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  3. Found a bug or something that's not quite right? Post it here.
  4. Kindle Fire Supported Devices List
  5. Version 1.09 HotFix [Android] Coming Today / [iOS] Coming Next Week
  6. Reps/sets question
  7. weight
  8. videos
  9. How to get Version 1.10 Update [iOS]
  10. suface pro
  11. Version 1.11 - Warmup Calculator: Android (Now), iOS (next week)
  12. videos
  13. Toggling between exercises
  14. Cannot adjust weight of bar
  15. Notes
  16. app multi access
  17. Getting the app on Windows
  18. Squat Depth Picture
  19. Where to start?
  20. Keep having to reenter all my data when I start a rest timer, or change a song.
  21. Reps and failure
  22. Changing Reps
  23. 1.13 Update For Android
  24. Is anyone getting the "forgets todays training sets" when they switch out of the app?
  25. any way to add old data?
  26. iOS to Android
  27. 1.13 Hotfix now available
  28. Cloud Backup And Sync of training log data: Testers Needed
  29. Bug in saving works / progression
  30. Looking for a developer to help out with the app
  31. Kg?
  32. Issue with work set weight for some exercises not being saved
  33. Exiting from Warmup Sets
  34. 77 lbs
  35. Multiple trainees?
  36. Weight changes
  37. Editing Weights for Warm up sets
  38. I didn't DO the lift that day, but Progress chart says I did.
  39. App Update
  40. Progress Field
  41. iOS users on latest update - re: account / backup
  42. Lightening the load?
  43. 72-Hour Recovery?
  44. App to Training Log
  45. View warm up history?
  46. Deadlift Frequency Adjustment on App
  47. Recovering account - exporting data
  48. Automatic updating on your SS training log via SS app?
  49. If you need fast support...
  50. What happened to 15lb weight option?
  51. Apple Watch Support
  52. Chin ups in app
  53. Work Sets
  54. 1.1621 hotfix update out now - fixed crash / unable to restart the app bug.
  55. Chin up disappears
  56. Some feedback on the Starting Strength App
  57. Combining dead lift and power clean on day A
  58. How to make Powerclean/Deadlift on same day, alternating workouts?
  59. Intermediate and advanced levels
  60. Kg Warm-Up Sets
  61. Updated App Operation
  62. Feedback on the new update on Android
  63. Timer Change
  64. Warmup timer on latest app update
  65. Feedback On App
  66. Feedback
  67. Warm up sets - weight and reps
  68. Switching from Stronglifts app.
  69. Changing reps or sets?
  70. Google Fit integration?
  71. New app for PP? TM, HLM etc?
  72. PC progression & Deadlift warmup
  73. Deadlift Warmup
  74. Deadlift and Power Clean Progression
  75. Can't seem to get the warm up to work right
  76. ANy way to bump starting weights?
  77. Advanced Novice back-off sets
  78. Weight Increments
  79. Negative weight in app (assisted pullups)
  80. programming power cleans
  81. iOS Update
  82. Switching Deadlift and Cleans. Forever.
  83. Move database from one phone to another
  84. Looking for a UX / UI Designer
  85. Adding other movements?
  86. Deadlift and bench
  87. 1.18 app update
  88. Trouble getting spreadsheet
  89. Does the app change workout type for next training session?
  90. Body weight
  91. Importing training log from Stronglifts 5x5 app to SS app
  92. Changing weights and reps
  93. Female 5x3 Program
  94. my posts don't show up
  95. Official Starting Strength WARMUP app
  96. A clarification
  97. help
  98. Timer able to be moved off screen
  99. Can't delete deadlifts
  100. Phase 3 Training
  101. Does the app deload?
  102. Chin ups weight screen is incorrect
  103. keyboards and date pickers
  104. Squat Weight Increases
  105. Chin up problem
  106. Deloading for Missed reps and/or missed workouts
  107. Newly Silent Timer
  108. Deadlift more without a belt?
  109. Split Routine?
  110. Chart function quit working
  111. See warmups after submitting workout?
  112. Feature request: warmup altering
  113. App is telling me to do power cleans by my second workout is this the program or an e
  114. weird chart
  115. Feeling like an idiot - where is the bodyweight button?
  116. Been following app for a month - telling me to add chin ups?
  117. Need to pay again?!
  118. Starting the program
  119. Alternative to power cleans
  120. An alternative format for the very first SS workout
  121. Beta Testers needed for upcoming iOS And Android updates
  122. Chin up weights
  123. Uploads to Strava
  124. Red dot next to Progress icon
  125. iOS version 1.8888 - Todays training Freezing Issues
  126. Reset progress on Android
  127. Add "difficulty" and "next workout preview" options?
  128. Question about the Training Log. What info is below the weight amount?
  129. 4 day split
  130. How to log 2 sessions in 1 day?
  131. Strength Club - New Training Log and Program Builder (Desktop and Mobile)
  132. Starting Strength Plate Math and Warmups App for iPhone
  133. Strength Club - 2 Week FREE Trial
  134. missed vs skipped in progress daily graphs
  135. SS Crashing on iPhone 6
  136. Bug - Changing Warmup Start Weight
  137. Should I follow the warmup exactly?
  138. Some Suggestions For Improvements
  139. Puzzled: 2 deadlift sessions or 1 deadlift/1 power clean to start?
  140. App Question: Substitution for deadlift/power clean
  141. couple issues
  142. Upload workouts straight from the app to the forums?
  143. Question about plate choices
  144. Replacing deadlift workouts
  145. When the NLP ends?
  146. Don't know where to start in strength club app
  147. How to export logs as a CSV?
  148. Switch to Row
  149. Sync data
  150. Texas Method App?
  151. Account Login Does not work on App
  152. Features of SS app and SC app
  153. Master Novice choices in app?
  154. Bodyweight numbers
  155. NVP Progression Program Changes in the App, is it Automatic?
  156. Anyone Able to update the app to ver. 1.1900044? (Android)
  157. More programs?
  158. Starting Strength App (by Shabu) down?
  159. Cannot Edit Year in Training History
  160. App help
  161. Questions about app
  162. Beta Testers required for iOS
  163. Changing Warmup Weight Percentages in the App
  164. Too many warmup sets?
  165. Deadlift frequency for Advanced Novice?
  166. Export Training Log Data
  167. Alternate or supporting exercises
  168. Deviations from The Program