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  1. Press Advice
  2. Any experience training with autoimmune diseases?
  3. Planning ahead to intermediate programming
  4. Structuring my Pressing program
  5. Covid comeback and appropriate progression on NLP
  6. Hiking Prep
  7. Help me get to 300 lb bench
  8. Training for dirt bike racing
  9. Strength & Mass after 40
  10. upper-body training
  11. NLP back where I was before Covid
  12. Programming when you can't get enough protein / calories
  13. intermediate: volume/recovery is confusing
  14. Press fail
  15. Program 2D "Advanced Masters Novice Program" on page 196 of "The Barbell Prescription
  16. Alternate Power Clean Programing
  17. Training with limited equipment
  18. Press in HLM
  19. Typical Progress on NLP? I would like to hear from you!
  20. Squat reset when moving to advanced novice ?
  21. Adding pullups and cleans?
  22. Considerations for a late intermediate/advanced TM run
  23. Pulling Volume/Frequency
  24. Deficit Deadlift Only - Gym Has Smaller than Standard Plates
  25. efficient conditioning--applying SRA cycle for best results
  26. 852 Programming (Full Body HLM)
  27. Are there any alternatives to the press
  28. Power Clean vs Deadlift variation
  29. Modifying the Texas Method by Moving the Volume Pull
  30. Phase 2 chin-ups addition
  31. 2 Factor Model question
  32. Having trouble with Power Cleans
  33. Prowler Programming
  34. 3 lessons learned from doing the NLP
  35. Am I lazy or astute?
  36. Bar speed setback
  37. Starting strength and level of advancement
  38. Modified training program for people forced to have 1-hour training sessions
  39. Programming for a Confused Meathead
  40. Linear 4 day variation.
  41. Time for intermediate programming?
  42. Is 6-4-2 Adequate for 5-3-1 Substitute?
  43. Taking an extra rest day?
  44. Having to move the weights from upstairs to outside in order to deadlift
  45. Transitioning to Intermediate Program
  46. Please help me with my Press programming
  47. Sudden change to ID squat
  48. Move on from LP?
  49. Wednesday Light Day Pressing Progamming
  50. Phase 1 - Getting close to max; what next?
  51. App for logging
  52. Stalling on pressing/programming moving forward
  53. Adjusting sets and reps for my wife's NLP
  54. Adding more pressing to 4-day TM?
  55. Squat Stuck
  56. Linear Progression Sanity Check & Qs
  57. Programming for someone who's already doing a lot of stupid.
  58. Intermediate programming and BJJ
  59. Texas Method, What to change ?
  60. Help with 2nd Bench Press day
  61. Weight ratio and stats
  62. Fixing my Programming mid LP
  63. Dynamic Effort and bar flying off back
  64. Texas Method Squat & Dead Advice - Age 17
  65. Stalling advice
  66. Stalled Deadlift
  67. No Deadlift warm up sets
  68. Female NLP on 2 days/week
  69. My son has really gravitated towards the weights
  70. Starting Strength principles for Weighted Calisthenics
  71. Deadlifting after squatting with a tired lower back
  72. novice to intermediate question
  73. Did you know body sweat is a natural disinfectant?
  74. 90-Day Novice Progression Stats FYI
  75. Starting Strength phase 2 to 3
  76. Trying to Fix Leg Strength Imbalance: Incorporating Belt Squats in Texas Method?
  77. 23yo Successful NLP, what programming changes for fat loss?
  78. Grappling/High Glycolytic Training vs. Strength Training
  79. Squat and Deadlift programming after injury
  80. Cant recover from 3x5 Squats
  81. Heavy Light Split, Barbell Prescription.
  82. New member, transitioning from Stronglifts, currently reading the book
  83. How much can I get from the NLP in bench press?
  84. Did I Start with Too Low a Weight for My Squat
  85. 5lb Press jump reduced reps A STAGGERING 60%!!!!!! Next move?
  86. Volume squats on hlm
  87. Bigger leaner stronger
  88. Hamstring exercises question
  89. Programming to Maintain Squat while Building Deads
  90. Low bar squat has completely killed my bench
  91. NLP For Non-Novice
  92. Workout Programme
  93. Having never trained the power clean, how much can it help me now?
  94. Press programming help
  95. Help requestd to organise Andy Baker's programmes into an efficient training strategy
  96. "Phase 3" NLP with more frequent Power Clean training?
  97. Judo and an Odd Schedule
  98. Calories
  99. Bicep Curls really arenít necessary after all
  100. Redoing my NLP a couple of years later
  101. Texas Method Squat Stall after 420x5
  102. Chin up negative scheduling
  103. Strength training superior to endurance, even for runners
  104. Is the 2 day rest required for Texas Method?
  105. Barbell prescription- 39 years
  106. Should I switch to Texas Method or extend my NLP for a few weeks?
  107. Texas Method after COVID-19
  108. Adapt strength after SS/TM cycle
  109. First time starting any strenth training program.
  110. Programming question
  111. Experiencing soreness in post-novice program
  112. Deadlift with Press or Bench Press (BBP vs. SSBBT)
  113. Deadlift 1 x 5
  114. Other than strength
  115. Change "weight jumps" after Intermediate reset?
  116. Any use for Volume deadlifts (1x10 or 2x5) in Intermediate training?
  117. BBP 4-Day novice??
  118. How to prioritise Power cleans ?
  119. Power clean intensity and programming
  120. Deload, tough it out or change programming?
  121. Stalled hard, long arms
  122. Opinions on options for NDTFP
  123. Son now has winter workouts...should I plan around it?
  124. Intermediate & Advanced Programs
  125. Heavy Light Medium Bench Stall - 17, Male
  126. Deadlift slightly behind Squat
  127. Dialing in on Sub 5lb Increases
  128. When to switch to haltings/rack pulls?
  129. What in the (hell, heck, world) is going on?!
  130. Adding more warmup sets as work set gets heavier?
  131. Senior HLM question
  132. Intermediate Programming For A Sprinter
  133. Mobility issues
  134. Conditioning- omg I hate it...
  135. Too much volume or not enough ?
  136. Training and bjj
  137. I need help with my SSNLP
  138. Physiological effect of 5-lb vs. 2.5-lb weight increases?
  139. NLP stages and their triggers (for each lift)
  140. Physiological adaptations of more sets on volume day
  141. Texas Method for just one movement?
  142. Texas Method Deadlift Burnout after 500x5x1
  143. Stuck deadlifts
  144. Programming Tips for Post-Lapiplasty Surgery
  145. Texas Method Plan
  146. Squat reset
  147. Weighted Chin Ups
  148. Anyone know any olymic programs from when the press was still a contested lift?
  149. The Purpose of a 'Medium Day' for Intermediate/Advanced Lifters
  150. Hoping for quick guidance on Advanced Novice
  151. Proof that Andy/Rip programming is lightyears ahead of academia
  152. Redo LP with new lifts?
  153. Three-Times-a-Week Press
  154. Machine Bench ...
  155. Confused Novice struggling with the deadlift or programming
  156. Garage gym warrior andybaker.com
  157. Deadlift Stall
  158. The origin of the popular exercise methods
  159. Programming for women after NLP
  160. Weighted Chins Programming
  161. Strength & Mass After 40. Weight loading error lead to higher intensity, what now?
  162. Program Press on Texas Method
  163. New Program
  164. Three-Times-a-Week Bench Press
  165. Chins vs Pull Ups
  166. 4 Day KSC Texas Method - Schedule/Assistance
  167. What warm up sets would I do for the Leg press and Lat pulldown?
  168. Programming ideas for YNDTP fatloss
  169. 4 Day Texas Method with 8/5/2 and/or exercise rotation
  170. Question about advanced novice programming in ppst3
  171. Would a two a day program like this be too much?
  172. Volume & Intensity
  173. Looking for Assistance
  174. Novice Training and what to do with off days
  175. Squat / Deadlift ratio in adv. novice
  176. Can the Power Clean be replaced?
  177. Simple Military Programming
  178. Bench Press Help
  179. Texas method phase II deload
  180. Chin-Ups Programming during Texas Method
  181. How is my programming ? Any suggestions ?
  182. SSLP programming, quick questions.
  183. I need help unf***ing my programming.
  184. Deadlifting in single
  185. Knee pain while squatting
  186. post lockdown restart
  187. When to Omit the Power Clean | Mark Rippetoe
  188. Programming Schedule
  189. Novice trainer looking for programming advice
  190. Dreading the end of the NLP
  191. Texas method volume day
  192. Block Periodization
  193. Weakness in my back when using the stairmaster needs to be corrected
  194. Question about a notation in Practical Programming
  195. Coming Back From Injury Layoff
  196. But Won't Deads Catch Up to Squats Following the Program?!
  197. Advice on progress and continuing NLP
  198. How to make the transition ?
  199. Texs Method Progress
  200. Bench press
  201. Linear Progression Question
  202. high pull as a pulling alternative
  203. Getting ready to start program
  204. Stalling on Deadlift.
  205. Intermediate squat - novice pressing?
  206. Muscle Snatch?
  207. Cutting on 4 day split
  208. Help recovering after covid related lifting hiatus
  209. Post Novice Programming for Older Lifters - Back off method
  210. Moving for twice a week
  211. 4 Days Texas Method Question
  212. Programming Chins
  213. Example of 4 day press programming?
  214. The Press & Incremental Jumps
  215. Limiting blood pressure while lifting
  216. Training low reps once a week
  217. Squat Light Day?
  218. PPST - Texas Method for Powerlifting - Intensity day question
  219. have not been to the gym since the lockdown
  220. Deadlifts First Thing?
  221. One arm Deadlifts.
  222. Sort of an "involuntary intermediate" - understanding the logic of my programming
  223. The Nebraska model
  224. Realistic expectations for powerbuilding cycle?
  225. Power Clean
  226. Add a day for deadlifts, or just go to 4 workouts/week?
  227. Tips for my programming
  228. Alternative for power clean
  229. Transitioning to Intermediate Programming by a Master - Reduce Weight?
  230. Does the tonnage drive the intensity day in TM?
  231. 4th day to HLM
  232. Lower back fatigue from squats
  233. can I just do 4x8 after doing 5x5?
  234. programming with time constraints
  235. How to calculate weight to use for triples, doubles, singles in TM
  236. Programming sprints for conditioning with GGW2
  237. What Happened to Shrugs and Haltings?
  238. Australian Rules Football and Lifting for Older Athlete
  239. Do I even need to program?
  240. Power Clean Implementation and weight progression
  241. I'm going to compete in crossfit, can I keep my current numbers?
  242. Male 45, 6'2", 281lbs maybe nearing the end of NLP
  243. Plateau 320 Squat, 230 Bench
  244. Deload - Texas Method - Phase 3
  245. Using Straps on Deadlift. How do I train my grip?
  246. Should I move on?
  247. How to add in conditioning
  248. Changing programming to accommodate a new job
  249. How to adjust programming (because I have to do cardio)
  250. Hi - New member here