Bench Press
325x3, 350x2, 365x1, 255x9
Sets of 5 @20, 30, 40, 50x3 sets
Notes: Added weight to the bench sets (and 1 rep to the backoff) and still moving fast and easy.

Press: 4" belt (loose)
Goblet Squat
25x8, 35x8, 45x8x3
Notes: Presses don't feel crisp, like my bar path groove is just slightly off, but they're moving just fine.

365x1 and 210x5 press on IG

Lat Pulldown (neutral grip)
210x8, 225x8x3
Paloff Holds
4 sets, made these slightly heavier
Notes: Added a rep to the pulldowns, finally getting a little challenging, though my rest periods have been short. Basically trying to prevent these from becoming too easy, too soon, just to keep me looking forward to a challenge, since this is already the whole stack.

Tricep Rope
3x12 @11 13, 13 - added one more to the stack here (15 is maxed out). Still pretty easy but just starting to get a bit challenging, a little less so than pulldowns.