Trent Run to GPC state titles 2015 Trent Run to GPC state titles 2015

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    Cool Trent Run to GPC state titles 2015

    • wichita falls texas march seminar date
    • woodmere new york april seminar date
    Just a bit about me.

    Age: 38
    170cm and 75kg
    I write and run my own programming.
    It is a combination of sheiko+rpe over 12 week period. Broken up into smaller 4 week cycles.

    I am the owner and coach of PTC Sydney in australia a powerlifting and S$C gym. We hold all NSW gpc meets along with state titles and novice comps.

    I am now starting my prep for states in february.

    Programmed myself for a 215/140/225@75kg

    A video of my recent comp over the weekend. I had a 12 month layoff due to running the gym and personal issues.


    Ptc Sydney
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