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  1. The Program Works
  2. Love Hate Relationship and Space Flights
  3. Testimonial from an "Elder"
  4. Breezing past previous plateaus.
  5. Just a thank you
  6. Albuquerque Shout out
  7. Pulling camp - Lansing
  8. Just posting to say thanks!
  9. Talk about novice progression!
  10. Thanks. Was addled with back pain, now a strong Dad
  11. Weak and Chubby Mom Finally Listened to Her SSC and Stopped Running
  12. Recommendation for coaching by Andrew Jackson SSC in Seattle
  13. Testimonial for Adam Skillin, North Jersey-based Starting Strength Coach
  14. A message about SSBBT, Grey Steel squat camp, Mia, Sully, Chris etc.
  15. lower back pain almost gone
  16. Pulling Camp 3/10 Lansing, MI Testimonial
  17. Recommending Ryan O’Connell-Peller in Portland
  18. You guys were right and I can't believe it
  19. I did something hard today
  20. Squat Magic! And Some Real SS Testimony
  21. 1 year under the bar today!
  22. A Second Recommendation of Ryan O’Connell-Peller in Portland
  23. Thanks guys
  24. SSOC Review
  25. Magic of youth, eating enough, and Barbells
  26. Thank you for this program
  27. Another glowing recommendation/testimonial for Adam Skillin in NJ
  28. Herniated L5 & S1
  29. Luke's Barbell Club, Austin, Texas
  30. 7/7 Saturday Morning form correcting session with Andy Baker
  31. Thank you Marie and Graham
  32. Texas Method for a Middle Aged Guy
  33. Nicole Burman, SSC
  34. East Lansing Squat Camp
  35. Daniel Raimondi, SSC
  36. My final results from Starting Strength LP
  37. Where was this my entire life?
  38. Testimony from the "hardest gainer"
  39. New to SS, patellar / golfers tendnitis
  40. Coach Rip helpe me get a new ID Card!
  41. Noah Mistein SSC
  42. Results in 3-4 weeks
  43. Testimonial, Mia Inman, SSC
  44. Testimonial for Diego and Emily Socolinsky of Fivex3 Training
  45. Low back recovery after 15 yrs
  46. 1/2/3/4 plates for my 40th birthday
  47. Appreciation for the books
  48. A 40s look at NLP
  49. Strength For Memories
  50. “Fat and strong” is better than “fat and weak”
  51. Long term solution back pain thanks to SS
  52. Annino strength & conditioning
  53. Can't thank Starting Strength enough
  54. You sure you're clean?
  55. You want to get stronger? Have you heard of Mark Ripatoe?
  56. Triple Success
  57. Valsalva and Bourbon
  58. Phone call with Rip from the UK
  59. Houston Starting Strength Gym Experience 2-1/2 months in......
  60. Just a normal 40-something
  61. Thank you, Starting Strength
  62. Testimonial for SSC Adam Skillin
  63. My Starting Strength Houston experience, at 4 months (and counting)
  64. My story got in the paper, tried to show you guys some love
  65. The Starting Strength barbell from Texas Power Bars
  66. Over a year of Starting Strength
  67. Praise for Joe Jaloszynski SSC
  68. In praise of all things rippetoe-I hope he reads this!
  69. My experience with SS
  70. Pete Troupos Recommendation
  71. 8 years
  72. Three Plates
  73. Highly suspicious
  74. Thank you for enlightening me
  75. From SS book to gym - same day - WOW!
  76. Armwrestling Improvement
  77. 60 YO Male: Heart Attack Survivor Using SS
  78. Get a coach, and do the program
  79. A Long Time Coming
  80. The Right Way
  81. SS- a simple, clear solution
  82. Re-opening with the Texas Method
  83. Been a while, but I'm back at it.
  84. Female, 65, loves SS
  85. Coaching My Wife
  86. Strength Training and Endurance
  87. I tried switching programs...again
  88. My Linear Progression
  89. Saved from believing in the usefulness of the exercise circuit at the local park.
  90. And so it begins, again
  91. A small poem to say thank you!
  92. Starting Strength Stories
  93. The Program Works
  94. A trip to the doctors office
  95. 3 month progress review and comments about online training
  96. Master Lifter from TN
  97. 46 Year Old Makes it to Intermediate!
  98. Starting Strength works fast!
  99. Starting strength has improved my anterior pelvic tilt (APT)
  100. Strength is Good in an Emergency
  101. Coach Craig Bearss
  102. For The Bottom 3%'ers
  103. A Testimonial
  104. 75 pounds in a month
  105. Old fart surprises himself
  106. Strong enough to do the job
  107. Memphis Starting Strength
  108. Looking back: A brief period of time, permanent changes
  109. My struggle-becoming a member of the SS
  110. UK sprint training in the 90s
  111. Maybe if there was a cool quote at the end…
  112. This is ridiculous
  113. Still feeling the pain from a shitty coach 20 years ago.
  114. Thanks
  115. My Imperfect, Successful NLP - Final Results
  116. Hard labor makes you mean, not strong.
  117. WashedUp former advanced lifter NLP
  118. This Community
  119. NFL Testimonial: Jalen Hurt
  120. The Equation That Works
  121. Finally finished building my home gym and back under the bar / Thanks
  122. Why seminars are important!
  123. Just wanna say thanks
  124. Goal of deadlifting 500 before I turn 40
  125. Hit a personal squat goal
  126. From thin to massive
  127. Fatherhood
  128. NLPish but pressing on
  129. Joe Brown Veteran, “Disabled vet” best medicine is the barbell
  130. Starting Strength Seminar
  131. Current Crossfit training schedule
  132. Covid and injury made me sad. SS made me glad.
  133. Fighting the Good Fight (with much gratitude!)
  134. 500x5 deadlift - thank you Coach Adam Fangman