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    This is the second time I have ran through the 11 advanced power lifting program found in "Practical Programming for Strength Training". I got such great results the 1st 11 weeks I'm running it again with increased loads.

    I'm going to just link the most recent week (week 3). All the rest of the videos are on my YouTube if your curious. I don't include every set but what I do is labeled on the videos. I will post week 4 on Saturday 11/9/2019

    From my last 11 weeks I ended with

    585 lbs Squat (belt, sleeves)
    375 bench (PR is 400 before I hurt my shoulder recently)
    580 deadlift

    The program does not have you max in power cleans but my best set was 260 2x4 (no PR info) and Press 205 5x5 (PR is 275 lbs)
    My weight is 275lbs
    I have competed in like 10ish amateur strongman competitions and have placed in top 3 in all but 1(I got 4th by 1 point). I want to get my deadlifts up by next seasons so I can compete in pro events. I have also done 3 power lifting meets years ago when I was trimmer. 1 sanctioned meet 2 gym meet.

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    Just finished week 4 up. I have to work on my power clean form. I have the least amount of experience doing them. The point where I won't be able to muscle them will be approaching very soon. Other then that everything went well.


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