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Thread: Wolf's Log: From Cub to Direwolf

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    My knees felt better while squatting today than they have in nearly a year. A little cranky afterwards but just a little. I'm very pleased with how this is going. Even if it doesn't take it back all the way to normal, it seems to be a consistently solid improvement.

    Squat - rehbands (hammy bands underneath)
    135x3+2 - beltless paused squat + paused high bar squat, 185x3+2, 225x3+2, 275x3+2, 315x3+2, 345x3+2, 365x2+2 - belted with the 3", loose, for the last two high bars
    Notes: Easy. Knees felt good. Happy.

    Press - belt + wraps
    190x3, 205x3, 210x3x2 @8,8
    Notes: Switched into the 1/2" rogues for this, and felt much more stable. First time in wraps since before the meet. I like them for pressing. The second 8 at 210 was a bit harder than the first but definitely still an 8.

    Power Clean - Warmup
    135x1+2 (clean pull+pc), 165x1+2, 185x1+2, 205x1+2, 225x1+2, 245x1+1, 255x1+1, 265x1+1
    Notes: Very solid through 225, not so great at 245 and heavier. Noticed back felt a lot better so went a bit heavier than planned. Also, there was a very impressive female Grid athlete snatching right behind me, up to 200 or so. I was gonna be damned if I stopped cleaning at 205.

    Deadlift - DOH, beltless, Rogues
    315x5, 365x5, 385x5
    Notes: Felt much better pulling in the 1/2" heels. Back still felt solid so did 385 after the 365. All very tight and fast. Left hand grip is not quite as secure as I'd like it.


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    Knees, especially the left, were back to their old cranky ways today. Made squats less technically solid.

    Squat - SBD + belt
    405x3, 435x3, 455x3 @7, 465x3x2 @ 7.5, 8
    Notes: Knee pain made it hard not to try to guard them and then led to knee slide. Felt heavier on my back than I expected, but it is heavier than I've gone in three weeks so no big deal.

    Close Grip BP - beltless
    135x5; 185x5; 225x5; 245x5; 265x5; 275x5x2 @6.5, 6.5; 255x5
    Notes: Pretty easy.

    Deadlift - beltless, mixed grip
    365x5, 405x5, 425x5
    Notes: After seeming to not improve at all for a couple weeks, my back is suddenly improving rapidly this week. The reps were fast. As is often the case when building back up, they felt heavier and slower than they looked. I did feel the slightest bit of twisting so need to really focus on pulling the bar in and keeping it even. Held the last rep at the top for an extra 5 seconds.

    Since my hook was clearly a problem at max weights at the meet, I'm going to pull mixed grip at least for a while. Though these weights are still not heavy, I want to re-adjust to mixed gripping now so I'm already OK with it by the time things get back over 500. I really like the hook, but I just can't pull max weights with it; after 600x3 and 610x2 with the hook, I thought I could. But it was clearly slipping a bit at 640, so need to re-train myself to be comfortable mixed-gripping.

    Ring Rows
    BW x 8 x 3

    C2 Erg - 20/80 x8
    Paces: 1:39, 1:34.3, 1:30.0, 1:27.7, 1:29.2, 1:31.7, 1:39.0, 1:25.4
    Notes: Felt like I could push a bit again today, back was ok. Still not full throttle but enough for some work.

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    Been sick since waking up Saturday, seems to be a common cold but the full blown version. I haven't gotten sick since 2012 (I guess, assuming we don't count last year's deal), so I guess I can't complain but I wasn't thrilled about losing this training week and then having to take next week to ramp back up to where I was, essentially losing two weeks of training time. Better now than in a month from now, but still sucks.

    The plan is to do a little more weight tomorrow, Saturday off, a little more Sunday, and by my estimate I'll feel back to normal again by Monday, and will be able to start back closer to where I was than if I didn't do anything Thurs/Fri/Sun. But this could all vary based on how quickly or slowly I recover from this cold.

    Today was the first day I could even consider training. Not nearly back to 100% yet but just better enough to get under the bar. Everything today was beltless/wrapless etc, just rehbands and Romaleos.

    135x5, 185x5, 225x5, 265x5, 295x5, 275x5
    Notes: Obviously felt harder than usual and made me sweat a lot considering how light the weights were, but OK.

    Used the forced light weights to focus on staying tight the whole time, then got on my soapbox about it on Instagram:

    Press (between squat sets)
    75x5, 95x5, 115x5, 135x5, 150x5, 155x5
    Notes: Even with the lighter weight, could still feel the balance issue in the Nikes. 155 felt like the right place to stop today.

    Deadlift - DOH
    155x5, 225x5, 275x5, 315x5
    Notes: This felt the best of the lifts.
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    So much for plans. Felt worse after lifting on Thurs and took a step backwards Friday, so didn't lift (or do much of anything, again). Felt better this morning so went in, with some hesitance, to train today. I think I'm finally pulling out of it because today I feel better after training than before, and still good 2 hours later.

    Squat - rehbands
    Fives at 135,225,275,315,335.
    Notes: 335 felt a little hard but otherwise pretty good.

    Press - no belt or wraps
    Fives at 85,115,135,150,160,145
    Notes: 160 still felt kind hard here, but I did a better job of keeping bar close to me and bar path vertical in the romaleos, compared to the previous times. When bringing the bar back down, I have to lean back what seems a lot more than when I'm wearing the 1/2" do-wins.

    Deadlift - DOH
    Fives at 135,225,315,355
    Notes: OK.

    This time I'm more confident I'll actually feel better tomorrow, and will do a similar workout with slightly higher numbers. It'll probably take me all of this week to get back to where I was before I was sick; if I'm lucky, it won't take any longer.

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    Sorry you have been done. Hope you get feeling better soon.

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    Thanks Walter. It's hanging on stubbornly (today is day 10 and it's not completely gone yet) but slowly clearing up.

    Switched back to squatting in my 1/2" rogues today and felt much more solid. Think I'm going to go back to this and stick with the romaleos only for days when I go heavier with high bar or power cleans, or for max benching.

    335x5, 355x5 (belt), 375x5 (belt) @7
    Notes: Felt better today but definitely still some lingering cold stuff. Planned to do more but pulled back after I realized I was less good than I thought.

    Press - no wraps
    95x7, 125x5, 145x5, 165x5, 175x5 (put on belt here) @7, 185x3 @7, 195x3 @7.5, 175x5 @7
    Notes: Felt a lot better here today, this was the lift in which I really felt weak the previous days. Granted I'm working with a higher % relative to normal working weights and maxes than the Sq and DL, but it's so might lighter of a lift with a smaller systemic effect. Good to feel it better today.

    Was planning to power clean up to 185x3x3 today but there were a couple Oly lifters there, so I asked them how much they thought I could overhead squat, given that I haven't done the lift literally once since 2010 or 2011 at the latest (and never really focused on it much even when I did it). The guy is a 77kg lifter with a max OHS of 235. I figured I could beat that, but had to stop after 195. It was easy but my right wrist was hurting (even with a wrap on), and since I'm still sick and was just playing around with these, decided not to push it today. A few weeks to stretch it out and work on the mobility and I could probably hit 275-315. Probably won't do it, but could be fun.

    45x1, 85x1, 115x1, 145x1, 175x1, 195x1

    Deadlift - DOH
    185x5, 275x5, 335x5, 385x5 (chalk)
    Notes: Pretty easy. Can definitely feel left hand weaker in grip though.
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    Another day, another step closer to normal. Probably 80% now.

    Squat - rehbands, belt, back in the 1/2" rogues
    345x5 (beltless), 375x5, 405x5 @7, 365x5
    Notes: Pretty good. 405 felt hard but was pretty fast, considering I'm still huffing a bit. Did 45x3x2 and 95x3 OHS as part of warm-up.

    Bench Press - beltless, medium grip
    Fives at 135, 185, 225, 265, 295, 315 @8.25, 275
    Notes: 295 to 315 got hard fast. Maybe didn't rest enough, maybe it's because I haven't benched heavy, really at all since the meet, and even heavy-ish in almost two weeks.

    Power Clean
    135x2, 165x2 - felt eh so stopped. Power not back yet.
    Deadlift - DOH till last set
    225x5, 315x5, 365x5, 415x5 (2 L-up, 3 R-Up)
    Notes: Felt ok till last set. Mixed grip still feels weird. It was harder to get squoze against the weight; I was setting my back but didn't feel like I was squeezing up against the weight and squeezing it off the floor as well with the mixed grip as I did with the previous DOH sets and as well as I generally do with the hook. It'll take some time to re-adjust. At least I'm back in the 400's for fives. Will plan on 445-455x5 on Friday, probably one more week of 2x Deadlifting before going back to 1x Snatch Grip and 1x Conventional DL.

    C2 Erg - 20/60 x 5
    Paces: Slow. Not really ready t0 push here yet. 1:45-1:50.

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    We had a little discussion about inconsistency of the hook after your last meet. Is this why you're switching back to mixed? Or is it because you saw me switch first and now hook's just kind of lost its sex appeal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KyleMask View Post
    We had a little discussion about inconsistency of the hook after your last meet. Is this why you're switching back to mixed? Or is it because you saw me switch first and now hook's just kind of lost its sex appeal?
    I'd like to say it's the former Kyle, but let's be honest, there's no fooling you.

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    starting strength coach development program
    First day since 8/28 that I felt pretty good and didn't feel any regression into cold symptoms when I started lifting. Not quite 100% yet but so much better.

    Squat - rehbands, beltless.
    3+3 Paused LBBS + HBBS @ 135, 185, 235, 275, 315, 345, 365
    Notes: Felt great today, like I had total command of the weights. Knees cooperative. Forgot to warm-up with OHS so did a bunch at the end.

    Press - belt, wraps
    185x3, 200x3 (put on wraps here), 215x3 @7, 225x3x2 @8.5, 9; 205x3 @7
    Notes: Considering how long it's been since I pressed heavy at all, I was very pleased here. Pretty sure I could have gotten 225x5 on the first set at that weight. The second set was a 9 but an easy 9.

    Power Clean - no hook
    135x2, 155x2, 175x2x5
    Notes: Still feel a little lack of power here, kept it light to work on getting better extension.

    Overhead Squat
    45x3, 95x3, 125x2, 150x1, 175x1, 185x1
    135x2, 145x2, 155x2 - Paused
    Notes: Wrist still a little cranky but better than before. Biggest issue today was shoulder instability. The left side, which has been hurt several times, isn't used to supporting weight overhead stably with that wide grip, and needs to reacclimate. I could really feel this at 175 and 185 so went back down and did some paused reps where I really focused on keeping tight, locked out shoulders and elbows and shrugging into the bar. Was much better after that but didn't have time to go heavier after that, had to get back for coaching.

    I did these between sets of the power clean to save time. I also had small 5 lb plates under the heels of my romaleos. On Saturday I had slightly thicker 10lb bumpers. Due to my horrible ankle mobility and not yet reacquired shoulder mobility, I'm starting with an even more raised heel than 3/4" and slowly weaning it down as my shoulders regain the stable ROM to do it with just the lifting shoes on.
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