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  1. Alternative to the powerclean and bent over row?
  2. Upper / Lower Split Question
  3. TM Observation/Question
  4. What is a good intermediate program for cutting fat?
  5. Should I change from Stronglifts 5x5 to Starting Strength?
  6. Another strong PR
  7. Should I reset my 5x5 weights?
  8. About to transition TM, thoughts on accessories/sprinting?
  9. Does the dead lift need to stay ahead of the squat and by how much?
  10. Joker Sets apart from 5/3/1
  11. Customizing TM
  12. Deadlift programming follow up (to my follow up!)
  13. Texas Method ??
  14. Train every day?
  15. Texas method - How to get heavy Front Squats, heavy Chin-ups and Barbell Rows in?
  16. 3 Day, HLM - Press Specialization Program
  17. TM intensity day difficulties
  18. A couple programming questions
  19. Hybrid Texas Method
  20. Texas method ?
  21. same-day deadlift and squat progression
  22. Missing Reps Already
  23. TM and powercleans
  24. Programming Dips
  25. Strength training, rugby and dieting
  26. Variation of exercises with Texas method ??
  27. HLM to HL question
  28. Training around organized activities
  29. Volume tolerance
  30. For those of you using RTS and RPE, some help for your spreadsheet
  31. Intermediate Deadlift
  32. Restarting SS after illness
  33. Has anyone checked Narvaez' novice program?
  34. Back Extensions Weight Progression
  35. Not satisfied with TM Chin setup
  36. Ommiting the deadlift to make your squat go up
  37. RFL (Rapid Fat Loss) Recap
  38. RFL (Rapid Fat Loss) Recap
  39. After 20 rep squats: What next?
  40. Texas method, 3 day split -> upper/lower split
  41. Programming hill sprints
  42. How necessary are Back Extensions?
  43. Ascending sets for DL?
  44. Stalling Early?
  45. Lte & ste
  46. Programming hill sprints
  47. Deadlift volume on TM
  48. More volume
  49. TM and LP Split, Plus conditioning
  50. Need strength and conditioning program while injured
  51. Texas method 4 day upper/lower split?
  52. Alternating training programs
  53. Deadlift trouble
  54. Mike Matthews shredded/strength program - legit or steroids?
  55. teaking my 4 day TM split programme
  56. Reconciling LISS Cardio and SS Linear Progression
  57. How would you handle this scenario
  58. Question about two-day program you posted
  59. Independent 5x5s from article
  60. Transition from bench program to competition
  61. Deadlift stucky
  62. Adding in ab work with a 5x5?
  63. Deload advice on TM squat hard stall
  64. Conventional and Sumo Deadlift
  65. PPST 3e - assistance work
  66. SURVEY: October Iron Fest - Programming Changes
  67. What to do when Volume Day is a miss?
  68. Lifting every day?
  69. ignore my previous question...
  70. Chin-up replacements when pulling from overhead is an issue
  71. Block periodization
  72. Managing Intensity Day on a Cut
  73. Upper body program due to SI injury
  74. Late Advanced Novice setup.
  75. Routine Check and Programming chins
  76. Older Women Intermediate
  77. adding front squats to my programme?
  78. Novice with Recovery Issues
  79. Heavy Light Medium Newbie Questions
  80. Sldl
  81. Progressions for Heavy/Light Program in PPST3e
  82. Started with Stronglifts, should I switch
  83. OK to practice form on an off day?
  84. singles and 3RM for deadlift
  85. Late intermediate squat setup
  86. Heart attack or stroke from morning lifting
  87. How should I progress in the Texas method? (Squat)
  88. Need help programming TM
  89. Prudent or Wimpy?
  90. Simple Powerbuilding Template?
  91. Programming for Figure Competition
  92. Do I have a weight imbalance issue?
  93. SS for Figure training?
  94. I don't really know what I am doing ...
  95. Programming Dead Stops into TX Method
  96. Power clean sub for Geezer with knee issues on TM?
  97. Training and aging
  98. Heavy Light Medium w/ OHP/Strongman focus
  99. HLM + Cutting
  100. Weighted Pullups Stall on TM
  101. TM Bench and Rep dropping question
  102. Beyond Brawn vs. Texas Method (and others with Volume/ Intensity relationship)
  103. What if SS takes too much time?
  104. 2 questions on my mind
  105. TM upper/lower Program Critique
  106. Training effect of 1x5 vs 3x3?
  107. Slow and frustrating upper body progress on SS
  108. Bench press trouble.
  109. Advanced Programming question(bench)
  110. Wedding coming up
  111. Running out of LP gains on the DL
  112. Prowler
  113. How would you program for this?
  114. Cycling reps and deloads
  115. Madcow for Powerlifting
  116. Using Prilepin's Table to choose Texas Method structure.
  117. The purpose of intensity day on TM
  118. Programming my Squat
  119. overtrained intermediate Q (cross post)
  120. SLDL, one lift per day template
  121. Wendler 5/3/1 with dubious knees
  122. Following a TM template - some general questions
  123. Meet this Spring
  124. Awkward transition to the texas method
  125. What to do with one day?
  126. Squat/Deadlift Synergy and Resets
  127. Combing Heavy and Light day on HLM
  128. Medium day squat
  129. Strength Trouble (Sticking Point)
  130. intermediate program choice question
  131. New Article at Blog
  132. what to do now?
  133. Anyone had success with a 4-day Texas Method split?
  134. Advanced Starting Strength Tools
  135. Ideas to keep weight going up.
  136. How Arnold Schwarzenegger built his strength?
  137. Best option to continue linear progression on squats
  138. Deload Week
  139. Bench ?
  140. Enough deadlift volume?
  141. Bench and press twice a week
  142. Rest Between Sets on TM Phase II: Running It Out
  143. Advice on HLM Strength program for an Advanced Endurance Athlete
  144. Playing football + starting strength
  145. Using Candito's 6 week program to peak for a meet
  146. K.I.S.S scheduling question
  147. 5/3/1 to LP
  148. 75% or 90% TM
  149. Little Update and question
  150. Last bench question for awhile(promise)
  151. Time for me to need some general programming advice please guys
  152. I worked past my recovery abilities. (over reaching?)
  153. HLM and Running
  154. TM Scheduling Prob
  155. TM and time??
  156. Slow Progress, change to intermediate?
  157. HLM squat on Petrizzo-style program
  158. Unit PT Question
  159. Can't squat. Deads OK, though
  160. Programming advice please
  161. Programming advice
  162. Advice please
  163. Youth Strength Training by Avery Faigenbaum
  164. Quick HLM question
  165. I might be reaching the end of my LP, but I have questions
  166. HLM from TM
  167. 4 Day Split---Light Day 5x5 as a Percentage of Heavy Day
  168. Young Girls and Begineer Programming
  169. How far do people normally progress after a stall and deload on novice progression?
  170. Westside for athletes
  171. KISS Deadlift
  172. Any drawbacks to one lift per day version of TM?
  173. Texas method: volume day question
  174. Need a little help
  175. 4 day Texas Method Split for Hypertrophy
  176. DL programming question
  177. Starting Strength Seminar in Houston
  178. 4-day Texas Method version 2 percentages
  179. Deadlift progress
  180. SS for aesthetics for skinny fat people.
  181. Lifting Novice Transitioning from CrossFit
  182. Split Texas Method with 8s
  183. LP question.
  184. Stalling in Advanced Novice
  185. 20 Rep Squats/Deadlifts
  186. Making home gym - wont have bench for a while, advice on programming?
  187. Fucked up squats on TM. Where to go now?
  188. Programming Prowler
  189. prilepin's chart program
  190. Programming for Football
  191. Cheat meal while cutting
  192. Anyone using SS program in San Diego?
  193. Program for alpine skiing
  194. HLM Programming
  195. Results on Two Days a Week
  196. Compressed 5/3/1-style training?
  197. Rehab Rep Ranges
  198. Deadlift questions in advanced novice phase
  199. HLM check
  200. Injured knee - now using wraps - how much to add to compensate?
  201. one lift per day to HLM
  202. 1 Day On, 2 Off
  203. tweaking volume day for next week
  204. Geezer Novice to Intermediate transisiton
  205. Lower Back Work
  206. How many cycles before you change programs ?
  207. Stalled in all lifts; move to advanced novice?
  208. Texas method hybrid for olympic weightlifting: oly volume day
  209. Pull up question
  210. KB Swings to improve deadlift?
  211. feedback on my 5 day programme - olympic lifting focus
  212. Press Stalled on SS...Back Off Method?
  213. Midweek Layoff Question
  214. Dynamic effort questio
  215. Deadlift programming question
  216. Adding Chins to Power Clean Days
  217. A program for shorter workouts
  218. Front squats as assistance for deadlift
  219. Stuck OHP - Programming Opinions
  220. Exercise ideas after surgery?
  221. Texas Method for Powerlifting: Replacement for DL on Volume Day?
  222. Month off from work - want to maximize training time
  223. Just one top set ?
  224. Modified Texas Method accounting for recovery problems
  225. What program do I go to?
  226. Texas Method soon, trying to nail down programming
  227. Adding Chins to Power Clean Days
  228. Missed reps on deadlift - rest then try to complete reps?
  229. deadlift stalling: getting off the floor
  230. texas method 2x3 question
  231. Back off sets on ID for TM
  232. new to Starting Strength, not new to training; where to start?
  233. Gone for a Week
  234. Deadlift Form Question
  235. Help with sticking point on press?
  236. Any trainer / coach in NYC that is like Kelly Starrett?
  237. HLM and volume
  238. Squats after the back off method
  239. What to do last Friday before TM switch
  240. When did you switch to advanced novice?
  241. RTS for Texas Method (bench)
  242. Texas Method assistance work
  243. Deadlift regressing, move on to rack pulls/haltings?
  244. HLM Mix Up
  245. My review of Andy Baker's custom program from me...
  246. Presses stalling on Old Guy Intermediate
  247. Question on training when sick
  248. Halting/Rack pull question
  249. Texas Method Calculator question
  250. Early intermediate fuckarounditis