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Thread: New Year's Resolutions and Your Lazy Ass

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    Default New Year's Resolutions and Your Lazy Ass

    by Mark Rippetoe

    The “New Year’s Resolution” must be one of the most ridiculous of human customs. You identify a problem you’re having, and then you wait until January 1 of the next year to address it, in the spirit of a group-participation event that nobody completes and nobody approaches seriously. You decide that you’re going to quit eating chocolate or stop scratching your feet. You stop until January 5th. You’re typical.

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    It is amazing how many (myself included) use New Year’s day to fix a problem. Maybe it is a societal type of weird OCD ingrained in humans, like people who like round numbers or the ones that say "Next week or next Month on day one I am going to change my eating habits or do this or that." This does beg the question, "If we know what is wrong why not fix it right now?" Shoot, even if you can't fix it that day start planning everything out and at least get ready. I always love people who shove everything down their throat on the weekend and mention the new diet coming on Monday only to fail on Tuesday (myself included in the past).

    When it comes to working out I cannot believe all the wasted years I did in the gym. Sure I got some strength and speed but it is sure not the same as true strength training. Even when I had so called plans they weren't really plans at the gym. Looking back I think the only real training I ever did was when I trained for marathons as I have mentioned in past posts in the forums and well that sure doesn't help me right now. Even when I was in the military the "so called" training was all over the map dependent upon who was overseeing the show that day. I did more running in Sub school than I did in boot camp. I guess they expected us to run allot inside a submarine?

    As always you were spot on with this Article RIP! I really appreciate your insight and that of your team!
    Keep-em coming and I will keep reading and learning!


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    I love my NYR's! Last year my NYR was to give SS another go. I stuck with it and did my first 315 squat on New Years Eve. This year my NYR is to get a little more serious and get some coaching. Had a coaching session with Leah Lutz last night at her gym and can't wait to see the program she's writing for me


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