Squat Development 11 May @ WFAC Squat Development 11 May @ WFAC

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Thread: Squat Development 11 May @ WFAC

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    Man, I don't know what I expected when I headed out to WFAC on Saturday, but I was pleasantly surprised by how welcoming the staff was toward everyone who came in. I thought the atmosphere would be kind of intimidating solely due to how much of a knowledge gap there would be between myself and the coaches on staff, but with how freely they lend their expertise to advance the knowledge base of the attendees, the pride they have in their trade becomes abundantly clear. It was invaluable to have my coaching assessed by other attendees and get feedback from the coaches that were floating around. Definitely feel like I left with a much clearer (rather than abstract or vague) idea of where I can improve as I pursue my own coaching.

    Thanks Nick

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    Thanks very much, Matt. It was great meeting you and working with you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.


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