Robert, I recently observed one of your lifting clients in a local Globo Eye Candy gym about 25 miles north of your gym. A very attractive female lifter who goes by the name of Katy (name used with permission) was squatting with perfect form. I watched several squats with my uncertified coaching eye before approaching her to inquire about where she had learned such outstanding form.

I was pleased to hear her explain that she and her brother had been following the SS method and had been coached by Robert Santana at Weights and Plates. I responded that I was coached by you during a lifting camp at Weights and Plates a couple of years ago. Soooo you are having an impact and your excellent coaching is on display in Globo World. Katy is a wonderful ambassador for SS and Weights and Plates so you might want to outfit her in some complementary logo wear.

I really enjoy listening to the Weights and Plates podcast with you and Trent. Great info well presented, especially the recent episodes when you and Andy Baker collaborated. His podcast is a must for me too.