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Thread: How to Get Experience Training People

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    Default How to Get Experience Training People

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    How do you get experience training people when the gym you attend does not allow outside personal training?

    Are there gyms out there that allow you to train people?

    Would it be worth it to get on the payroll of a big box gym and just train people using the Starting Strength method? I feel like a big box gym is going to tell you that you have to teach people stupid shit.

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    Some big box gyms do and a lot of them don't. You'll have better luck being able to do whatever you want at a smaller, strength focused gym where powerlifters and strongman types hang out. The benefit there is that you'll be the only one coaching "regular" folks on the barbell lifts. If you're in Columbus, you should have no trouble finding a gym like that. I'd start training at one of these places, get friendly with the owners and then ask if they'd allow you to bring people in to train.

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    Go to a small neighborhood venue and they'll definitely let you. These gyms are generally more welcoming and people are a lot more open to having folk come in than bigger joints do.

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    There's also the option of ”Don't ask, don't tell” It's been better then ten years, but I had a friend that used the Charlottesville Golds. She never asked if it was OK, and no one asked her to stop. She was quiet about it and only did sessions doing the quite parts of the day. I think if you ask, they might have to say no for the insurance issue.

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