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Thread: Wolf's Log: From Cub to Direwolf

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    Missed a couple days but still plan to get all 4 days in this week, it'll end up being a little skewed as Mon/Thurs/Fri/Sat, but I'll get em.

    Set a few low hanging fruit high bar squat PRinos today. So that was fun.

    High Bar Squat: 3" belt + sleeves
    425x5 - PR
    470x3 - PR
    500x1 - PR
    Notes: I did 465x3 with reps in the tank over 4 years ago, and that was a big high bar PR at the time, as I never pushed high bar but only used it as a lighter day AND lower RPE variant (which is still largely true). So 99.99% sure I was capable of this in late 2016 when I hit my current PR squat, but I'd never done it. Felt like a good day to hit these easy, low hanging fruit PRinos, so i did.

    Left knee is still not as happy post squats as I'd like, but is quite a bit less cranky than it was after the 495x5 low bar in November and even the 525x3 a few weeks ago. So I'll take it.

    I'll post the 425x5 and 470x3 videos tomorrow with a comparison to 2016's 465x3.

    Snatch Grip DL: 2" blocks, straps, no belt
    405x4, 455x4, 500x4 - PR, 405x4
    Notes: Though technically these are from 2" blocks, I had only done 500x1 snatch grip from the floor with a belt on, so I'm not going to be toooo nitpicky about exact apples to apples with a supplemental PR. 4 reps vs 1 and the lack of belt more than make up for 2 inch blocks, so I'm calling this a PR and you can't stop me, bitch.

    500x1 high bar squat on IG (along with 500x4 Snatch Grip DL PR, beltless)

    Ab Wheel - 4x5

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    Default Friday, 1/8

    Press: 4" belt
    225 x30 reps in 12 minutes via
    3 EMOM for 6 mins
    2 EMOM for 6 mins
    Notes: This was hard AF but very fun to do. I was toasted by the end, but very pleased to be able to get in so much heavy press work in such a short time.

    225 x30 reps in 12 mins on IG

    Floor Press: 1ct pause
    275x5, 305x5x2

    DB Bench Press
    75x15, 105x15x2
    Notes: 15 is a shitload of reps.

    Lat Pulldown, Neutral Grip: 135x10, 160x10x3
    Rolling DB Triceps: 35x10, 45x10x2
    Front Raises w/Chains: 21x10x2

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    Ah well, ended up doing this Sunday, not Saturday. It was about 30 degrees and snowing today, a real rarity for Austin. So I was cold and none too pleased to be out there, but at least it was a fairly quick workout.

    Deadlift: 4" blocks - 3" belt + straps
    405x3, 455x3, 495x3, 545x3
    405x10 backoff
    Notes: Used straps mainly because the barbell was so damn cold. Did the 405x10 backoff touch-n-go because it was cold and I just wanted to get it over with.

    Wheel of Doom

    And that's all she wrote.

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    Default Tuesday, 1/12

    Bench Press
    375x4 @7.5
    Larsen Bench Press
    295x7, 280x10, 265x12
    Notes: 375 moved pretty well - especially considering it was cold out and I didn't use belt or wraps either. Did larsen's on 3-3.5 mins rest, so triceps were toasted by the 265x12 set.

    375x4 bench press and 295x7 larsen bench press on IG

    Dumbbell Standing Press
    65x8. 85x8x3
    Notes: Definitely felt the acute and cumulative fatigue here. Been pushing the volume for a few weeks now, with reasonably heavy weights in large part.

    Dumbbell Row
    95x10, 125x10 135x10x2
    Notes: 135 almost maxes out the loadable DB space. If I use a smaller collar, I could probably fit one more pair of 10s on to get to 155, not sure if I could get any heavier than that on these DBs.

    Lat Pulldown - 150x12x2
    DB Curls - 55x10x2
    Lateral Raises w/Chains - 21x10x2

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    SSB Squat Warmup
    65x15, 115x10, 155x10

    Power Clean
    135x3x2, 185x3, 225x2, 245x2, 255x2x2, 245x2, 225x3

    Sumo DL - straps
    405x5, 445x5x2

    Side Planks
    20s x2/side

    All pretty straightforward here today. Cleans were a little sluggish, but I'm carrying some fatigue so not too surprising. They still went up.

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    Default Saturday, 1/16

    After really pouring on the volume, while still doing a bit of intensity as well, I'm smoked. Gonna take a lighter week this week.

    Squat: 4" Belt + Knee Sleeves
    550x2 - PR, @8
    Notes: This was a 'take it while it's hot' deal. I needed a deload week and didn't want to wait till I had worked back up to get this one, I knew it wasn't my best day as I'm carrying a bunch of fatigue, but also knew as long as it wasn't my worst, I'd be good for it. It indeed wasn't my best day, between back fatigue and left knee aches, but got it done.

    550x2 squat PR on IG

    275x2 @9.5 - beltless & wrapless PR
    Notes: Not exactly truly noteworthy, but the first time I've pressed 275 for multiple reps without a belt or wrist wraps. A good wrap-up to things before a deload.

    275x2 beltless press on IG

    Swiss Bar Bench
    245x6, 275x6x2
    Block Pull: 6"
    Up to 545x1
    Notes: Swiss bench uneventful. Was going to for 585x5 from the blocks to wrap up, but by that point between prior fatigue and the squats, I was just absolutely smoked. So wrapped it there.
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    Took a week off, gonna come back and easy slow for a while. I don't want to continue the less frequently heavy but still very challenging work I was doing, I need more of a break than that. So will just do some basic maintenance work the next month or two, before ramping back up again in the spring.

    5x5 @95, 135, 165, 185, 205 - easy

    Deadlift: 2" blocks
    405x5, 455x2, 495x1

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    Default Friday, 1/29

    5x5 up to 225x5
    Then 250x1

    455x5, 545x1

    Very low volume, easy week, just DL and press. Will go 3x next week and probably bench once.

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    Default Monday, 2/1

    At Crossfit Soul in Miami. Didn't bring any of my lifting equipment down with me, just a pair of no-bulls so I wouldn't have to lift in totally squishy sneakers. My flight down on Saturday was also delayed ~9 hours and I got in after 3am instead of around 6pm, turned around and coached all day Sunday. That all being the case, I'm really happy with how this workout went. It was my first time since June lifting in a real gym, surrounded by people and lifting and a vibe. I do love my garage gym, but miss the vibe of being around other people lifting. It definitely spurred me on a bit here.

    125kg x2+f
    100kg x10
    Notes: Original plan was an easy maintenance type workout - 275x1 then 225x5. But the vibe got me. So I went for a beltless/wrapless/lifting shoe-less PR of 275x3 (I've done 275x4 with all that equipment, about a year ago), and got 2 but missed the 3rd.

    We were using kilo plates so I stripped it down to 2 plates and popped off a set of 10, which went surprisingly fast considering I've only done that much for 10 before - even with a belt on - a handful of times.

    Being in off season, far from peaked, traveling with low sleep, no equipment - I'm feeling really good about some big numbers going down when I ramp serious training back up again in a month or two.

    220x10 Press set on IG

    220kg x10 - PR
    Notes: Same deal here - I was planning to work to a quick 405x5 so we could get outta there and get some good genuine cuban sandwiches for lunch, but got carried away by the vibe of the place, ending up packing on an extra blue plate (kilo plates, but still), and doing something I rarely do - a deadlift work set of 10! I think I've done more sets of 10 deadlifts (2) in the past month than the previous few years combined.

    220kg x 10 reps on IG

    It was pretty easy too. Even the 10th rep was still moving fast. Having an e1RM based off this set of around 750, similar to when I did 635x3 unexpectedly about 7 weeks prior - while obviously not the same as actually doing it - bodes very well for a mid to upper 700s pull in 2021. Both were done on regular stiff bars, too.

    When I pulled 700 and 701 a few weeks apart about 2 years ago, it looked like there was gas in the tank but I was at the end of a long period of high stress and toned it down. Then also in the off season, I pulled a fairly easy 618x3 a couple months later which suggested I was right and there was more than 700 in the tank even in 2019. But my next back tweak lasted almost the rest of the whole year of 2019, then just as I was ramping back up at the beginning of 2020, we had the rona gym closures and I spent most of the rest of 2020 coming back from that, only surpassing my prior bests at the very end of the year.

    So I never got to actualize on what I could do.

    So the plan is to make it happen in 2021. Big numbers, let's do it.
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    starting strength coach development program
    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Wolf View Post

    So the plan is to make it happen in 2021. Big numbers, let's do it.
    Me too. I predict a great year!

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