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    Default Deload Week

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    Deload week is boring, but it gets me to try some new things. Since Iíve been practicing weighted one arm hanging the last few months (my best currently is 15 seconds with 110lbs added) I decided I would see how long I could hang on to the bar with no weight added while allowing myself to switch arms a few times without lever letting go of the bar or touching the floor. I settled on 5 ďswitchesĒ for a single set consisting of 3 total hangs per arm. I ended up hanging on for 3 minutes, which isnít too bad, but I think that time could be improved immensely. I also played around with some heavy front rack carries this week and ended up going all the way up to 545lbs (3.5x body weight), where my previous best was 500lbs. Those are fun, but dangerous. I could go heavier, but Iím not sure it would be useful to. The biggest problem is that if the bar settles in the wrong place you start blacking out and I donít really want to have to dump the bar. It would be better suited if I could increase my carry distances, but I donít really have any way of doing that. Iíll post that video later this week. Tomorrow Iím going to get outside and run some sprints and then Sunday Iíll resume my normal training.

    Yesterday was push press day, which was pretty solid. Bar path was a little off all day which prevented me from going too heavy, but I still got some solid work in. A double up to 230 before I decided to stop my ramp, and then 5 back off doubles with 220.

    Push Press - (bar x 10),(95x5),(135x5),(165x3),(185x3),(205x2),(215x2) ,(225x2),(230x2)
    (220)- 2,2,2,2,2

    Hereís the One Arm Hang Challenge I did as well as my final set of push presses from yesterday:
    The One Arm Hang Challenge
    Push Press 220lbs x 2

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    Default 545lbs Front Rack Carry @ 155 - 3.5x body weight

    These are from Sunday after I did my deload squats, which I guess I didn't end up posting lol. Anyway, these are fun. A great change of pace from regular old farmer's walks but still a solid loaded carry variation. They are a bit dangerous, mostly because I don't have enough bumpers and I realllllly don't want to drop the bar on my concrete, but sometimes the damn thing just settles in the wrong place on your throat and you start blacking out. A yoke would solve this issue and would certainly be a fun way to try this as well, but I don't think I'm ready to fork over that kind of money. Anyway, I did a bunch of sets here and went all the way up to 545. Previously the most I had tried was 500. I should start doing this more often, the set up is just such a pain in the ass though. It's easier for me to just load my farmer's implements and do a few runs in the driveway. It really wasn't that difficult until I did the 545 set. From the mid 450's and even up to 500 I can control the weight really well and I could support it for a long time if I had to. The only issue I am experiencing is getting the bar in the right place. Not so far back that it chokes me out, but not so far forward that I can't support it. This is a problem on all the sets, not just the heavy ones. I could go heavier but I'm scared of getting caught between the rack and the boxes and knowing I have to let the bar go or I'll pass out lol.

    I did some sprints yesterday. A few 40 yard dashes and some 60 yard dashes as well. I'll post those up when I get a chance if any of the runs are worth posting. Other than that, normal training resumes this Sunday with some squats!

    Deload Squats - 250lbs x 5,5
    Front Rack Carry (a set constitutes carrying the bar to the boxes, turning around, and carrying the bar back to the rack) - (225x1),(315x1),(405x1),(455x1),(500x1),(545x1),(4 55x1),(455x1),(455x1)

    545lbs Front Rack Carry @ 155 - 3.5x body weight

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    Default 40 yard dash and 400lbs squats

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    Just posted up a video of one of the 40's from last week's deload sprints. I felt I was moving pretty well considering I haven't done much running in the last few years. I ran six 20 yard dashes, six 40 yard dashes, and three 60 yard dashes in place of deadlifting. Yesterday was the resumption of normal training so I got back in the rack and hit some squats. I went up to 400lbs for a set of 5, which was pretty damn tough. It finally feels like I'm approaching the wall with these squats. I started way back in like July or something with 225 and worked my way up to this. Still not really close to my best ever set of 5, but I'll take it for now. I could switch to 3's and stay in sleeves but I think what I'm going to do instead is put the wraps back on now and keep slowly adding weight to the bar. I'll do one or two sets of back squats and then I'll switch to front squats which will be done in sleeves for more volume. My reasoning for doing it this way is that I've been eyeing a potential meet in June and so I might as well get practicing sooner rather than later now that I've reached this impasse.

    Squat - (400lbs x 5)
    Front squat (275) - 3,3,3,3,3
    Front rack carry (455) - 5 rounds (a "round is walking the weight to the boxes, setting it down, turning around, and walking it back to the squat rack)

    4.54 sec. 40 yard dash
    Squat 400lbs x 5 @ 156

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