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Thread: Wolf's Log: From Cub to Direwolf

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    Default Saturday, 12/19

    • starting strength seminar april 2021
    • starting strength seminar june 2021
    • starting strength seminar august 2021
    Press: Strict
    165x5, 185x5, 205x5 - no notes

    Swiss Bar Bench
    255x6, 275x6x2 - no notes

    DB Bench
    105x10, 115x10x2
    Notes: Easy, but getting into position and out after the set are so much harder with these plate loaded DBs than regular DBs. That's the real sticking point here, and why I haven't done as much DB bench in general in the garage. Getting a full set of DBs isn't an option in my very limited space, I'd like some DB spotters that attach to the rack but they've been sold out since summer.


    Lat Pulldown,
    Neutral Grip: Tempo 1-0-1

    DB Curls
    55x10x2 regular, then 35x15 strict
    Straight Arm Lat Pulldown

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    Default Sunday, 12/20

    Squat: 4" belt + sleeves
    525x3 - PR
    Notes: 525x3 is a lifetime 10 lb PR for 3, 515 was done in November 2016, then I set 2 and 1RMs in December, and no squat PRs since. So while more a formality than a true PR, it was enjoyable to set my first squat PR in over 4 years today.

    525x3 squat on IG

    Deadlift: 2" blocks
    545x1 - maybe a beltless PR, don't really track those
    495x3x3 - straps

    Side Plank
    20s x2/side

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    Default Sun, 12/27

    After going off track with what was supposed to be the start of an off season period, and calling audibles to hit bench, deadlift, and Squat PRs, I took a week off and re-started. So from now till late Feb to Mid-March, I'll be doing the off season thing. For real this time.

    Bench Press
    315x5, 355x2, 385x1, 405x1, 315x5
    405x1 bench press on IG

    Strict Press
    5x5 @95, 135, 165, 185, 200

    KB Press
    3x10 @24, 28, 28kg
    Lat Pulldown
    4x8 @135, 160, 180, 160

    DB Lateral Raises
    DB Strict Curls

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    Default Monday, 12/28

    Sumo DL: 3" belt + straps
    Notes: Couldn't find a good groove today. Doing so from the 2" blocks seems immeasurably easier than from the floor.

    Sumo DL potpourri on IG

    Wheel of Doom

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    While I've never been shy or tried to hide my politics, I also generally don't purposefully insert them into my lifting or coaching practice. But there are exceptions, like the article I wrote on licensure a few years ago - while not partisan, anyone who has studied economics probably can easily deduce what I think. Unfortunately these exceptions where politics forces it's way into daily life seem to be more frequent now: I have been fully against the lockdowns since Day 1, but kept those discussions and posts separate/private for a while, walled off from any public discussions as a coach. At this point, I know so many people whose life's work, gyms, lives, and livelihoods have been destroyed - as mine easily could've been if I'd made slightly difference choices a few years ago - that I was more than happy to speak out publicly given the opportunity.

    I was the guest on the Death to Tyrants podcast a couple weeks ago, and leave it here to share for anyone interested. We did talk about lifting a bit as well, though on a level very rudimentary to anyone reading my log here, I think:

    Episode 135: Smashing the Lockdowns with Michael Wolf
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    The pod was great. All your points came across really well and the convo had a nice flow as well
    Ryan Arnold
    Crossfit Solace

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan Arnold View Post
    The pod was great. All your points came across really well and the convo had a nice flow as well
    Thanks buddy!

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    Default Weds, 12/30

    Press: 4" belt
    225x5, 255x2, 275x1, 225x5
    Notes: A little sluggish, but OK.

    Presses on IG

    Swiss Bar Bench
    275x6, 295x6x2

    DB Bench
    85x10, 105x10, 125x10x2
    Notes: These were easy to do, but hard to get into position, due to the end of the dumbbell being a narrow point I can't put on my thigh to get into position, as opposed to a big hex or plate-ended dumbbell with a wider end. And 125 is too heavy to flip up into position Trying to find a spotter-device for these, have a few possibilities.

    DB Row: 105x12x3
    Lat Pulldown: 190x8x2
    Tricep Rope: 75x12x2
    DB Front Raises: 15x12x2 (haven't done these in forever so started really light).
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    Default Thursday, 12/31

    NYE pulling party.

    Power Clean
    135x3, 185x3, 225x3, 245x3x3
    Notes: A little sluggish and timing off, but not bad.

    Deadlift: 4" blocks
    455x4, 495x4, 405x8
    Notes: Left lower back was feeling a little tender before the workout, so have to keep an eye on that, but this went OK.

    245x3 PC and 495x4 DL on IG

    Ab Wheel of Doom

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    Default Monday, 1/4

    starting strength coach development program
    Close Grip Bench
    315x5, 335x5, 355x5
    To a 1-Board
    Notes: I don't really track close grip PRs, but I think 355x5 might be a CGBP PRino. Was probably capable of it in 2017, don't think I've ever done it.

    KB 1-Arm Press
    28kg x10, 32x10, 36x10, 32x10
    BW x6,6,12,6 = 30
    Notes: No belt for presses, all solid here. Chins were a little stiff at first but loosened up for the high rep set. Did these with shorter rest between press and chins (1.5-2 mins), then slightly longer rest before the next press set (3-3.5 mins).

    Close Grip Bench and KB Press video on IG

    DB Curls
    DB Lateral Raises


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