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    200526 Tue

    Bench (shirt): 315x3, 325x3, 325x1 (hit rack)
    Raw 225x3

    Grip width pinkies ~0.5-1 inch inside of rings. Shirt sleeves so loose thereís like zero support at lockout. I donít really have a shirt that fits me.

    Pec twinges on the raw stuff so I stopped there. Why do I ever bother with this lift anymore lol. Havenít put more than 10lbs on it since 2013 and just fuck my pec up once a year. Maybe I can close grip 225 for 5x5 until the day I die, yay!

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    200529 Fri

    Deadlift 375x5x5
    RDL 285x6x3
    Conv technique work 225x5

    Stopped there, not trying to push it today. Been almost exactly one month since Iíve last DLed and jacked my left lat up. Felt alright today. At least I know exactly what caused it.

    Left knee hurting but hopefully leveling the platform fixes that. Will be getting a bunch of stuff from Home Depot in the next week.

    Set 2: is really easy but left knee killing me. Try switching directions for 3rd set
    Nah didnít help
    Knees are probably agitated from squat anyway
    Wrapped my left knee for 4th set. Left hurt less but right hurt.
    Wrapped both knees for last set. Better but eh.

    Knees have never really before except for really isolated random times. I donít see anything that could be different now except for my shitty sloped floor which isnít level. The weight is super easy on these deads. Wish I had a GHR or leg curl or something, would definitely make it feel better.


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