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Thread: Once More. From The Top.

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    I ended up bailing out of the meet during the weigh-in. I realize that I absolutely hate crowds (and people in general). Honestly, in the age of Instagram, there is little reason left for me to put up official numbers; everyone who cares about my lifts can easily check them out on one of the many places they're recorded online.

    Weight is way down since I ended the last training cycle and took a little break. Weighing in at around 185 these days +/-2 lbs. Squat is down accordingly, but my all my other lifts --especially all the pulls-- are maintaining or improving. Here is a set of high bars with belts and wraps (under the pants), a set of chins, and a set of stiff-legged continuous pulls ("deadlift" is ONLY used for lifts that start from a dead stop on the floor):

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    Hey BlowdPanis, apologies as this has nothing to do with the current topic, but i was reading about one of your posts from 2011 about hip pain, trochanteric bursitis, your explanation is exactly what i have, however, i am unable to recover from it. Would you be able to help. Kind regards.

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