ISO: Aspiring coaches in OKC metro? ISO: Aspiring coaches in OKC metro?

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Thread: ISO: Aspiring coaches in OKC metro?

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    Default ISO: Aspiring coaches in OKC metro?

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    I managed to convince my semi-crotchety father-in-law that strength training, and not pilates, might be the best way for him to gain strength, and recover the ability to stand up from sighting his putts on the golf course. Way to go, me!
    Next step: search the SS coaches database for a SSC in OKC... Uh-oh. Looks like the entire state is devoid of SSCs, despite our relative proximity to Wichita Falls.

    I realize online coaching is available, but honestly there's no way he'd go for that, at least not at first. He thinks he won't be able to do the movements to begin with.

    So, if there are any coaches-in-training haunting the forum, and you're looking for clients, you've got at least one in the chamber here.


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    My name is Thomas Bruton. In addition to being a CrossFit level 1 trainer I recently started the Starting Strength coaches development program. I have been barbell training since 2012 and have been coaching individuals in power lifting and Olympic lifting for the since 2017. I work out of Yukon and I would be happy to discuss if I can be of service to you and your father-in-law.

    Best regards,
    Thomas Bruton


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