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  1. Thanks, Coach Rip
  2. A HUGE Thank you and a Q About Pushing Power Development
  3. Testimonial On Unfucking Yourself
  4. Thanks for your great books and forum!
  5. Saved my back tonight, thank you.
  6. Thanks
  7. A BIG Thank-you! Qualified for WDFPF Worlds.
  8. Thanks Rip
  9. Brian Broke Legs - First Competition, time to learn to Power Clean & a debt of thanks
  10. You aren't that sore are you?
  11. Thank you from a Future Soldier
  12. First meet, the good the bad, and the ugly
  13. Thanks to Rip? Yep! One More Time!
  14. Rip/SS saved my life
  15. Thanks
  16. Railway sleepers, bathtubs and concrete mix.
  17. Nothin' special
  18. Hell yeah, Rip...,,
  19. Thanks
  20. Why you should attend a Starting Strength Seminar
  21. Thanks to you and Jim for making me strong
  22. Thanks
  23. On rotator cuffs and presses
  24. I won England's Most Powerful Man 2013 Strongman comp
  25. Utility Trailer Lift
  26. Your Program Works! You have made my life better. Thank you! 46 year old male.
  27. 2013 RPS New York State meet
  28. SS works for football.
  29. Thanks coach, its not all about strength
  30. I don't need no trolley
  31. Thank you for the perfect form advice!
  32. Bill Star Protocol On Torn Hamstring--WORKS!
  33. Starting Strength changed my life, can't thank you enough
  34. Dear Rip, You have ruined my life...
  35. Success with rugby team
  36. Thanks, Rip, I'm no longer a pussy.
  37. Starting Strength Seminar Level I.
  38. Adding yet another vote of thanks
  39. F*ck you swiss ball
  40. What do you know, Rip knows what he's talking about!
  41. Skating Stronger! A Skinny College Kid's Testimonial
  42. Starting Strenght and High School Baseball
  43. Coach Wolf
  44. Barbell training as spinal rehabilitation
  45. SS Success as coach
  46. This shit works
  47. Starting Strength In Afghanistan
  48. Starting Strength Transformed My Training!
  49. Ironman testing - Longview High School Highlights
  50. Well, that worked.
  51. Middle Aged Guy Finally Learns How to Train
  52. 52 year old ice hockey goaltender, now feels 15 years younger on the ice
  53. Longview High School - wtroom testing highlights
  54. My Journey to Leave Behind the World of Skinny, Little, Unaware Turds
  55. London, UK based coach recommendation - Carl Raghavan
  56. The Circle of Deadlift Life . . . .Hakuna Matata . .
  57. Thanks Rip
  58. Joseph Pena USAPL 700lb Raw Squat
  59. SS success with self-described "old cripple"
  60. SS, Seniors and SS Coach Nicholas Soleyn
  61. Good Day at STRONG
  62. How Mark Rippetoe Saved My Face Today
  63. SS- Thank You
  64. Pulling camp with Nick D'Agostino & John Petrizzo
  65. ANOTHER good day at STRONG GYM
  66. New to Starting Strength
  67. Why get stronger - A brief testimonial
  68. Skinny endurance cyclist... comes to his senses.
  69. Great books
  70. A great starting strength moment
  71. Press 2.0 fixed shoulder issues
  72. Strength Coach in Los Angeles Area
  73. Westminster Strength and Conditioning
  74. Thanks Carl Raghavan - SSC in London
  75. SS for health - and recovery
  76. Randy Winfrey - Strength Coach in Houston
  77. Good Coaching and Bad Backs
  78. Lifting After Broken Hip
  79. Starting Strength and seminar experience (Denmark)
  80. Injuries and accidents starting over
  81. Thanks!
  82. UK Starting Strength Coach Carl Raghavan
  83. Changing to Starting Strength
  84. Anecdotal evidence that some strength works
  85. Thank you Mr Ripptoe
  86. Lexington Level II Seminar Review
  87. You might save a life
  88. Personal and Client Success on Starting Strength
  89. It works!!!
  90. Thanks Coach Rip
  91. Powerlifting results
  92. Starting Strength Testimonial
  93. By golly! I did it!
  94. I heart Andy Baker...review of what his online consult did for me. Andy Baker review.
  95. Thanks
  96. SS is +1 in Ohio, Rip
  97. A year on...
  98. Adam Skillin told me to squat 2" high...
  99. Sean Herbison is a very good barbell coach
  100. Michael Garofalo aka BareSteel is an excellent coach
  101. Thank you Rip
  102. Had coaching on my squat from Robert Santana
  103. Adam Skillin - a great coach
  104. Europe Starting Strength coach London
  105. Mr. Baker
  106. "A fine insurance salesman" after a year of SS.
  107. A quick SS/TM Ripp Testimonial
  108. Just go to a seminar
  109. Newb Intro
  110. To whom can i send a bill...
  111. Andy Baker Custom Program
  112. Tom Campitelli
  113. Sqt camp in Merrick
  114. Seattle SS Seminar 2/2015
  115. I Pulled 500 Last Night
  116. Mama needed muscles
  117. Carl Raghavan testimonial
  118. Thanks
  119. Easily the best advice and coaching out there.
  120. Another Adam Skillin testimonial
  121. Personal Consult with Andy Baker at Kingwood Strength and Conditioning
  122. Thanks From Another Texas Geezer
  123. Lifting causes healing. Who would've thought?
  124. Building a house
  125. Nick Klemetson Session
  126. Skype consult with John Petrizzo
  127. Matt Reynolds, Springfield, MO
  128. Andy Baker consult and programming - review
  129. Back Rehab at Studio Inna
  130. My Journey with RoriMegan
  131. Squats and Pulls with Tom C
  132. Consult with John Petrizzo about SI joint issues
  133. john petrizzo, my coach
  134. Thanks Rip for fixing my deadlift
  135. Lost 11 inches of belly fat and 46lbs.
  136. Taking control of my life at 42 thanks to starting strength method
  137. 2 weeks and what a transformation!
  138. Knee problem
  139. First Session with Steve Galvan
  140. Good morning and thank you!
  141. 2 Sessions with Nick Klemetson
  142. Mark Rippetoe is FULL OF SHIT!
  143. Starting Strength in NYC with Michael Wolf
  144. John Petrizzo Testimonial (plus Wolf, Nick, Inna, and Brent)
  145. Thanks
  146. Recovering Endurance Junkie
  147. Two tremendous Coaches in San Antonio, TX - Austin and Steve
  148. So I followed the dietary advice in SSBBT3
  149. Cody Miller-Starting Strength Coach
  150. Adam Skillin Testimonial
  151. Thank you for improving and extending my quality of life
  152. Just got back from Press Camp in Chicago.
  153. Another Adam Skillin testimonial
  154. Andy Baker Houston Tx
  155. The Continuance: Lost 13 inches of bellyfat, 67lbs and learned to meditate
  156. Special Needs Kids
  157. My Testimony pre starting strength and during
  158. Chicago SS Fall Classic
  159. Coach Joseph Leppo
  160. Thanks to Rip and the WFAC Staff
  161. Update from a Viking
  162. 1 year after Starting Strength Seminar
  163. Seeing my mom feel strong again
  164. Thanks Coach
  165. How Starting Strength Helped Me To Bring A Teenager Back From The Dead
  166. "Sold" a book, might have a new MD on board
  167. Thank you - Tom Campitelli and Jordan Feigenbaum
  168. Andy Baker Online consultation
  169. SHould be mandatory for all special needs parents.
  170. Recommendation for Adam Skillin, Starting Strength Coach, New Jersey
  171. Kelli Nielson / Gardiner Athletics
  172. The importance of getting some eyes on you!
  173. Emily Socolinsky
  174. Late testimonial. The most honest thing you will read today
  175. Chris and Sully's Michigan Strength Conspiracy Bench and Press Camp
  176. Another kudos to Kelli Nielson at Gardiner Athletics
  177. Keep Fighting the Good Fight
  178. Skinny to Not as Skinny
  179. Thanks Brodie!
  180. Noah Milstein
  181. Jayson Ball and Feral Fitness
  182. SS Coach NIck Klemetson, Waiverly, IA
  183. My first Six Months with Coach Jordan
  184. Shared experience, Strength and Stoicism.
  185. A save
  186. Jerome Wisneski, SSC
  187. Atlanta Coach Alex Kennedy
  188. Westminster Strength and Conditioning
  189. Two Year Anniversary 73lbs of Fat and 14 Inches of belly
  190. Gardiner Athletics is Awesome!
  191. Session with Jonathon Sullivan
  192. Yeah, this stuff works
  193. Session With SS Coach Mia Inman
  194. Success with Starting Strength
  195. Texas Method results
  196. Gardiner Athletics & Kelli Nielson
  197. "bad knees"
  198. New to strength training and SS forum
  199. Emily Socolinsky
  200. Brodie Can Teach Anyone to Squat
  201. Starting Strength made me obese!
  202. Testimonial for Adam Skillin
  203. Testimonial and sincere thanks
  204. Importance of checking testosterone at any age
  205. Karl Schudt - Online Coaching
  206. Kelli Nielson at Gardiner Athletics, New Paltz NY
  207. Thanks to SS, this 55-year-old geezerette can now do a chin up
  208. Big thanks to John Janecek
  209. Get Thee to a Squat Camp!
  210. Dan Flanick - in person and online
  211. 13 year old starting SS
  212. REVIEW: 2 Hour session with SS coach Robert Santana
  213. Thank You from Pigeon Forge, TN
  214. 300 lb squat!
  215. Just another "Thank you!"
  216. John Janecek Longview High School
  217. Strange mental condition associated with Starting Strength
  218. Thank you for all the information.
  219. Osteoporosis and weightlifting
  220. Cassi Niemann
  221. 3 years under the bar
  222. Story of Valgus
  223. It works! Thanks!
  224. 45 years old and 6 weeks in to LP
  225. I'm NDTP, but it works anyway
  226. Thank You Emily, Diego, and Christian
  227. Thank you to you all.
  228. Thanks Rip. Was in a diabetic death spiral, now things looking up
  229. you've turned my kid into a believer
  230. Session with Jayson Ball
  231. Session with Nick D'Agostino at Woodmere Fitness Club
  232. Doubled Squat on LP:A nutritionally focused testimonial
  233. John Janecek Testimonial
  234. Swing-Shift Trucker Testimonial
  235. Skinny 33 year old to deadlifting 300kg @38
  236. SS Seminar vs. others
  237. Squat is up 200#
  238. successful product of tough love criticism
  239. Old Guy Successes
  240. Getting Away with Murder
  241. Shoulder protocol
  242. One day out of cast from broken wrist (scaphoid) results
  243. Coaching Session with Michael Wolf
  244. Rotator Cuff Repair and Rehab
  245. Trained with Jay at Fivex3 in Baltimore
  246. A Thanks to You and Adam Lauritzen
  247. My Starting Strength Journey
  248. Back pain gone!
  249. Never lifted a barbell untill i was over 40
  250. From Fat Man, to Weak Man, to Strongman