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Thread: Wolf's Log: From Cub to Direwolf

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    Default Wolf's Log: From Cub to Direwolf

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    Laptop stopped working out of nowhere over the weekend so posting from my phone. I hate tapatalk, and long posts from my phone - so will be as brief as my verbose self can manage.

    Squat - rehbands
    7 sets of 4: 375 (beltless), 405, 425, 435@6.5, 405, 375 (beltless), 365 (put belt back on)
    Notes: Got in a solid amount of volume but still about a 20% pullback from last week in terms of total volume, but hitting a few heavier sets to keep adjusted to reps at those weights. Should be set for some solid heavy doubles and / or singles on Friday night.

    Press - belt + wraps starting at 205
    195x5, 205x5 @8, 210x5 @8.25, 215x5 @9.5 (that got hard fast / TWSS), 225x3 @9.5, 200x5x2 @8,8.5
    Notes: Solid volume at decent intensity. Still think 275 is a very long shot if I'm being realistic but felt good about this press workout.

    Power Clean
    135x3, 175x2, 200x2, 225x2, 245x1+1, 255x1+1, 225x2
    Notes: Sucked today. Everything was off. Between Friday's and today's work, not shocking. Was hoping to work up to at least 275 but not in the cards today.
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    Still on the phone.

    Squat - naked knees
    45x8x2, 95x5, 135x5, 185x3

    Power Clean Practice
    Some triples with 135 from the floor and hang below knee

    Snatch Grip Deadlift
    185x5, 275x3, 335x3 - DOH
    375x3, 415x3 - straps
    455x3, 475x3 @6.5 (felt like 8 but moved fast), 495x1 @7.5 - belt for these
    Notes: DLs were uneventful. Felt harder than they looked. Took a video, snapped a screenshot, got re-posted. Now I'm instafamous.

    Bench Press
    285x5, 305x5, 315x5 @8, 335x3 @8, 355x2 @9, 295x5 @8
    Notes: Triceps And delts were tired but these were ok.

    Ring Rows
    BW x 8 x 4

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    Squat - rehbands
    Paused LBBS + HBBS, both beltless: 135x3+2, 225x3+2, 275x3+2, 315x3+2
    Notes: These felt like crap so I shut it down at 315. Knees were cranky and back was irritable.

    Press - belt+wraps
    205x3, 225x3 @8.5, 240x2x2 @ 9,9.5; 230x2x2 @ 8.5, 8.5; 225x2 @8.5; 215x2 @8, 185x10 @9
    Notes: Solid pressing. Was happy to get 240x2 @9 before even tapering bench volume on Tuesdays at all. 185x10 with one in the tank at the end was a nice bonus, too.

    Power Clean
    135x3x2, 155x2, 175x2, 185x1+1x8
    Notes: Just working on technique.

    Ring Rows
    BW x 9,8,8,8

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    Great job on the article Wolf!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adam Skillin View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Walter Palmer View Post
    Great job on the article Wolf!!
    Thanks guys. The submitted article was a 6,000 technical and pedantic piece that included a long section on the merits of the low bar squat for olympic lifters. I'm grateful to T-Nation for running it, and completely understand why they shortened it and edited that part out - for their target audience, it makes sense. Still can't help but be a little disappointed that the full, original version didn't get to run where so many would read it, but I went with the "perfect is the enemy of the good" on this one.

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    Default Coaches Conference Training

    Didn't have time/opportunity to log my workouts from the weekend, so just getting to it now.

    As a preface, my flight to Dallas on Friday was awful. I had an aisle seat with non-moveable armrests (where it's a full wall of plastic all the way down to the seat that smushes you into the allotted space), and the guy in the middle was about 6'5" 230 or so. He wasn't exactly swole but had an athletic build and very broad shoulders and long arms. I stood for a bunch of the flight, but whenever I was seated, had to be so twisted to fit into the space that my back really got jacked up. It's still jacked up now, and that's affected my training. Hopefully will alleviate soon.

    Friday in the SSCAC Group Workout

    Squat - SBDs + Belt
    475x2, 505x2, 525x2 @8.75, 545x1 @ 9.25, 495x2
    Notes: These felt really good and solid. I was surprised how good they were, given my back. Got to share the rack with Justin Varrone (who I know from NYC) and Sean Herbison, who I just met moments earlier. Reynolds helped spot for the heaviest sets.

    Deadlift - belt
    505x5 @8 - L-Up
    555x2 @messed up erector - R-Up
    Notes: Was supposed to be 505 and 555 for five, then 585x2-3. But my back really affected these. Couldn't get set tight, so just stopped after 2 at 555. I could have grinded out another rep or three, but I could tell it would have just made my back worse.

    Close Grip Bench - beltless
    275x5; 305x5; 335x3; 355x2,3; 315x5, 285x5
    Notes: Solid, felt pretty strong. Just wussed out on the first set at 355 so re-did it and got the triple.

    Monday Morning with about 10 other SSCs before heading back home

    Squat - rehbands, belt
    Six sets of five: 405, 435, 455 @7.5, 435 @7.5, 405, 365
    Notes: Back really bothered me during warm-ups. Put belt on at my last warmup of 365 and it helped a lot. It wasn't perfect and knees were a bit tweaky but these were solid overall. Watching Jordan do pin squats with 500, Austin do 405x8x3 easily while weighing 190, Bickford squatting 520x3, and D'Agostino do 545x1 @8 and a bunch of 4s with 460 afterwards made getting through this workout a lot easier.

    Press - belt, wraps
    200x5, 210x5 (put on wraps here), 220x5 @ 9.25, 210x5, 200x5, 205x5
    Notes: Back really didn't like doing the press 2.0, and belt didn't help much. But I got my brain right for the heaviest sets and had a good pressing workout after all. 220x5 is the heaviest I've done in a volume workout scenario.

    My back is still pretty sensitive and I'll probably have to skip my planned DLs for today, and reduce my bench arch. Hopefully it'll be better by Friday. At least it's muscular. It feels pretty bad, but even a bad muscle thing heals relatively quickly compared to other things.

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    Back was a little better today but still quite wound up. Had to scale deadlifts way back, but at least I could do them. I was concerned I'd have to skip pulling altogether.

    Squat Warm-up - naked knees
    45x10x2, 95x5, 135x5x2

    135x8, 185x5, 225x5, 275x3x2, 225x5
    Notes: Erector still jacked up and sensitive, but better than I expected. Maybe I'll be able to pull something resembling a work-set on Friday. Maybe not. But there's hope.

    Bench Press - medium grip , beltless
    285x5, 305x5 @7, 325x4 @8, 345x2 @8, 365x1 @9, 325x4 @9, 275x5 @6
    Notes: Elbow tendinitis kicked in a little today out of nowhere, twinging pretty bad right where you need to stay tight into the bottom, so these were harder than they'd otherwise have been. Still alright though.

    Rings Rows
    BW x 10,10,10,10
    Notes: These are getting easier, at least. I miss doing chin-ups.

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    Today was good. Back got a lot better between Tuesday and today, not 100% and I will have to - yet again - alter my deadlift training up to the meet, but I think if I don't do anything too ambitious or stupid (which is not guaranteed), it may be 100% for the meet, even if I didn't get in all the training I wanted to. But it held up well during paused squats and pressing, both of which I was a bit worried about, and I even hit some small press rep PRs, my first in 7 months.

    Paused Squat - rehbands, beltless
    135x5, 205x3, 255x3, 295x3, 335x3, 355x3x3
    Notes: Solid. Was a little tentative with my back, but it was OK once it got warmed up.

    Press - belt + wraps
    225x3 @8 (no wraps); 237.5x3 @9.5 - PR; 250x2 @9.75 - PR; 240x2x2 @9,9; 232.5x2; 220x3 @8.5 (no wraps), 190x9 @9.5 (no wraps)
    Notes: Very pleased with back to back rep PRs of 237.5 for a triple and 250 for a double - both 2.5 lb PRs, but still legit PRs. The first two reps of 237.5 went up so quick that I was surprised and got a little forward on the third. If I had regrouped and kept it close in the groove, I may have gotten a 4th rep. Which is huge. While I was hoping for a stretch goal of 275 press at the meet, I'd be perfectly happy with a PR at all, 267.5 or 270. And that looks like a realistic 3rd attempt if I'm having a good day.

    Side by side: Instagram

    237.5x3 full vid. You can see the first two just fly up. (YouTube won't let me edit the 250 because it has a copyrighted Journey song playing in the background, don't have patience to edit it out)

    185x5, 275x5, 325x3, 365x3, 405x3 - DOH
    445x2 - L up
    315x4, 275x5 - DOH
    Notes: Everything felt good through 405. Was really excited. Going to 445 may have been a bit too heavy. I thought I had re-tweaked my erector afterwards, but now about 4 hours later, it seems OK. I'll probably know for sure when I wake up tomorrow morning but I think it'll be OK. Burritos crossed.
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    starting strength coach development program
    Today was fun. My strength class was off tonight to rest before their in-house meet on Sunday, so I got to take my time, hang out and chat, flirt with the pretty girls, etc...without worrying about time. Lifts went ok. I did set myself back a bit in the erector with that 445 pull yesterday, but not too much. It'll probably - hopefully - be healed by the time of the meet, but it will have reduced my pulling work leading up to it. Not ideal, but can't change it at this point.

    Squat - SBDs, belt
    405x4 @ 6; 445x3 @6.5; 475x2 @7; 495x2x2 @7.5, 7.5; 545, 585 x 10s walkout & hold; 495x2 @8.5
    Notes: Pretty solid all around considering Monday's volume. Walkouts felt heavy as hell, but I took big jumps to get there.

    CGBP - beltless except top set
    285x5 @6; 315x5 @7; 340x3 @8.5; 360x3 @9.5 - belt; 320x5 @8; 300x5 @7; 330x3 @8.5
    Notes: Erector at the injury site started acting up while getting into my arch for 360, so put the belt on and it helped. Solid here today. I think working these extensively has helped my press move up faster.

    Deadlift - DOH, beltless except top set
    185x5, 275x5, 315x5
    365x3 - 3" block - belt
    Notes: Ya, I could feel my erector here more than yesterday so had to take it easy. Better than Tuesday, but I set it back a day or two with that 445 pull. Oh well, made a judgement call and lost. At least it seems to not effect the squat and press beyond a very minimal amount. Hopefully PRs in those two lifts will still be on the table.

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