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Thread: Beginner: Should I see a coach if I've got an injury? (or should I wait to heal)

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    Question Beginner: Should I see a coach if I've got an injury? (or should I wait to heal)

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    I'm pretty keen to start this program (I'm a beginner), and there is a SSC located near me whom I'd like to get personal training from.

    But A few months ago I started doing my own mongrel program (doing stupid stuff like 10 supersets of 5 chinups/dips with 5kg, three times a week), and I seem to have aggravated my right elbow/forearm and shoulder. I've stopped for about a month but its not really getting better.

    Do you think I should wait a few months and see where I'm at, or do you think I should just seeing the SSC so he can see what I can/can't do and train me in a safe manner? My posture/structure is pretty messed up as well (i'm also 6ft and 120lbs lol)

    (asking here as I don't wanna contact him and then back out of it and have wasted his time. So I'd like to maybe have an idea of what to expect with going through with something like this)

    Thanks a lot!

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    Tendonitis doesn't heal with a layoff, so there's no point in waiting.

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    Thank you, Mark! I guess I will get the ball rolling and get in contact with the coach!

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