Snatch - worked up to 135 and hit 3 singles out of 5. Hit the first, missed second forward, missed third behind, then hit the next 2. These were powers, not full snatches, but I think the overhead piece is finally starting to come along. It took me a minute to adjust, but the last couple snatches felt really solid.

Push Press (behind neck) from split - 3x8 per leg - 65, 75, 75
Jerk from split - 5x2 per leg - 115 (or was it 105?)... these felt good. Purpose was to stay light and work on getting used to that split jerk position, which I think is finally starting to click
High Bar Squat - 285 3x5
Press - 155 1x5 - the plan was to hit 150 for 3x5, but I was pressed for time so I went heavier and just hit a set of 5. Goal is to start working the core movements back up again ASAP.