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Thread: The Chalkshank Redemption

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaimi Kuenzli View Post
    Yeah I'm trying a couple things, to keep my shoulders over the bar as long as possible, and to hold it for a bit at the top. Just really trying to keep the low back and lats tight.
    I vaguely recall some Bill Starr writings about doing them this way. No idea where it was exactly, so I can't cite that.
    It looks like a tweak to the movement that’s worth trying.

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    Sunday 9-27-20
    Strict Press 190x5x3
    Squat (365,385,405)x5
    Bench 260x5x5

    Tuesday 9-29-20
    Seated Press 145x8x3
    Squat 375x5x2
    Paused Bench 225x5x3

    Thursday 10-1-20
    Bench 320x4 missed 5
    CG Bench 225x13,9
    Squat 455,485,515

    Tuesday 10-6-20
    Seated Press 150x8x3
    Squat 380x5x2
    Paused Bench 235x5x3

    Thursday 10-8-20
    Bench 320x4
    CG Bench 235x10,8
    DL 545

    Sunday 10-11-20
    Strict Press 195x5x3
    Squat (315,340,365)x5
    Bench 265x5x5

    Tuesday 10-13-20
    Seated Press 152.5x8x3
    Squat 275x5x2
    Paused Bench 237.5x5x3

    Thursday 10-15-20
    Bench 322.5x3x2
    Squat (375,385,395)x5
    CG Bench 235X9,8
    DL 565

    Sunday 10-18-20
    Press 225,230,235,235,225x2
    Bench 270x5x5
    DL 585, 455x5

    Tuesday 10-20-20
    Seated Press 155x8x3
    Squat 315x5x2
    Paused Bench 240x5x3

    Thursday 10-22-20
    Bench 325x3x2
    Squat 475, 455x5
    CG Bench 225x11,9

    Sunday 10-25-20
    Press 230, 225x2
    Squat 445,485,515,525
    Bench 272.5x5x5

    Tuesday 10-27-20
    Paused Bench 242.5x5x3
    Seated Press 157.5x8,7,5
    Squat 325x5x2

    Thursday 10-29-20
    Bench 330x3x2
    Squat 515x2, 475x3
    DL 495,545, missed 605

    Sunday 11-1-20
    Squat 405x5x5
    Bench 275x5x5

    Tuesday 11-3-20
    Paused Bench 245x5x3
    Squat 315x5x2
    Machine Rows +95sx10x3

    Thursday 11-5-20
    Bench 332.5x2 achy elbows shoulders
    Squat 520x2
    DL 545, 605, Halting 470x7

    Sunday 11-8-20
    Bench 277.5x5x5
    Squat 410x5x5

    Tuesday 11-10-20
    Squat 320x5x2
    Press 160x5x3
    Paused Bench 205x5x3
    Machine Rows +97.5sx10x3

    Thursday 11-12-20
    Squat 495, 525, 545
    Bench 315 achy elbows/shoulders
    Rack Pull 585x3

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    Sunday 11-15-20
    Bench 342.5x3, Paused 247.5x5x3
    Squat 410x5x4

    Grabbed my first bench PR since March then learned an hour later that gyms are shut down again until Dec 14th.

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