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  1. Too late for Starr rehab?
  2. Strained lower back deadlifting w/ video
  3. Back Pain During the Squat
  4. Trigger Finger in 3 fingers
  5. Crippling lumbar, lower bak pain 24 hrs after squatting (videos)
  6. Achilles Tendinopathy
  7. Low back inury; squat form check.
  8. Hip Labrum Tear?
  9. Groin/ Abdomen Pain on NLP
  10. Extreme pain in right hip after squatting!
  11. Question about Shoulder Pain on the downward portion of the press
  12. Recurring Trap Strain/Pull
  13. coming back from back tweak
  14. How to tell what the injury is (pec)
  15. Maybe Jerk?
  16. Resource for injury repair mechanisms
  17. Torn Meniscus - Left Knee
  18. Lowbar shoulder issue/injury
  19. Cancer Patient Wants to Lift
  20. Rib/costal cartilage
  21. Hip Injury - Unilateral Primary Osteoarthritis
  22. Nagging shoulder pain
  23. reduce calories while battling injuries?
  24. Possible L4/L5 impingement
  25. asymptomatic labral tear in left hip (maybe)
  26. Lower back injury and MRI results
  27. Cervicular Radiculopathy/Nerve Pain
  28. Cervical Radiculopathy/Nerve Pain in Shoulder
  29. Best way to deal with Occipital Neuralgia
  30. Chronic SI joint issue
  31. Lower Back Issue
  32. Denver - Sports massage recommendation
  33. shoulder girdle pain after squating
  34. Torn meniscus, lingering knee pain and confidence in the squat
  35. Right hand numbness
  36. rotten tooth elbow pain--not tennis/golfer's elbow
  37. Weber B Fracture
  38. Consequences of not doing any pulling
  39. Burning pain in triceps while squatting
  40. Lower back pain from squatting
  41. Back pain moved to pain in back of leg
  42. Knee locking.
  43. Shoulder Injury
  44. Risks after THA or TKA
  45. Fractured Shoulder Last Year Feeling Funky
  46. Back pain when walking/standing
  47. Alternatives to Deadlift for Chronic Back Pain
  48. Long head of the bicep and the press
  49. The term internal impengment
  50. Abdominal Pain
  51. Question about maintaining strength during recovery from leg surgery
  52. Let my knees recover or work through the pain?
  53. Lower back injury
  54. Ankle Sprain
  55. Pain in Groin and Butt
  56. Partial AC separation
  57. Intercostal muscle strain / fractured rib?
  58. Unilateral Back Pain
  59. Recurring lower back injury and pain
  60. Possible tendonitis in calf
  61. Lower back pain - leg gives way
  62. Hurt my Lower Back/Hip Deadlifting
  63. Lower back feels 'pumped' all the time
  64. prednisone and training
  65. Pudendal Neuralgia / Pelvic Floor Spasms
  66. rehab for bicep strain
  67. 25 year old with shoulder arthritis
  68. Varicose veins
  69. patellofemoral pain syndrome- squats and power clean
  70. Ganglion cysts and squats
  71. Help with chiropractic
  72. 2-Level Laminectomy
  73. How long a layoff after dermatology surgery?
  74. Osteoarthritis in the knees
  75. Chronic Achilles Tendinopathy
  76. Shoulder pain when bench pressing
  77. Ligament elbow pain
  78. Possible minor quat tear and how to fix it
  79. Achilles Tendinopathy Question
  80. Strange Soreness
  81. shoulder surgerys and still issues
  82. Buford complex?
  83. Rehab after meniscus 'repair' and TFCC lesion
  84. Heel Hook and Ankle Lock - Need Rehab for this
  85. Pinched nerve?
  86. Asking for a friend
  87. Training with mild Pneumonia
  88. Chinup protocol alternative
  89. Snatch grip tendinitis its cts
  90. Small "blood spots" below eyes after heavy squats
  91. Broken ulnar and radius
  92. Lower Back Pain - Going on 6 Weeks
  93. Starr Rehab Protocol Twice a Day?
  94. Suprapatellar bursa inflammation, training advise needed
  95. Squat, OHP, Deadlift - 50 year old with hip issues
  96. Return after Appendectomy
  97. Squat: Arm/ Forearm pain
  98. how long after groin strain is it safe to squat heavy again?
  99. Knee issue...unrelated to training..but still some after effects
  100. Squat injury
  101. [!] Help - doc said to stop lifting because of costochondritis!?
  102. Low back pain with deadlifts
  103. Completely lost in the middle of training. I need help.
  104. Bench Press & Shoulder/Bicep Pain
  105. Iliocostalis Strain!!
  106. Is "pin and fire" protocol appropriate?
  107. Immunological Arthritis & Methotrexate/Immunosuppressants?
  108. Ankle Agony and Squat
  109. acute onset focal pectoralis pain
  110. Chronic ankle instability
  111. Total Knee Replacement
  112. Muscle imbalance in lower back
  113. Pain in posterior shoulder after lifting, request MRI?
  114. Clavicle
  115. Distal Fibula/Ankle Pain
  116. When and How to resume training after COVID Pneumonia?
  117. Training with nerve damage
  118. Outside Thigh Pain
  119. Fibromas on knuckles considering surgery
  120. Shoulder worries consuming my life - how to resume safely after SLAP tear
  121. Training around lower back
  122. Dislocated shoulder from bike fall
  123. What exactly causes SLAP/labral tears?
  124. Squat Injury Form Check
  125. Forearm Tendinitis / Pain
  126. Cramp Fasciculation Syndrome
  127. Starting Strength with Patellar Tendinopathy
  128. New to the program. The Press gives me some trouble.
  129. Unknown Knee Injury
  130. Posterior left hip pain from deadlifts (leg length discrepancy)
  131. 70 year old father struggling with neck tightness and tinnitus after cervical fusion
  132. Suggestion for heaaling Sciaticia
  133. Chronic pec tear/ injury
  134. Pulling things playing soccer
  135. One leg longer than the other and sculliosis
  136. Medial knee discomfort bottom of squat
  137. Shoulder Pain maybe caused by squat grip?
  138. Left groin pull
  139. SLAP tear shoulder pain with OHP
  140. Herniated Disc on Squat Warm up Set - Bad Form or Just Unlucky?
  141. Grade 1 Spondylolysis Stabilization
  142. Lifting with Spinal Stenosis
  143. Left Groin Pain
  144. Persistent Pain in Quads
  145. Training after Lasik
  146. Fractured Inferior Pubic Ramus and Training
  147. NLP Programming Immediately after ACL & ALL revision
  148. Pinched nerve in neck causing numbness in right thumb. Any alternatives to squatting?
  149. Multiple Cervical herniations
  150. hip issue
  151. bilateral tendinosis of the hamstring origins (seat pain at the bottom of the squat)
  152. Shoulder bursitis
  153. Back scabbing up from squatting
  154. Pinched nerve ?
  155. Minor Hamstring Strain - 40 days out from powerlifting meet
  156. Minor day surgery on my nuts "6 weeks no sport of heavy lifting"
  157. Training with Umbilical Hernia (pain on and off)
  158. Injury
  159. arm muscle pain from deadlifts
  160. Muscle belly tear/strain
  161. Pec strain from bench press
  162. Coming Back To SS Program After Left-Side Inguinal Hernia Repair
  163. Sacroiliac Degeneration
  164. Swollen Lymph Node in groin
  165. Thumb UCL injury, reconstruction
  166. Ruptured Quad Tendon
  167. I wanna to wrap my aches. This athletic tape is ok?
  168. Herniated disc
  169. Patellar Tendinosis and Tear
  170. Petechiae in experienced lifter?
  171. Muscle pain quadratus lumborum area
  172. deadlift injury - neck and trap area?
  173. Pulling Glute on Deadlift
  174. Knee pain
  175. Rotator Cuff/Shoulder question..
  176. Calf strain that wont go away
  177. Distinguishing Greater Trochanteric Bursitis vs Other Muscle Damage
  178. Hamstring Strain in Highschool football player
  179. Clicking Sensation in Knee Squatting
  180. Osteoarthritis in Cervical Spine + Inferior Labrum Tear
  181. Bill Starr Rehab Protocol for quad strain
  182. How to train/rehab a torn abdominal muscle
  183. Pain in Shoulder During Low Weight Squats
  184. Shoulder Bursitis & Bicipital Tenosynovitis Training Recommendations
  185. Groin Strain or Tendonitis
  186. How long before I can train after herniation (protrusion)- MRI attached
  187. Anyone got experience with Inguinal Hernias?
  188. Pain in right flank around bottom of ribs while deadlifting
  189. Shoulder Impingement?
  190. SI joint instability
  191. Pain in right groin after squatting
  192. Knee pain for 1,5 month.
  193. Old man with old man problems.
  194. Burst eardrum, due to ear infection
  195. Clavicle Pain in Low Bar Squat Position
  196. Prednisone prescription
  197. Adductor Tendonitis
  198. Deadlift failed,
  199. Long head of biceps tendonitis - any tips for getting back into training?
  200. Advice of Nick SSC/ Deadlift Lowerback pain
  201. Question on tendinitis advice you've given in the past
  202. Pain in bicep area
  203. Pull-up or chin-up for pin firing protocol if pronated grip is the one causing pain?
  204. Shoulder pain following lat tear
  205. Elbow position in squat, possible tendonitis
  206. Front delt pain
  207. Lateral Meniscal Cyst
  208. Triceps tendonitis - will pin firing work?
  209. Still don't understand which exercise to use for rehab
  210. Strange injury in torso around ribcage
  211. Chronic back pain that resolves by stretching
  212. Here's my X-rays and MRI-Safe to Sq and DL?