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Thread: Bryan's journal

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    Default Restart after a layoff

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    Not to out of shape I have been doing cleans and front squats and presses and more cleans with moderate weight and I have been relatively active so GPP is still decent. Today I decided to go back to progression and put the lifting shoes back on.

    Starting simple and less frequent and conservative on weight and volume because I am approaching 52 and too sore doesn’t help. Let’s see how this looks in a few weeks.

    Squat no belt
    45x5, 135x5x3
    Deadlift 135x1,185x5
    Bench 45x10,135x5x3

    Chins 5,5,4

    I will try to keep this updated

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    starting strength coach development program
    Good thing I am better at consistent training compared to logging,


    Squat 275x5x3
    Press 150x5, 135x5x3..lost some weight but this is stalling quick.
    Deadlift 315x5

    Messing around with GHRs and chins.

    Work capacity not what it used to be

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