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    Default Starting Strength Boise

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    Greetings Starting Strength Brethren,

    Just wanted to announce out here in Boise we are gearing up to open our first location in the Idaho Treasure Valley in May, with a second location to follow soon after. We just broke ground on construction--so more updates to follow!

    We were lucky enough to grab Paul Horn as our head coach with some strong (literally) contenders for our second coach position, and a handful of sharp apprentices--of which is still all being ironed out. I myself have been a fitness coach for about 20 years--and am a recovering kettlebell enthusiast and former peddler of functional training nonsense and have been clean and sober for about 4 years--coaching my clients with our model into a stronger existence exclusively with barbells ever since. Nothing works better in my experience and is a better bang for your buck than what we do and how we do it. Full Stop.

    Thanks to Rip & Co., and Ray and his team for cultivating the culture and providing us with the best coaching model and access to talent we could hope for in our space in "The New Fitness Industry." It's going to be well worth the price of admission--for myself and our new members here in Boise!

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    Boise has a new Opening Date! July 12 is locked in, and we are rolling through construction at a good clip. Coaches are in place, equipment is ordered, now to plan some grand opening event. For those of you that follow us and live in the area, we are located in the McMillan's Corner shopping center next to Albertsons and across the street from Lowell Middle School. Hope to see you guys there!

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    Default I'm Paul Horn, and I'm a Starting Strength Coach ... in Boise.

    Hi Everyone,

    It has been a minute since I've been active on this forum, but as I gear up to take the reigns as head coach at the first official Starting Strength Gym in Boise, ID, I thought it would be a good time to "reach out," "touch base," and "circle back" with the good folks in this community. For those that don't know me, this is a good place to start.

    The short bio is as follows:
    • Spent 10 years in sleeveless t-shirts doing bro-stuff in the gym
    • Found Starting Strength in 2010 after tearing my labrum and trying to figure out how to NOT do that again (spoiler alert: I did it again)
    • Became an SSC in January 2012
    • Got fat and stronger
    • Worked on the seminar staff for a few years
    • Started coaching out of my garage in 2013
    • Opened Horn Strength & Conditioning the first Starting Strength Affiliate Gym on the West Coast in 2014
    • Got less fat
    • Sold HS&C in 2020 after repeatedly getting shut down by the powers that be in California
    • Moved up to Boise, ID with my dog in 2021 to work with Dave Fox at Starting Strength Boise

    For more from me, you can check out some of the YouTube videos on my channel (featuring various levels of fatness) or connect with me at @Horn_Strength and @StartingStrengthBoise on Instagram.

    I'll be checking this thread regularly, so feel free to shoot over questions about training, programming, running a gym, coaching, nutrition, or anything else on your mind.

    I'm glad to be back on the forum, and I look forward to connecting with you guys.

    See you under the bar (or online)!



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