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    Hi Everyone,

    First, thanks Rip and Stef for inviting me to help out with managing the Coaching sub-forum.

    I’ve been a Starting Strength Coach since 2012 and have been staffing Starting Strength Training Camps and occasionally Seminars since 2013. More recently, I have signed on as a mentor for aspiring coaches in the Starting Strength Coach Development Program.

    I received a B.S. in Exercise Science in 2011 and am graduating with my Doctorate of Physical Therapy in May of 2019. Back in 2014, the process of going back to school prompted my interest in the science of learning and I’ve been hooked ever since. I enjoy experimenting and researching new ways to teach and learn whatever comes my way. This interest led me to write the article, The Science of Verbal Cues, which explains how to most effectively promote learning when cuing a trainee. I also had the opportunity to speak on this topic at the 2018 Starting Strength Coaches Conference in the lecture titled Cognitive Coaching.

    As a future Doctor of Physical Therapy, I aspire to start my own cash based practice that promotes to use of strength training as a rehabilitation tool. I created a website, The Barbell Therapist, to begin providing programing, coaching, and eventually rehab services. If you would like to schedule a coaching session with me or are interested in online coaching you can contact me at

    I hope to use my experience as a coach as well as my teaching and learning insights to increase the number of Starting Strength Coaches in the community.
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