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  1. Scapula hurt during press
  2. Torn vastus lateralis
  3. Instant Bursitis
  4. Sharp mid back pain
  5. Back pain; Heard a pop during squats
  6. Osteoarthritis in my knee
  7. Helping my buddy with a pinched nerve in neck
  8. Ringing in one ear only mid squat
  9. Recurring Lower Back Tweak
  10. IT Band Pain - Starr Method
  11. Weird chest/shoulder pain
  12. Torn triceps tendon
  13. Risk of training on a full stomach
  14. pec tear question
  15. follow up to pec tear question
  16. Rotator Cuff tear - doc says I need surgery
  17. Where Exactly Is Golfer's Elbow?
  18. Knee pain in high bar squat
  19. Aortic Valve Replacement - Training & Rehab
  20. Spondylosis in Lumbar Vertebrae
  21. Help with programming
  22. Neck strain/ back of head pain
  23. Proximal Biceps Tendonitis
  24. Help with IT Band Syndrome
  25. Glute pain
  26. Tibial Tubercle Pain
  27. Possible Meniscus Tear
  28. Rotator Cuff Strain Treatment
  29. articular cartilage repair on shoulder
  30. Iliacus / Iliopsoas Tear
  31. Cartillage in the joint
  32. IT Band Failed Rehab - Follow-up
  33. Supraspinatus, not proximal biceps, tendinopathy
  34. Meds donít work!!
  35. Squat question - Pain in right hip crease
  36. Mild Cervical Disc Herniation and the Press
  37. Pistol squat imbalance
  38. Herniated Disc and LLD
  39. New squat pain
  40. throughts/data on Prolotherapy?
  41. Prolotherapy question
  42. Knee issues
  43. Odd pinching/burning in lower-mid back during squat
  44. Adductor tendonitis (?)
  45. Thigh muscle strain - I'm 90% sure this is in the book
  46. Power Cleans - Can't Rack the Bar
  47. Pins and needles in arm and hand
  48. Squat injury
  49. Left Tricep Pain from Squats
  50. Chronic Knee Pain
  51. Proximal Hamstring soreness then injury
  52. Aching AC Joints
  53. Shoulder pain? Try sleeping around!
  54. Mystery Pain: back and pelvic floor
  55. Deadlifting and lower back pain
  56. Ruptured Adductor Tendon
  57. outer hip pain from deadlift/broncy horses
  58. Backpain and the left leg-right arm movement pattern
  59. Lower back pain because of uneven loading of spine?
  60. pec injury from chin ups?
  61. Knee Pain
  62. Thoughts on roator cuff pain and coraco-acromial ligament removal during subacormal d
  63. Mild but localized wrist pain
  64. Squat Form Check - Right Hip Pain
  65. Mid back pain & slight shoulder dislocation
  66. Hip Pain (Should I stop squatting?)
  67. Yet another Anecdotal Evidence for or against chin up protocol for Golfer's Elbow
  68. How to avoid making something worse
  69. How soon to start rehab lifting after a lower back injury?
  70. Shoulder issues
  71. Trapezius Pull
  72. Teres Major tear from LTE
  73. Pinched nerve (I think)
  74. remedial LP after heart attack
  75. spondylolysis
  76. Shoulder pain with squats
  77. Chronic lower forearm pain
  78. LCL Injury Treatment
  79. Posterior internal impingement and power cleans?
  80. Shoulder surgery rehab
  81. Upper glute pain
  82. Hip Crease
  83. Shoulder Rehab
  84. Left Hip Pain while deadlifting X-ray review
  85. mid back extansion pain
  86. Weird Pelvic pain
  87. Broken radius/ulna
  88. Knee stiffness after squats and deadlifts
  89. Vertigo after workouts
  90. Knee stiffness after squats and deadlifts
  91. Disc Herniation and press
  92. Partial Subscapularis tear rehab
  93. Serratus anterior pain when overhead pressing/chin ups
  94. Mid back pain, but only when sleeping
  95. Training around Distal Clavicle Osteolysis
  96. Pain in knee during RDLs
  97. Teres major strain
  98. possible plantar rupture
  99. ACL Reconstruction - Patellar Tendon Autograft
  100. Squatting Post Shoulder Dislocation
  101. Cortisone Shots
  102. power cleans after patella tendon repair
  103. AC joint pain while pressing
  104. Anterior hip tendonitis?
  105. Joint HyperMobility/Ehlers Danlos
  106. Back and rotator cuff injuries
  107. Low back pain
  108. Back Pain immediately after heavy set of 5s
  109. Partial Lateralis Tear
  110. Wrist Injury Part 2
  111. HemiCap vs total shoulder replacement for lifters
  112. Tricep pain and squats
  113. Severe undiagnosed pain syndrome on both calves
  114. Belt/Slipping Rib (possible) issue
  115. Tendon tears (Bicep and Pec)
  116. Adaptations to the program after reconstrutive elbow surgery
  117. Neck strain/injury
  118. Take it easy or train through?
  119. Hurt Knee, Possibly torn Meniscus?
  120. Hip popped at bottom of squat
  121. Possible Shoulder Injury
  122. Knee-slide strain adductors?
  123. Strengthen the injured muscle or its stabilizers? (also some chronic pain)
  124. Multiple Wrist and Elbow Tendinopathies
  125. strained/slight tear
  126. Scapular mobility
  127. Stinking Back Pain
  128. Might have patellar tedonitis?
  129. Recurring hamstring/adductor pain following squats
  130. Distal Bicep tendon reattachment post-op training concerns?
  131. C5-C6-C7 disc herniation, C7 radiculopathy
  132. discoid meniscus in both knees
  133. Knee pop at the bottom of the squat
  134. Post inguinal hernia pain 3/4 months after op, mainly during and after weight-lifting
  135. Degenerated disks and deadlifts - why no back extensions or exercise bike
  136. Quad Pain/IT Band issue
  137. Biceps tenodesis
  138. Hernia scare
  139. The Knee
  140. Severe shoulder bursitis
  141. Preventing groin tears
  142. Radiculopathy in the absence of pain
  143. Heavy Singles for Injuries
  144. Is a short-term "rehab routine" even necessary?
  145. Shoulder Dislocations
  146. pain in my forearms
  147. Back injury
  148. Two weeks of lower back pain (musclar) after a bad Intensity Deadlift
  149. Starr Rehab and Deadlift?
  150. forearm fracture
  151. Working around persistent bicep pain
  152. Overhead press and migraine headache
  153. Pulled muscle / nerve from deadlift?
  154. Lower back pain to the side, radiates down anterior upper thigh
  155. Meniscus and surgery
  156. Pain in upper thigh squatting
  157. Need help with some shoulder pain that is getting worse
  158. ive torn my aductor
  159. Massage Guns? Pec Tightness?
  160. 'Mild Scoliosis' in teenage son - can he still lift?
  161. Rebuilding leg strength after meniscus surgery
  162. Torn Pec tendon.
  163. Lifting with 10 Y/O pec tear (90% torn)
  164. Lifting with Achilles Tendinitis
  165. Proximal biceps tendinopathy. 4 Months of pain
  166. Anterior Shoulder/Bicep Pain. No clear diagnosis
  167. Lev Scap Nerve Issue - Weakness
  168. Sudden excruciating back pain
  169. Recurring Lat tightness
  170. Approaching rotator cuff strain
  171. German doing dumb shit in his home gym then asking strangers for medical advice
  172. back gave out during squat
  173. broken wrist
  174. Help diagnose pain after OHP
  175. Abdominal Muscle Injury
  176. Creatine for Mother in Law
  177. Spontaneous Bilateral Vertebral Dissection and Training
  178. Back tweaks easily
  179. Shoulder Injury Thread #7384729 ó Best Course of Action?
  180. New to lifting / pain at leg/hip junction at beginning of upward drive
  181. How to rehabilitate from triceps tendonitis
  182. Multiple Tendinopathies
  183. Upper Back woes
  184. Painful pop in low back deadlifting, weak/fatigued ham and glute
  185. Rehabilitation of a Complete Tear of the Adductor Longus / Groin Tear
  186. Hand weakness
  187. Anterior Knee Pain Squat
  188. Side/Rib Pain from Deadlifts?
  189. Bump on collarbone after power clean
  190. Shoulder dislocation - recovery
  191. Quad tendonitis
  192. Dealing with what I THINK might be knee subluxation?
  193. Shoulder bursitis? Doctor suggested PRP as alternative therapy
  194. Advice on cause of injury/return to lifting
  195. Pain in elbow joint, am I injuring myself?
  196. Deadlift injury just wont go away
  197. Front Labrum Tear
  198. Back tweak during Squat
  199. Shoulder Prosthesis Surgery Rehab Issues
  200. knee pain
  201. Meniscus tear
  202. Intercondylar synovial cyst between ACL and PCL
  203. Shoulder injury during benching
  204. Medial knee pain after Sumo DLs
  205. Groin/adductor pain, slightly unstable leg
  206. 21y/o with Chronic LBP and Sciatica from Training Injury
  207. Pain in glute on lockout of squats and deadlifts
  208. Sciatica?
  209. Lumbar Diagnosos
  210. Shoulder injury
  211. nagging shoulder/lat injury help?
  212. Short term training suggestions for lumbar reinjury
  213. Update and Less than Triumphant Return to the Board
  214. Distal bicep tendinopathy
  215. Post scaphoid surgery
  216. Pulmonary Embolism and Infarct - Plan for Returning to Training
  217. Hip pain from Squatting
  218. wear elbow strap for tendonitis chin up program?
  219. Calf issues
  220. Numbness/Pins & Needles in Shoulders and Arms
  221. Hamstring Rehab for over-40
  222. Pain between two of my vertebrae from press
  223. Effects of Brain Injury
  224. Neck pain and Vision Anomaly Upon Getting Under the Bar for Squat?
  225. Mid-grade? Pec Strain
  226. Hand/Thumb/Nerve
  227. Dislocated Metacarpal
  228. Outer hip pain
  229. hand pain, supinated hand
  230. Annular Tear in Lower Back Disc
  231. Sharp pain during back off deadlifts.
  232. Possible cervical disc injury and shoulder pain in squat
  233. Deadlift Keeps Injuring My Lower Back
  234. Shoulder and wrist mobility
  235. Working out after abdominal surgery? 5+weeks later
  236. Issues with OHP; possible substitute needed
  237. Quadricep Tendon. Knee hurts. Two month break. 20 second solution.
  238. Post-surgery thumb extensor tendon rehab.
  239. Bone Spur + Bursitis in Shoulder @ 27
  240. Full thickness supraspinatus tear
  241. Shoulder pain in press
  242. Vertigo treatment
  243. Squatting and hip flexor pain
  244. Hand/wrist pain in press
  245. Pain (attacks) in left gluteal region on Days after Training
  246. Groin strain
  247. Rehab approach for PHT?
  248. Pain at the back of my head and down the neck
  249. Pain front right abdomen
  250. Unilateral elbow flare on the bench press