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Thread: A Theoretical Approach to the Coach's Cue

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    Default A Theoretical Approach to the Coach's Cue

    by Nicholas Soleyn

    "Effective cues come from the coach’s and lifter’s shared understanding of the lift, which is based on the coach’s explanation, the lifter’s development, and the coach’s own familiarity with the lifter’s perspective."


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    Cross-posted from the Article Forum:

    I think this is a very important article. Cues can make the difference between a good coach and a bad one, and I believe many people are unaware of just what a critically important role properly formed and delivered cues play in the SS model. This article ties in beautifully with what Dr. Bradford talked about last year at SSCAC. That presentation and this article bear witness to the evolution of a sophisticated coaching model that recognizes that the lifter and the coach are engaged in the creation of a complex, shared cognitive-motor-visual-proprioceptive space in which learning and performance are optimized. Cues are like tensors, functions that hold that space together and make it work. This is way cool.

    If you are serious about lifting and coaching, this article is required reading. Well-written, clear and illuminating.

    Bravo, Nicholas.
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