Joshís First USSF Meet training log (April 20th. WFAC)

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Thread: Joshís First USSF Meet training log (April 20th. WFAC)

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    Default Joshís First USSF Meet training log (April 20th. WFAC)

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    A brief introduction. Have lingered around the Starting Strength forums since 2010. Went to college in Wichita Falls (Grew up an hour south in Graham) and stumbled across WFAC on total accident when I was 22. Had been looking into changing my training style at the time as I used to do a ton of cardio work for my background in pro wrestling. Had messed my back up pretty bad in a tag team match around April 2010 but being 22, uninsured and wrestling being my main source of income... wisely decided to figure out a way to strengthen my back rather than go to a doctor or stop wrestling.

    From there I was blessed enough to train under the old 70s Big crew, Josh Wells and Juli Peterson from May to August of 2010 at WFAC. Within 6 weeks all lingering back issues I had dealt with from wrestling for 4 years were gone. Since then Iíve competed in powerlifting off/on since 2015, got to work with Michael Wolf via SSOC before financial burdens hit and am now prepping for my first Strengthlifting meet.

    Figured it would be good to document training on here/take a look around at what other competitors are doing.

    Squat: 495x1
    Bench: 305x1
    Deadlift: 550x1
    Press: 205x1

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    Default 1/31/19 training

    Work has me driving from San Antonio to Waxahachie and back today so woke up an hour early, did my hour commute to Pleasanton, TX (where I work) and trained at 6 am instead of 11 am. On day 3 out of 4 on my training week so just kind of picked and chose what I wanted to do out of the two days that I wouldnít completely suck at this early in the AM.

    Press 6x4 at RPE 8
    I think as an act of defiance my coach programmed 6x4 instead of 5x5 here knowing Iíd be logging this on the SS Forums. Havenít pressed heavy in quite some time so was just trying to get in the groove. 2 sets of 155, 2 sets of 160 and 2 sets of 165. All moved fairly well. 175x5 around RPE 10 was the absolute best I hit on my novice progression a year ago and after that put more focus on bench to compete in powerlifting again. Hopeful can drive this number up in coming weeks.

    Deadlift palooza
    470x1 RPE 8
    365, 375, 395 and 405x5
    This took a good bit of time but everything moved well. Usually hit higher 400s towards middle of competition prep so for 470 to fly up today is a good indicator of what Iíll be good for come April.

    225, 235, 240 and 245x5
    Lately Iíve been playing with ascending sets because my first working set usually feels off, second is easy, third is locked in and fourth is cake.

    Overall a solid training day even if a little off schedule.

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    Default 2/2/19

    Training went well today. Worked a 16 hour shift yesterday, slept 4 hours and still managed to have a pretty solid day.

    High incline DB Bench 55, 60, 65 x 8
    Squat 330, 340, 350 and 360 x 4. Everything moved really well here. Squat had felt off for the last 2-3 months and finally feeling in the groove again.
    Close grip row 3x12
    Tricep pushdown 3x12

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    Default 2/5/19

    Squat: 420x1 RPE Garbage. Footage of the squat looked way better than the lift felt. Last night was night 2/3 of 16 hour shifts. Got off early at 5 am instead of 7 so managed to get 6 hours of sleep instead of 3-4.

    Back off. 345x2x5, 350x2x5 and 355x2x5. These were solid. First few back offs always feel iffy and last few sets are always really locked in.

    Press: 135,140,140,150x7. These are feeling awesome lately especially as Iím playing with the Press 2.0 finally. Prior comparable best to the 150x7 was 135x8 a few months back. Moving right where I want it.

    Did some bro work after and called it a day. Have pin press, close grip bench, belt squats and stiff leg deadlifts tomorrow.

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