
  141. Power Cleans
  142. Never Had Knee Pain Before
  143. Migraine from Chinups
  144. Lower back question (not the typical one)
  145. Swollen ankle
  146. Squat form check
  147. Hyperextension...
  148. Knee pain and recovery
  149. Time to change program?
  150. Milk: the new sports drink?
  151. squat_gnome's form check collection
  152. Ss without gomad?
  153. Disc protrusion
  154. Squat form check and hip pain
  155. too much lower back extension
  156. 1/2 gomad
  157. expected strength gain?
  158. Beer and training
  159. Where to find good gyms when on the road
  160. Hey Mark, question about starting the program
  161. When to start using equipment? + Shoes question
  162. Peroneus tendonitis and ankle pain
  163. Where to find super light weights
  164. Broke Lifter, Stupid Gym Owner
  165. Strange pain in left knee - will I ever squat again?
  166. Lower back injury, need advice.
  167. Squat Check
  168. Another am I doing the program question
  169. Female Intermediate Strength Program
  170. continue LP while losing fat? or just keep weight on the bar constant?
  171. Squat Shoes
  172. squat check, with video
  173. Stronger/dominant leg is smaller: nerve impingement?
  174. Pressing three times a week?
  175. Squat wrist/arm position with past injury
  176. Bigger deload + big steps or smaller deload + small steps
  177. Hook Grip
  178. A whole mess o' form checks
  179. The RTX— rapid thermal exchange—cooling device
  180. Article on body temperature regulation and its relevance to training
  181. Squat Technique and Hip Flexors
  182. Squat form check
  183. need a few Squat and BOR pointers
  184. question about shoulder health
  185. The Morbidly Obese Lifter and the Original Program
  186. Shoulder dislocation exercise
  187. okay, my back isn't getting better
  188. Shoulder Rehab
  189. Aspiring MMA figher been running WSBB type routine, might switch to SS.
  190. Callouses
  191. Deadlift / Press Form Checks
  192. Long time between exercises
  193. How can I tell if I am making appropriate progress?
  194. Spreading the basic SS program over more days
  195. Everything is backwards in Australia (Squat form check)
  196. cant squat with heel's on the ground
  197. strength imbalances?
  198. What's wrong with my lower back?
  199. Are weightlifting shoes worth it? Can I squat safely wthout them?
  200. stuck in a crisis on lifting during track
  201. Am I a Novice still?
  202. Patellar Tendonitis?
  203. Help me solve my weird back pain, please
  204. Another Lower Back Pain Thread
  205. Posterior knee/ Popliteus / medial meniscus/ deep squatting
  206. splitting the workouts?
  207. Deadlift singles vs sets of 5
  208. Back pain
  209. Pain around left thoracolumbar fascia
  210. Is the 'Hex Trap Barbell' good to use for deadlifting?
  211. Hey Coach, back rounding at the bottom of squats
  212. Squat Form Check
  213. Pain inside elbow(pronator teres?) , start of left bicep
  214. Special Release, SSBBT3
  215. Pain on left side of neck/trap; left shoulder also 'lower' and 'broader' than right
  216. Knee trouble
  217. exertion headache?
  218. Upper Hamstring/Hip pain
  219. Deadlift Form Check
  220. Squats and Deadlifts
  221. Strength Gains
  222. Anyone experienced this before?
  223. Texas method variation (staggering)
  224. Popped my lower back. I need advice.
  225. Much needed advice on knee
  226. How to increase weight if smaller plates aren't available?
  227. How does one really know if they are one inch below parallel?
  228. Texas Method training days
  229. Wrecking my elbow while squatting
  230. Switch programs?
  231. Hurt left shoulder during the squats
  232. New to the program
  233. Rack Pull vs Halting DL
  234. Double shoulder surgery to shave type 3 hooked acromiums - acromioplasty
  235. Pain beneath knee
  236. Trainer locator
  237. Chronic Pain in Crook of Elbow/Bicep
  238. Novice SS, Squat more than I Deadlift
  239. SS or intermediate program for strength?
  240. Form Check for Squats and DL
  241. Soreness of the knees
  242. Fighting this back pain... round 2. A little more to go on this time I think
  243. Bench Press Replacement
  244. Training Time
  245. low back/hip pain squats
  246. biceps tendon issue
  247. Shoulder Pain When Hanging
  248. Too Fat for Novice Program?
  249. Femoral Acetabular Impingement Surgery
  250. Worst Genetics Ever?