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  1. 3 5x5 Squats Too Much Need to Make a Change
  2. Power Hypertrophy Adaptive Training
  3. Need test subjects for new 4x4 program
  4. Pulling frequency
  5. Push Press
  6. Very, very, very first work sets...
  7. interested in coming to kingwood for coaching.....
  8. Moving to 4 day split routine
  9. Minimum length for specialty programming?
  10. Alternation of single, double, and heavy triple of presses on intensity day
  11. Deadlift Weight
  12. switching to higher reps.
  13. Two questions: chin programming and microloading presses
  14. power clean programming debacle
  15. Slight overtraining, sufficient deload?
  16. Update and Programming Advice
  17. Power Training and Load Variations
  18. Sumo Deadlifting and Conventional Deadlifting: how to program?
  19. Private Consult Rates
  20. My off-season football Program and would just like some thoughts on it
  21. LP with 5x3 (5 sets of 3 reps) squatting?
  22. Sumo Deadlift
  23. Warmup Check
  24. Two Powerlifting Oriented Questions: TM Progression and Cardio
  25. New Squat Program for the 2013 (kinda complicated) , would love feedback
  26. Programming for middle-aged female whose progress never was linear
  27. Programming Sumo and Conventional deadlifts
  28. isometrics to improve deadlift from the floor
  29. Body Part Split Routine
  30. To pursue SS or not...
  31. Sleep
  32. Help programming 4 day split
  33. Help me program my power cleans into my 5/3/1 program.
  34. Texas Method and Madcow's Bill Starr 5x5
  35. Working in Sprinting in Texas Method
  36. Texas Method Split: upper body programming
  37. Stuck hard on the bench...
  38. The excercises in Starting Strength novice program
  39. Training frequency, novice program
  40. Stuck on the squat and press.
  41. Intermediate programming and weightloss
  42. Are medicine balls the perfect warmup?
  43. Geezer "intensity" day?
  44. Looking to modify my program due to seasonal job
  45. My new 5/3/1 split program for rotating 12hr shifts.
  46. Plateau and then maintenance
  47. Noob. Two weeks in and looking for answers/criticism.
  48. Assistance progression
  49. Novice/Intermediate introducing Martial Arts
  50. PPST Application
  51. Just bought a power rack now confused about bench!
  52. Will the squat get stronger than the deadlift?
  53. 531 3day routine
  54. 3 months into SS and hitting walls!
  55. Keeping strength up with no gym around
  56. 1000 lbs realistic?
  57. KSC Enters the 21st Century
  58. Deadlift stalled.
  59. Mixing linear progression novice program with TM intermediate
  60. Texas Method for Strength & Aesthetics
  61. Programming w/ Nutrition. Ready for Intermediate?
  62. What's the differnce between Rip's new Olympic Press and the Incline Bench Press?
  63. How does this TM-template look?
  64. My progress is slow, can it be due to wasted noob gains?
  65. deadlift not stronger than squat
  66. Re-Starting Strength
  67. Dips: where and how often per week?
  68. What to do on school gymnastics to help or not interfere with starting strength
  69. Training plan for Q1.2013/Winter
  70. Strength and metabolic conditioning program
  71. Use of Interval Training on Elliptical
  72. Switching from a 3day to a 4day split
  73. Balancing SS with Construction job
  74. Calculating Prowler Load with a Group
  75. Stalled bench, everything else progressing
  76. How do you tell if your abs are a weak link?
  77. Press - working sets
  78. Training for my first competition, and the end of LP approaching?
  79. Boring but big inspired
  80. Any Triathletes out there have advice for combining SS and Tri training?
  81. My current modified SS
  82. When to change to advanced novice?
  83. Hit an early wall with my deadlift.
  84. Programming
  85. Stalling
  86. Stalling with low weights
  87. difficulties with novice program
  88. Stalling on TM Intensity day
  89. Meet prep
  90. Small town with sorry gyms
  91. progress issues from SS to intermediate
  92. Highbars and Deadlifts
  93. Advice for reset on 531
  94. Microlading
  95. progress issues after SS to madcow
  96. Modifying the Volume Stimulus
  97. Young oly lifter looking for advice.
  98. Combining conditioning with strength sessions (i.e. Litvinov workout)?
  99. Turkish get-ups
  100. Starting Strength progression
  101. Every Third Day Schedule for Geezers! I'm a believer!
  102. Abs - what, when, how much?
  103. SS off days ?
  104. Is Texas method stalling my deadlift
  105. Chin-up Progressions
  106. Cutting on a SS like program. thoughts?
  107. beginning weights
  108. Programming for 3/23/13 meet
  109. Olympic lifting programming heavy, medium, light examples?
  110. Question about work weight when shifting from SS to HLM
  111. Rugby training program...
  112. A question from a chronic non-recoverer
  113. Smolov
  114. Having a hard time progressing with novice templates. A diagnosticed hard gainer.
  115. Smolov Questions and Advise
  116. Ready for Chins and/or Dips?
  117. My 5/3/1 Variation (Karl's Method)
  118. Coming off shoulder surgery
  119. Am I ready for chin-ups and dips?
  120. Do you have your MMA fighters do olympic lifts
  121. Getting Dead Lifts Ahead Of Squats After Injury
  122. Best thing to do if you fail to lift your deadlift?
  123. Advanced or Intermediate?
  124. Autoregulation vs. Texas Method
  125. Modified Bench/Press LP
  126. Push ups and pull ups
  127. Programming for Bench/Press (injured knee)
  128. Bench and Press stall imminent on 4-day split--what to do?
  129. A week of in periodized model??
  130. Adding pause squats into routine
  131. Programming around 12 hour shifts
  132. Intermediate Press Programming
  133. Programming upper/lower body in SS
  134. Intro plus Training Question
  135. Programming cleans
  136. Programming chins in place of the press?
  137. Programming to recover after knee surgery
  138. dynamic effort pullups
  139. Switching it up for a meet
  140. Sunday + Lunch Hour Program
  141. Early mornings and early evenings
  142. Programming partial bench presses
  143. Bench first, squat second?
  144. Taking a break from squatting and deads
  145. Anterior Hip Flexor pain - Can't squat
  146. Why this?
  147. Terrible bench and press numbers
  148. [Squat form check] Low bar 92.5kg @ 16 years old
  149. Practicing form, applied corrections to lifts. Should I start over?
  150. Programming Bench
  151. Deadlift help
  152. Iphone App
  153. Are you REALLY this bored?
  154. Need programming help from folks who've been there!
  155. Hamstring pulls, squatting/sprinting balance
  156. How is this Texas Method Template
  157. programming for dieting
  158. Low volume training to minimize fatigue?
  159. How to increase bench?
  160. Reduce Deadlift Frequency?
  161. Need advice for someone coming back from a herniated disc
  162. Progress
  163. Intensity Day DL's
  164. How can I add Olympic lifts into my program? Haven't been doing power cleans.
  165. Establishing Baseline Weights
  166. power clean help
  167. Texas Method ?
  168. A novice back off in an intermediate split. Need help PLEASE
  169. exercise order question
  170. 5/3/1 Why 5x10 vs 5x5
  171. Squat/Dead check and where to go
  172. Standing press stalled >:|
  173. Need a new advanced intermediate program (I'm also dropping a tad weight).
  174. Can't do low bar squats anymore
  175. Deadlift 1x per week on SS
  176. Programming Question for SS Original -> Advanced Novice for a 41 Year old Male
  177. Need some objective opinions
  178. No Squat Rack at Home. Suggestions wanted.
  179. Prioritize DL
  180. Does this look good for dropping a few pounds while possibly gaining strength?
  181. Programming advice
  182. Should I just start over? (bench press)
  183. 2 week Texas Method or 1?
  184. clueless in nc
  185. strength routine + Calisthenics OK?
  186. Differences between volume and intensity induced stress
  187. advanced texas method questions
  188. questions on advanced texas method
  189. Where to put recovery day
  190. Differences between volume and intensity induced stress
  191. Microload the squat or something else?
  192. Just reset my Deadlift- Am I pushing it?
  193. How to resume 5/3/1 after sickness?
  194. How to get my strength back and beyond?
  195. Want to add a bit of strength training to oly program..
  196. Is it too early for texas method?
  197. questions on somebody looking to maintain bodyweight
  198. How do I transition to intermediate level lifting?
  199. Programming for Swimming
  200. Suggestions on a MAJOR Squat deload to work on form, please
  201. Spilt Jerk,Snatch or Press ?
  202. something I've been kicking around
  203. Intensity Day Variations
  204. Texas method - Fat loss
  205. Westside?
  206. Power Cleans AND Deadlift on Madcow 5x5 too much?
  207. Power Cleans AND Deadlift on Madcow 5x5 too much?
  208. novice or not..
  209. My SS story and where to go from here
  210. Bar speed
  211. TM proposal for maintenance
  212. new old guy needs some help
  213. How to peak on the deadlift?
  214. 5/3/1 -> 5/1 Variation
  215. Plan to maintain?
  216. Requested routines for blackironbeast.com 5/3/1 Calculator?
  217. Am I stalling this early (is it early?) or just being a wuss?
  218. Bench press
  219. To those who have been doing TM for a while, do you alternate your presses?
  220. Programming to take an olympic lifting class?
  221. Anyone seen or tried this?
  222. First meet with the hook grip.
  223. Deadlift programming on SS
  224. Chin ups 3x a week?
  225. Thoughts on new program
  226. Set up to 1RM
  227. Texas Method Adjustments
  228. Texas Methods Adjustments
  229. Rowing
  230. texas method questions
  231. quick question on presses on texas method
  232. Deadlift
  233. Texas Method Squat: Volume to Intensity Ratio
  234. Deadlift stall on 531
  235. Thoughts on a new program
  236. Cycling Volume & Intensity Weekly Rather Than Within The Week (TM Mod Essentially)
  237. MADCOW with a little changes
  238. which one?
  239. undulating periodization
  240. how i tweaked ss for wife. is it a terrible idea
  241. Beginner DL program without Squat
  242. Moving Texas Method days around in the week?
  243. How to begin
  244. Considerations for Selecting Intermediate Program Template
  245. Power cleans
  246. 5/3/1 bbb
  247. Should 30+ year olds Transition to Advanced Novice Earlier?
  248. Intermediate Split Routine Questions
  249. Advice for 45 yo "intermediate"
  250. Upper Back Work