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Thread: Coaching with suboptimal equipment

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    Default Coaching with suboptimal equipment

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    I have the opportunity to develop my ability to coach with a wide array of people. I can choose how many I coach whether it be 1 or 60. Plus these people have to do what I say and if I screw them up no big deal. The biggest issue is these people do not have the ability to use a proper belt and will not have access to lifting shoes. The barbell is subpar. No chalk. The rack is OK but there is only one. The amount of time is limited to one hour per day and cannot under any circumstances, go over.

    The reason is I'm a unit manager at a max security prison so my question is, is this worth it and if so, how bad will this affect my ability to coach people with proper equipment?

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    Sounds like a good way to get started to me.

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    Belts and shoes are a nicety, but plenty of people lift barefoot with no belt. Caulk is nice to have but we used dirt ask kids because we didn't know about caulk. The main thing you will be teaching is form and dedication to a system foe self improvement which leads to pride in self achievement. I can't think of a better group of people who need this. This looks like a chance to change some peoples lives and learn a lot your self!

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