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  28. Two per Week
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  36. Where to insert some amrap?
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  38. Multiple day programming for addiction recovery/mental health?
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  44. Questions regarding recent video (USMC PFT training)
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  48. cardio and weights for "old" beginner with total joints
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  76. ClubFoot, knee valgus. little mobilty. Trying to squat
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  79. SS in Mass Setting
  80. Arm Wrestling and Acrobatics
  81. Texas Method modification.
  82. Best alternative to OP that does not require external rotation
  83. Adding back-off sets in TM
  84. Canít Add 5 lbs on squats anymore
  85. Emergency training
  86. 53 years old, making good progress but pain is increasing
  87. Barbell Training Without A Rack
  88. Return to barbells after quarantine
  89. Work
  90. How to treat (seated) press in low ceiling quarantine gym
  91. Not Enough Weight
  92. Programming seated press during quarantine
  93. Programming for 13 year old son
  94. Program with DL variation
  95. Adjusting NLP Programming for Low Back Pain
  96. COVID Home Gym
  97. Advanced programming for an old powerlifter
  98. Programming around change in life
  99. Post-Lockdown Programming
  100. Type 2 Diabetes: more weight OR higher reps?
  101. Programming question for a masters novice female
  102. Deficit Deadlifts due to weights cap?
  103. Training post-covid recovery
  104. How to know when DL twice a week is too much?
  105. Need Advice for Training My Mom
  106. Rheumatoid Arthritis preventing Press/Bench on NLP
  107. Maintenance Program
  108. Leverage Squat Machine okay?
  109. Strength loss - need modification
  110. Shingles and Overtraining
  111. Next Level Programming @ 50 yr old
  112. Novice Progression
  113. Replacing Power Cleans with Chin-Ups
  114. 72 Year Old Male Programing
  115. Between a Rock and a Hard Place Squats
  116. Increasing more on Monday, less on Wed and Friday?
  117. Strength & Mass After 40 modifications for lack of an adjustable bench and dumbbells
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  120. HLM programming question for old guys
  121. working around hurt shoulder
  122. Staggered Deloads
  123. 3 ankle surgeries
  124. Recovery and training schedule
  125. Sanity check- spreading to program out over 6/7 days at home
  126. Modifications for a female recently post breast cancer treatment
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  128. Clarifications for PPST3 special populations-older lifters
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  131. Partial squats from bottom?
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  133. HELP! My clean keeps stalling out at a measley 60kg
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  135. 50yr old LP changes
  136. The Barbell Prescription for younger guys
  137. Any considerations for persistent strength imbalances?
  138. Return to training after Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection
  139. I think I missloaded the bar on GGW
  140. Does this combo of sets count?
  141. Deadlift programming for intermediate masters.
  142. OHP
  143. Deadlift programming for Intermediate female trainee
  144. Training twice a week, covering all 4 lifts
  145. Total newbie help
  146. Training while at US Army OCS: 2 hours of lifting time per week
  147. Unfortunate reason why my wife was unable to squat.
  148. Programming for Bone Strength, any difference?
  149. At what age can the body no longer build muscle?
  150. Strength Training Adjustment for sports
  151. Do women have a wider deadlift stance
  152. Bench press for Ataxia.
  153. Multiple sclerosis special snowflake and shoes
  154. Modification for time constraint
  155. The Bad Bencher
  156. Seeking a squat alternative for an older female lifter
  157. Training while COVID Positive (at home gym)
  158. How to improve fragile shoulders?
  159. Unable to Do 5 Step DL Setup
  160. Calf strength & power production
  161. MS modifications?
  162. Competing at 64 with the TSFOSB
  163. NLP third attempt - Night shift worker
  164. Kankle programming
  165. 61 yo male. Recovery time from illness( colonoscopy from hell)
  166. My teenage daughter wants big arms
  167. Switch to Novice Phase II or go to 2 days per week for a 55 y/o male
  168. where to put light squat in 1-on-2-off
  169. Sumo instead of conventional?
  170. Intensity day question
  171. NLP without ankles
  172. An exception to the no-partial-squats rule?
  173. Bench 15 total reps modification
  174. Texas Method - Vol Days Kaput ; Rip Ripped Into it, and what's an alternative?
  175. Starting strength not working help for a member of the special population!
  176. Squat Assisted Leg Press Training
  177. Compressed Texas Method for old guy and questions
  178. Lower Body Exercises After Surgery on Legs & Hips
  179. % offset on Kingwood Texas Method
  180. Leg amputee doing modified NLP: getting stuck (on bench)!
  181. Possible dysautonomia after covid, Dr Dooms are saying to avoid weight training
  182. New Father Short on Time
  183. When to switch from NLP
  184. New trainee with back problems - need help to teach her to set her back, please
  185. Sets and Reps Deadlift, Press Considerations, and Rest Time for Women
  186. Training Son
  187. Training day has become too long - please help!
  188. Continue with the intermediate level or stop here?
  189. 2 Days A Week Programming
  190. Programming around Hormone-Induced Back Pain.
  191. Intensity or Volume
  192. Customizing The Barbell Prescription 2 day a week to 531 for an intermediate?
  193. Effect of asymmetry between exercises performance on programming
  194. Bench stuck at 200
  195. Dad has Parkinsons - wants to train once a week... with caveats
  196. Details on 30-min Express Program by Ray Gillenwater
  197. Programming for lean body mass maintenance during weight loss
  198. Addressing unilateral lower body weakness
  199. Slowed LP and Hip Replacement
  200. Box squats for limited ankle ROM: Why?
  201. 3 weeks with no weights
  202. Intermediate lifter new to SS
  203. Patellar Tendonitis: Box Squat Progression Back to Regular Squat
  204. Quad tendon rupture and re-injury
  205. [Question] Intermediate Programming For The Press
  206. Missing out the bench press temporarily
  207. Lifting with an Aortic Graft
  208. Race Lead up Programming
  209. Programming following knee surgery
  210. Trash Back Work Arounds
  211. Advice for 54 year-old after four months of Novice program
  212. limiting bench
  213. Doing squat with S-Curve Scoliosis
  214. CMT Ė Balance Issues and SS Program Modifications
  215. Bony Shoulder Impingement
  216. Shoulder arthritis and the Press
  217. Deadlift programming vs armspan
  218. Cleans, Snatches and Lifter Age
  219. Injured hand, what exercises to do?
  220. Bench press rehab or will it be inclines forever
  221. Adjustments (if any) for very flat strength curve
  222. One Lift a Day?
  223. Monday/Friday Deadlifts
  224. Dumbbells vs Barbells due to atrophy
  225. Novice: Deadlift on separate day
  226. Further programming for Female with Cerebral Palsy and Stroke
  227. Programming without Cleans Due to Flat Feet
  228. Can't Power Clean for the next 5-6 weeks. What's the best replacement?
  229. How important is volume
  230. Club Foot Mobility
  231. Combined Pin Firing + Overcoming Tendonitis for G. Elbow - it works!
  232. Power Clean Spinal Fusion
  233. 2x Week Programming question for teenage female
  234. Running the basic program...
  235. With a younger lifter...what to look for to move to TM from novice/advanced novice
  236. Training my Mom
  237. 2-on, 1-off Training Cycle
  238. Light squat day for older lifter
  239. Entering final stages of NLP?
  240. Programming Haltings & Rack Pulls for 50 something
  241. Single legs exercices
  242. Alternating deadlifts, haltings and block pulls
  243. Osteochondritis Dissecans
  244. Resuming training following angioplasty and stent
  245. Lifting with a dilated ascending aorta