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    • texas starting strength seminar september 2020
    • wichita falls texas december seminar 2020

    Squats 3x140, 3x160, 2x3x190kg, 1x200
    Because I didn't feel fit, I decided to do one heavy single instead of two more sets of 3 with 190 and left afterwards.

    We lost our second game of the season 39-12. I injured my right foot shortly before the break and had to leave the field. Since the swelling got worse during the night, I went to the hospital the next morning. The X-ray didn't show anything, the doctor said I had probably torn a ligament and told me to go easy for the next few weeks...

    Squats 4x2x180, 2x4x160
    Sumo DL from Blocks (below knees) 3x3x282.5kg
    OHP 3x5x72.5

    Began to drink 7-8 liters of water per day. And because my biceps tendon inflammation reappeared, I started to take some NSAID.

    Squats 2x2x140, 2x2x160, 2x165
    BP up to 1x90kg

    Meet 28/9

    Stopped to drink water at 9.00PM, weigthing 84kg. The next morning, I weighted in at 81.5kg and felt fit- so my first time making weight did work well.
    The opener with 185kg went up easily, but forgot to wait for the 'Rack'-command, so got 3 read....
    The next attempt I did with 195kg and got 3 white lamps.
    Because my third squat with 205 felt easy aswell, I went for a new swiss record (&PR) with 215kg. Althoug I had to fight for it, i did id.

    Because I didn't know how my biceps would behave, I started with 110. Afterwards, I did 120. Because I wanted to save energy for the deadlifts, I did my third successful attempt with 127.5kg. I think I left 5-10kg in tank, but who cares about bench pressing...

    Started with 245, no problem. 2nd with 257.5 was also easy. The third deadlift with 267.5kg was a new PR and secured my total of 600! I called for a record attempt with 275, but forgot to ask for a beak, so I had to pull again after 3min. I was mentally not really ready and just happy that I have reached my goal, so when I hit my usual sticking point above my knees, I just dropped the bar.

    To sum up, I reached my goal of a total of 600 in the 82.5 class and had PRs in the squat and deadlift. As soon as the videos of the lifts are uploaded, I will post them here.

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    Good job man.


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    Tack Tennisgolfboll!

    I uploaded the video of the DLs, squats and bench will follow shortly.

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    starting strength coach development program
    Power Cleans up to 90kg

    Squats 3x5x170kg
    GHR 3x6x BW+5kg
    4x20m Prowler Push Backward

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