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    Lightbulb How many ques at once

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    Some lifters will see you squat once, you get them under the bar and they replicate the movement in like a couple attempts perfectly.
    How easy is it to be a coach then, huh?
    But when a lifter has really low kinetic awareness and is just unable to sort of hold everything together,
    do you guys try to get them to remember more important things first and make peace with the fact that they wont get everything right immediately?
    Or let them do it until they get everything right with usage of proper ques?

    Like get the most important stuff done first and then work on details? Squat for example -
    Mid foot balance point, hitting desired depth consistently, not having drastic changes in the back angle
    and then other details such as grip, mid back tightness, bracing etc... How do others do it with? Thanks for the tips.

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    Here's a bunch of videos showing how to teach the squat:

    Videos & Podcasts | Starting Strength Channel

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    You should prioritize cues that will get the lift as close to meeting the three criteria as possible (most muscle mass, most weight, longest effective ROM). You're not gonna fix everything instantly and overloading them with corrections isn't helpful. Often times fixing one aspect of the lift will have a cascading effect on many other parts of the lift. For example, fixing thoracic flexion with allow the lifter to bend over correctly, maintain mid-foot balance better, keep hamstring tension into the bottom, and well as hit depth easier.

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    Speaking from the perspective of a trainee with bad spacial awareness regarding physical activity. I'm the opposite of the person you describe, the athlete who can replicate a complex physical movement within a few attempts.

    I could, and still now, can only think of 1 or 2 cues to execute properly. Maybe this improves over time, or maybe you can offload cues to muscle memory. But I agree with the other comments, prioritise the important commands first that fix the big issues. You can't expect to fix all the issues at once. But once a single issues has been improved often others will surface. Then you can work on those, and eventually piece by piece you can replicate the models.

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