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Thread: MEET Report (SS Coaches Ryan and Damon)

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    Yeah, I had a tough time with my weights. Training didn't go as planned, so only hit mid 500's a couple of times during training. Probably had 630-650 in me on the squat...

    At my last meet I was overconfident and nearly bombed out, so I think I was a little gun shy, too. I got crushed under 800lbs on the squat after hitting 765, and missed my opener twice on the bench (515).

    Live and learn.

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    Since last post Damon and I have stayed on point with our APFT training cycle.

    Wednesday went back to the weight room for some happy time, bench press and pull ups. Both of us felt a little weak but not suprising as we'd done lots of pushups the two days previous.

    Thursday out for a long slow run, for us 3miles is long right now.

    Friday and we were back to the track for 400m intervals. My goal time was 1:32, consistently hit 1:20 for 5 intervals. Damon's goal time was 1:46, consistently hit 1:32. Took between 3:30 and 4:00 rest between sprints, the time it took us to walk one lap. Our rest cycle was a little too long but I'm ok with that since we're also running faster than prescribed. After that we went right into tabata pushups, 11 pushups per round, than tabata situps, 13 situps per round. We both felt pretty smoked at the end of it all but considerably better than Monday or Tuesday even with the increased intensity and volume. I'm curious to see what improvements we'll see on Monday's diagnostic. I know weekly diagnostic tests are overkill but it helps as a psychological tool more so than for physiologic improvement.

    Tomorrow we'll get back in the weightroom for some bench press and power cleans, more to do something we like than for actual strength gains. If as hard as we did this week for the next 3 weeks I'm feeling pretty good about this.

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