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  1. biceps tendon tear
  2. Orthotic insole for over-supination
  3. disk herniation
  4. Rotator Cuff Rehab
  5. Adductor Pain
  6. Knee pain on squat warmup sets
  7. Shoulder pain
  8. Frustrating Shoulder Injury (Possible Tendinopathy)
  9. Retinal degeneration and heavy lifting
  10. Post rib break start
  11. Dizziness and balance problems
  12. Charlie Horse - Cause? Treatment?
  13. replacing squats with... lunges? machines? help. while back heals
  14. Shoulder pain - Supraspinatus Tendoosis & Subcoracoid Bursitis
  15. Potential Forearm Injury
  16. Potential Forearm Injury
  17. Bicep pain during the Squat
  18. Bicep/brachialis/anconeus pain that doesn't seem related to squats
  19. IT band pain
  20. SI joint inflammation / sacroiliitis?
  21. Long-term middle-finger numbness, anyone else?
  22. Calf injuries - what I am doing wrong or what I am not doing enough of?
  23. What adjustments can I make to squat without arm pain?
  24. Shoulder pain
  25. Right leg injury around tibia?
  26. Questions regarding bicep pain during the Squat
  27. Bruised elbows from lifting?
  28. Groin Pain after Squat
  29. question about pin fire elbow protocol
  30. Back Injury Without Noticing?
  31. Risk of rhabdomyolysis
  32. Abdominal hernia....
  33. How do you know if you have muscle injury, disc herniation or nothing at all?
  34. Elbow thing (possibly a repetitive inquiry, but can't find original posts on it)
  35. Operating my shoulders
  36. Patella issues
  37. groin pain (Squat)
  38. Cardiac Rehab, valsalva and me
  39. Not sure what’s going on with my calf/hamstring. Vitamin I, Starr or train through?
  40. Dislocated finger - need deadlift/PC substitutes for a couple weeks
  41. Lower back stiffness and hip pain. MRI pics and doctor advice included.
  42. Shoulder pain/immobility
  43. Upper Back Pain
  44. Knee problem
  45. Questions regarding Starr protocol (It's really a muscle belly tear)
  46. Rotator cuff on press
  47. NLP: Paul's Situation
  48. Outside hip pain
  49. at a loss with shoulder pain etc
  50. Shoulder Issue
  51. Crushing sensation in lower back
  52. Herniated Neck
  53. Tricep Tendonitis restricting Press
  54. Recovery after metatarsal surgery
  55. Ankle and calf pain
  56. Hay fever post nasal drip and cough
  57. Low back pain/injury exacerbated significantly by squats/deadlifts
  58. Thai massage-- cured my golfer's elbow and adductor issue
  59. Knee Pain Frustration
  60. Non-Standard Biomechanics
  61. Pulled Back Muscle
  62. Pain in my squat
  63. How much soreness/pain is normal and expected?
  64. Pec Minor/ Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  65. shoulder tendonitis issues still
  66. Wrist Tendonitis
  67. Modification with Golfers Elbow
  68. Partial Subscapularis Tear
  69. Hip joint popping/instability during pike/deadlift
  70. Squat related shoulder pain fix?
  71. Training through minor shoulder impingement
  72. Blood test before or after working out, or does it not matter?
  73. Lifting with a bulging disc at L4-L5, some radiculopathy in toes afterwards: break?
  74. Can “not-shrugging” in the Press contribute to shoulder impingement?
  75. Persistent Bicep Injury (9 months)—Looking for advice
  76. How do i fix my shoulder injury?
  77. Fucked lower back. (Yes, I know. I'm the millionth one to post this)
  78. So squatting can help with chondromalacia?
  79. Hammy Time
  80. Does anyone know about testosterone levels and something called SHGB?
  81. Lower back pain
  82. Shoulder Pain at Depth During Squat
  83. Shoulder Injury, Bench Press Pain
  84. Lower back pain/weakest deadlifter of all time
  85. Ab tear or hernia?
  86. How to train with golfers elbow
  87. Popped the hammy
  88. ACL Sprain Rehab
  89. Partial peroneal tendon tear
  90. Left atrial enlargement in heart-- from training and cause for concern?
  91. Acceptable Pain in Herniated Disc Recovery Programming
  92. Dealing with a separted shoulder -- how to continue getting stronger with this issue
  93. Long Road to Recovery
  94. Have you seen shoulder/back damage like this before?
  95. Cervical injury resulting in surgical fusion... Is SS still possible?
  96. Sciatic Pain?
  97. Levator Scapulae
  98. Mild hamstring injury?
  99. Recovering from hamstring injury
  100. Possible Meniscus Injury
  101. Pressure in back, bottom left leg while squatting.
  102. Ed Coan 2002 Knee Injury Squat
  103. Above elbow pain after cleans - lack of flexibility in arm
  104. Stem Cell Therapy
  105. Scapular winging and how to work around it
  106. Small Type 2 SLAP Tear in shoulder
  107. Self-diagnosed "Golfer's elbow"
  108. Sharp pain in my hip crease
  109. Restarting SSLP with a 6+ year old shoulder injury
  110. Spinal erector muscle sore after press
  111. swelling on knee
  112. Achilles Tendonitis
  113. Was I getting a hernia or something else?
  114. Recovery from Clavicle ORIF Surgery Update
  115. Inflexible hamstrings due to herniated disk
  116. Hand weakness / numbness
  117. Hip dysplasia
  118. My left knee is clicking
  119. neck/nerve impingement
  120. FAI/LLD
  121. Nutrition & Nutrition and Rehab Camps
  122. Oblique Strain Starr Rehab Protocol Progression
  123. Piriformis syndrome
  124. Pec Minor Strain from Squatting?
  125. Bulging Discs
  126. PT for possible shoulder labrum tear
  127. Post Rotator Cuff recovery and training help
  128. What looks like a shoulder separation but isn't .... !?
  129. Starting Strength as a way of regaining strength after elbow injury
  130. Back/Rib Injury
  131. Lifting through a pinched nerve
  132. Shoulder Injury
  133. Forum Introduction and Forum Rules
  134. Weird pain while doing power cleans.
  135. Starr protocol for older injuries
  136. Weird bicep strain mark
  137. Foot/calf sciatic numbness and calf spasms
  138. Reoccurring tendinitis in shoulder when benching
  139. Quad Issues while squatting!
  140. Muscle Strain in Upper Back
  141. Help for me sacrum.
  142. Posthectomy
  143. Plantar Fash-itis...improving plantar fasciitis through linear progression?
  144. SQUATS
  145. Older adult after knee injury - leg strength imbalance
  146. Lingering shoulder pain
  147. IT Band/Meniscus Injury
  148. Training through elbow issues
  149. Partial Thickness Tear of proximal Biceps Tendon
  150. Just Beginning, But Seeking Sound Medical Advise at 54.
  151. Rehab for sprained ligament
  152. Continuing Powerlifting After Varicocele Surgery
  153. Chronic back pain - seeking advice
  154. Knee pops when squatting after ACL surgery
  155. Calf Strain swelling not going down?
  156. Random stabbing shoulder pain
  157. Low Back Pain
  158. Low back pain on squat -- from press?
  159. Old knee problem causing other problems
  160. Clinician Guidance
  161. Two months after laparoscopic mesh hernia operation, still have pain. Is this normal?
  162. Permanently Atrophied Calf? Help!
  163. Shoulder Rehab - Distal Clavicle
  164. Screws and plates in ankle
  165. Subtalar fusion
  166. Shoulder Injury - Need help with diagnosis
  167. Shoulder Pain
  168. No lordotic curve in cervical spine, technical advice?
  169. Help with Recurring Calf Strains/tears
  170. Glute Medius pain/weakness
  171. Headache then short term memory loss
  172. Considering back surgery
  173. Post shoulder surgery help
  174. Hernia repair and two years later lifting...
  175. carpal tunnel surgery recovery
  176. Quadriceps Tendinopathy
  177. MRI results & upcoming doctor visit
  178. Nubax trio traction device review
  179. Real Disappointment—Hernia only 5 weeks in.
  180. Arms Went Numb
  181. Maintaining grip strength through Starr Rehab Protocol (groin strain/tear)
  182. Shoulder pain
  183. Distal head of radius comminuted fracture
  184. elbow pain from weighted pushups
  185. Knee pain