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    Get ready folks, we are headed to Colorado Springs!

    My name is JD Thomason, my wife Cari and I are retiring from the US Army and moving back home to open the first location in Colorado Springs!

    I started the program in 2018 while deployed to Afghanistan and never looked back. Like most people with 20+ years in the Army, I have a number of chronic medical issues from the fun times jumping out of planes, wearing body armor everywhere, falling off roofs, and ruck marching to and fro. The program made a huge impact in my life, mitigating the back pain I was living with every day, while the style of training prevented me from accumulating any new injuries as I progressed. I started coaching on my own and decided this was the best retirement plan there is- do something you love, with people you like to be around, and provide an extremely valuable and intrinsically rewarding service to my home community- Stronger is better.

    You can go to the website and sign up for the early interest list to stay abreast of what is happening. and you can find me on Facebook here.

    I am fired up to get open, and will be in town this week to look at possible locations. I look forward to meeting all of you and building a community of strong people in Colorado Springs.

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    Congratulations JD!

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