One of my subscribers asked me to do a video or a series talking about how to train the power lifts in a Smith machine, as heís thinking of doing what I did and training there for a meet. It sounded like a good idea to me, so I just uploaded the first one on the squat. If any of you are in that situation - having to use the Smith or other machines - I hope youíll find this helpful.

Meanwhile, my mouth doesnít really hurt anymore where my teeth were extracted. However, the gum by one of the extraction sites looks and feels like it was scratched or bruised by one of the dentistís tools. If not for that, Iíd probably feel normal, just with more open real estate in my mouth. Got the bloodwork done this morning. I should get my cholesterol numbers in a week or so.

Weighed 208.0 lbs this morning. Thatís up 0.2 lbs from the morning I got my teeth pulled. Considering how little I ate that night, Iíll gladly take it. Slow progress is still progress.

Gym session was a full body, machine session. My goal was just to put some stress on the muscles, since I hadnít trained lower body in a week, and upper body in 9 or 10 days. Iíll get back to my normal upper/lower split starting Sunday or Monday. As of today, Iím 4 months out from my next competition.

Fri. 1/22/21 - Full Body Session

Hammer Strength Incline Chest Press - weight listed is the weight per side/handle

80/10 at 8.5 RPE
80/10 at 9.5 RPE

Hammer Stength Pulldown - weight listed is the weight per side/handle

100/10 at 9 RPE
100/13 at 9 RPE - used Versa Gripps for this set

Leg Extension

160/15 at 7.5 - the pump and burn was legit, but I could have pushed through for more reps

Seated Leg Curl

115/15 at 7 RPE
115/15 at 8 RPE

Done in 44 minutes, including wiping down every machine before/after each exercise.